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Astrologers near me Previous birth

There is a difference between minds agreed by astrologers near me. Memories of one million births are stored in the mind. The mind is like a never-ending hard disk. The birth before the present birth is the most obvious because we have come to this birth only after death. Now the question arises that how is it possible that we keep getting signs of our previous birth?
The person who understands this sign hears it and by practice, he reaches where he lived in the previous life as per astrologers near me.However, for this, an application of caste remembrance is said in Jainism and Hinduism. 
  1. Incidents indicate: Some such incidents happen in your everyday life, indicating that you also had a previous birth. That is, you were born even before this life. You remember her blurry. You just need to look a little bit as per astrologers near me. If you have gone through a tour of bad events in your previous life, then in this birth, your nature will be prone to the possibility of something untoward. Also, if death has not been natural in your previous birth, then surely you will always suffer from fear of some strange and unknown event.
astrologers near me says however, fear is a simple and natural thing. But when you start to fear needless things like, a certain color, number, taste, clothes, smell, place, which a common person should not fear or should not be afraid of, then it is not an ordinary thing. Also, if you are afraid of darkness, height, or water and like or dislike a particular type of dress or hat, then it is a sign of a past life.
In some, this fear prevails so much that it becomes difficult to live. Although psychologists may call it a phobia, how it is absorbed into your subconscious mind is a matter of thinking. Surely something like this has happened to you, only then you are afraid of the above things.
  1. Familiar places: You are passing through a city, street, village or town and suddenly you feel that I have come here before or there is something in this place which is attracting me. You may have visited this place for the first time your birth, but it seems a bit familiar to you. Sometimes such places are seen in dreams but we do not look at them.
  2. Familiar faces: Most people feel that I have seen it somewhere by looking at people inadvertently. Where? Do not remember this. Although you have met that person for the first time. It may also be that there is a face similar to the person of previous birth, which you are looking at. Just need to focus on your mind and you can be happy by seeing that person's face well, meeting him, and talking to him. Maybe there is a face that you have seen in a past life or which is very close to you.
  3. Feeling a strange meeting for the first time: You have met someone for the first time, but when you meet, there is a strange joy and elation in your mind. You suddenly start liking him suddenly. It is also possible that someone who appears can be disgusted by seeing you. Maybe that person has a connection with your previous birth. Even if you do not currently have any kind of relationship with them, but you feel like positive or negative energy from within them.
  4. Frequent dreaming by astrologers near me : There are often some dreams that are related to your past life. Maybe you are walking with someone in a street or you see a house again and again. Often you find yourself on the roof of the house or in the courtyard. Sometimes such dreams can be scary.
You must have noticed that you have more dreams of the house or street where you spent your childhood.In the same way, you have spent your life in many homes in your previous birth as well. The memories of those houses will always be present in you. Those memories are awakened from time to time. This is a link connecting you to a past life.
If you look at it, you will definitely be able to see the house of your previous birth clearly in your dreams. You may also see or read on aboard the name of the city where you lived in the past. Sometimes suddenly such dreams come clear but most people do not pay attention to them and forget the dreams as soon as they wake up in the morning or they cannot think well about that dream.
  1. Unique memories of previous births by astrologers near me: Often memories of previous births follow you as per astrologers near me . Sometimes it seems that the events that you are currently facing have happened in the same way before. Life is a cycle. Sometimes the same kind of incidents happens to us again and again. Of course, apart from time and space, past lives will also be contributed.
Sometimes it happens that in this birth, there is no real incident with you whose memories are present in your mind. When you see the same kind of incident happening with someone else, then you start feeling strange. You get attached to that event. Sometimes a child remembers such incidents that happened in his previous birth.
He begins to describe it but we understand that it is making an owl. Nowadays a lot of cartoons have started watching. Actually, this situation often happens with children when they start speaking or remembering something that is related to their previous birth. 
So you can come in the grip of demonic powers, know reasons by astrologers near me.
According to astrology and traditional legends, there are some horoscopes and some conditions or deeds that you can be subjected to by demonic or negative forces. Let's know fourteen reasons for this .
  1. According to astrological belief, if the sin planet exerts its influence on the Lagna, guru, religious sentiments, and dualities in the native's horoscope, then such a person can be affected by negative forces. If there is the influence of Rahu Ketu on the Moon or Ascendant in the horoscope, then the effect of the upper air, magic, and so on on the native is very quick.
  2. Jupiter is considered to be Pitridosh, Shani is the cause of Yamdosh. Similarly, Venus is a factor of a flood, Mars is the cause of Shakini Dosh, Rahu Snake, and Pret Dosh. If there are any one of the above faults in the horoscope then the native can easily be possessed by demonic powers.
  3. There is a sign of Rahu in the lower zodiac sign and sight from the Sun, Saturn, and Ashtamesh. Sun and Saturn are in the fifth house, the weak moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter is in the twelfth house.
  4. Chandra, Shani, Rahu, and Ketu affect the mental state of the native. The white color is of the moon. It is a factor of mind. Its enemy is Rahu. If they are in a horoscope, then the native has negative effects. In such a situation, the person automatically goes to inauspicious and unholy places and the mind is also obsessed with sinful thoughts. 
  5. If a woman has a combination of Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu in the seventh house of her horoscope, then evil spirits can influence her. In the fifth house of the horoscope, the combination of the Sun and Saturn should be made,
  6. The Moon is weak in the seventh house, and if the Guru is sitting in the 12th house, then such a person can suffer from ghosts. Apart from this, if the Guru is related to Shani, Rahu, or Ketu, then he takes negative instinct from them. Such a Guru loses his auspicious effect. Such a person can disturb evil spirits.
  7. In the ancient carpet society, it was recognized that after consuming white things like peda, milk, sweets, sugar, kheer, etc., one should not go on an unknown path, a secluded place, or a crossroads. By doing this, the negative powers are left behind. If necessary, go for a pinch of salt.
  8. One should never visit late at night or afternoon in any contaminated place, deserted well, stepwell, crematorium, forest or where many accidents have happened and should be kept away from it if possible.
  9. Some people do the work of calling ghosts in the manner of planchit, uija board, tantra mantra, etc. Such people also fall prey to evil forces.
  10. Whose morale is weak as per astrologers near me . Negative powers dominate those who do not do any kind of worship or prayer.
  11. Those who consider the happiness of life only in works like alcohol, prostitution, etc. Such people are also vulnerable to demonic powers. Those who perform nightly deeds and rituals and those who are nocturnal easily become victims of ghosts. Night performers are ghosts, vampires, demons, and phantom vaginas.
  12. According to the Law of Religion, those who do not believe in date and purity, who insult God, God, and Guru, and who are perpetually engaged in sin, such people can easily fall into the grip of ghosts.
  13. If the cruel planets Rahu-Ketu, Mars, Saturn are in the afflicted state in the seventh house or in the eighth house of the horoscope, then such a person is affected very quickly by problems like ghosts, magic, sorcery, and upper air, etc.
  14. If there is a lunar eclipse at the time of birth and if there are sinful planets in the Lagna fifth and ninth house, then there is a fear of vampire hindrance from birth itself. In the best house, the position of the planets or vision Rahu and Ketu with sinful planets also creates a vampiric obstruction.
  15. Saturn in the ascendant, Rahu's combination or either of the two planets or the aspect of Saturn in the Ascendant Rahu. Many sinful planets should be seen on the ascendant Ketu. If the weak moon is in the eighth with Saturn, then the fear of vampires, ghosts, etc. Vampire fears even if the weak moon is with Mars, Rahu, or Ketu in the best or the outside house. If the aspect of the four zodiac signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) is visible.
  16. Mars should be in the eleventh house and in the ninth house there is a stable sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) and in the seventh house, there is a double sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius Pisces). The ascendant house should be visible from Mars and position in the seventh house, seventh or seventh house. Mars if there is a position in the center or Lagna with Lagna and lord of the sixth house is Lagna.
  17. Ascendant with sinful planets or with eyesight. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, or anyone on Mars is in seventh place. When there is Rahu with Moon in the Lagna and there is anger in the triangle house. In the eighth house, the weak moon is located with Saturn. Rahu should be in the Lagna with Saturn. Lagnesh and Rahu should be related to their low eighth zodiac or Ashtamesh.
  18. Rahu should be in the eighth house by having a low zodiac sign and the ascendant is situated in the double house with Saturn. Rahu in second, Saturn in Dwadash, Moon in Sastha, and Lagnaesh are also in inauspicious sentiments. Both the Moon and Rahu are in the eighth house with a low zodiac sign.
  19. Rahu should be in the fourth house in the fourth house, but Mars should be in the tenth house and the date of Amavasya should be born. Ketu with low sun and Saturn's vision on it and Lagnaesh are also of the lower zodiac.
Before coming to any conclusion you must consult an astrologers near me so that you don't misunderstand something with something. There could be a possibility that all is nothing but a big mistake or coincident such that you might regret later. Also, you should be careful about going to the wrong people who might make things worse than make them right for you.

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