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Astrologers in sangam vihar Anger

Know why you get angry, what does the horoscope say as per Astrologers in sangam vihar?Life is like a coin, which has two sides, happiness and sorrow. When things happen in our favor, we feel happy, and when things don't happen according to our expectations, we feel sad. Sadness is synonymous with anger. Anger is widely present in a grieving person.
But some people get angry over talk, why so? Is it because of the planets sitting in your horoscope? From the astrological point of view, the main causes of anger are Mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu and Moon. Sun is stamina, Mars is aggressive and Moon symbolizes physical and emotional needs.
If the Sun and Moon, Mars are related in some way with each other in the horoscope, then anger remains more in the person.
The effect of anger also fluctuates, in general, even a small incident can keep anger alive for a long time. The conjunction of Mars with Saturn is unable to control anger. This can create a sense of extreme disintegration. People whose Mars is not good, there is an excess of anger and passion.
Such people get angry even on the smallest things. Efforts to explain by other persons also become useless in the face of anger. Due to anger and passion, the blood of such people becomes very hot. According to the speed of blood (blood pressure), the effect of anger also fluctuates.
Anger is a sign of fire element
Due to Rahu, the person is not able to fulfill his financial promises. Due to this also he becomes a victim of stress and mental anxiety.
Anger is a sign of the element of fire. During the period of unfavorable planets, the person concerned with the fire element with the respective planets and signs being negative or opposite, tends to get excessively angry. Inauspicious Mars and Moon are not good for in-house peace and prosperity.
If the lord of 2nd, 3rd and 6th house is sitting with Mars and Saturn, then due to the angry nature of the person, he faces serious problems in career.
Quarrelsome tendency by Astrologers in sangam vihar
All those people in whose horoscope Mars, Rahu and Saturn are more affected, those people are more quarrelsome. If there is Rahu with Mars, then there is more quarrel, because Rahu increases the heat in the body. Even if Saturn is weak in the horoscope, there are many quarrels.
If Moon is in conjunction with Mars, Saturn or Ketu in the ascendant or in the third house, it gives irritability with anger. On the other hand, if Sun forms yoga with Mars, then with ego comes a sense of anger.
Anger can arise, the conjunction of Mars and Saturn turns anger into stubbornness. When Rahu is in the third or twelfth house of the Lagna, due to imaginary ego, he makes himself arrogant by considering himself big, which can lead to anger.
Remedy: Drink water and milk in a silver glass. Recite Hanuman Chalisa 11 times. Recite Ganesh Stotra regularly. Wear a pearl in silver in the neck or in the junior finger. Read Rudrashtak and keep fast on Monday. If you are Manglik, then definitely recite Chandika Stotra. Do Anulom-Anilom and Bhramari Pranayama. Wear a crescent moon around your neck to angry children.

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