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astrologers in rohini 7th lord

If marriage is not happening then do this remedy by astrologers in rohini :-

It is written in Manu Smriti that a man alone is considered incomplete, only after getting married man is considered complete. As the children enter the puberty stage, the lines of worry begin to appear on the heads of the parents.
Only one thing keeps flashing in their mind how to find a better life partner for their children? If there is delay in marriage or if there are obstacles, then take measures according to the zodiac?
Marriage will happen soon by chanting this mantra as per astrologers in rohini:-
Aries- Venus is the seventh lord of this zodiac. Therefore, there are obstacles in marriage when Venus is afflicted. By worshiping Durga ji, the obstacles in marriage will end and marriage will happen soon.
Taurus- Your seventh lord will cause delay in marriage if Mars is afflicted. The following of Maa Katyani "Katyani Mahamaye Mahayoginidhishwari. Chant at least 1 rosary of the mantra “Kuru Te Namah” in Nand-Gopsutam Devi Patim daily.
Due to the inauspiciousness of Gemini-September Jupiter, there will be delays and obstacles in marriage. Oh Devedrani Namastubhyam Devendrapriyabhamini. Vivaam Bhagyamarogyam soon in the body. Regular chanting of this mantra will lead to early marriage.
Marriage is delayed due to Shani's pain
To remove the inauspiciousness of Cancer-Saptmesh Shani, keep a fast on Saturday and on Monday, mix black in milk and offer it on Shivling. Chant the following mantra “Ooh Hiranyagarbhaya Avyaktarupene Namah” daily.
Leo- Saturn is the seventh lord of this zodiac sign. Marriage gets delayed when Saturn is afflicted. The following mantras are Shree Clean Namaste Mahamaye Mahayogindhishwari. Samajsyam Sarvatopahi Sarva Mangal Kariniam. Obstacles will be removed by chanting.
Virgo - Your seventh lord is your guru. When it becomes afflicted and starts giving inauspicious results, then there is delay in marriage. Obstacles coming by reciting Ganesh stotra are removed.
Benefits of fasting on Tuesday
Libra- Mars suffers in the horoscope of the people of this zodiac and creates obstacles in marriage. Keep fast on Tuesday and reciting Sundar Kand gives benefits.
Due to the inauspicious results of Scorpio-Saptesh Venus, there are problems in getting married. Chanting 108 rounds of the following mantra "Oo Vijaya Sundari Klein" on every Friday leads to early marriage.
Sagittarius- Mercury in the horoscope of this zodiac creates problems due to suffering. O mother tvam shaktisvam svaha tva savitri. Pati dehi graham dehi sutan dehi namo stute. Chanting one rosary of this mantra daily ends the obstacles in marriage.
If you do Abhishek of Shiva, it will be beneficial as per astrologers in rohini
When Makar-Saptmesh Moon is afflicted and gives inauspicious results, only then there is a delay in marriage. Keep a fast on Monday and anoint Shiva with milk, curd, ghee and honey.
Aquarius- Sun is the seventh lord in your horoscope. When it is afflicted, there are obstacles in getting married. To remove these obstacles, recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra and burn the Sun regularly in the morning.
Pisces - When Mercury is afflicted in this sign, there are delays and obstacles in marriage. The following mantra is “Falai Manmathay Mahavishnu Swarupaya, Mahavishnu Putraya, Mahapurushaya. Husband / wife happy soon. By doing 11 rosaries on every Wednesday, there is an early marriage. This remedy will have to be done till 11 Wednesday.

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