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Astrological food remedies

Astrological food remedies || harmful food combinations:-With milk - curd, salt, sour things, tamarind, melon, coconut, radish or its leaves, trumpet, vine, kulthi, citrus fruits, sattu are harmful. Do not consume jaggery mixed with milk. This causes the milk to burst directly. Foods made from jackfruit or oil are also harmful.

With curd - Kheer, milk, paneer, hot food, banana or banana greens. Melon, radish, etc. should not be taken.

Ghee with cold milk, cold water, and honey in equal quantity is harmful.

With honey - radish, cantaloupe, ghee in equal quantity, grapes, rainwater, and hot water are harmful.

After jackfruit - betel is harmful.

With radish - jaggery is harmful.

With rice - vinegar is harmful.

Khichdi, sour substances, jackfruit, status should not be taken with Kheer.

Honey is harmful with hot water.

Peanuts, ghee, oil, cantaloupe, guava, Jamun, cucumber, cucumber, hot milk, or hot food should not be taken with cold water.

Astrological food remedies continues....

With melon - Garlic, radish or its leaves, milk or curd are harmful.

Mint or soft water should not be taken with watermelon.

Cucumber, cucumber or cold fruits, or cold water should not be taken with tea.

With hot food - Cold food or cold drinks are harmful.

Objects kept in bronze, copper, or brass vessels such as ghee, oil, sour cream, curd, buttermilk, milk, butter, juicy pulses, vegetables, etc. become toxic, so substances kept in them should not be eaten for a long time. Keeping liquids in aluminum and plastic utensils, boiling and drinking food causes various types of diseases.

The information provided is helpful for prevention of imbalance of Vaat Pitt and kuf. Please consult a doctor before you make any lifestyle changes as the above information is generic but effective. It must be done under after Doctors advice.

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