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Astrology house prediction Mars Saturn

You are not able to build your own house Astrology house prediction, definitely do these remedies:-

Every person wants to have his own house and he can live happily with his family in that house, but many people spend their whole life in rented house.
Even after working hard all his life, his dream of living in his own house is not fulfilled. After all, what is the reason that many people are not able to build their own house. The answer is hidden in that person's horoscope.
Happiness is judged from the fourth house in the rules of Astrology. Information about land, building, property is obtained from this house. The sign of the fourth house, its causative planets, the aspect of other planets on it, etc. have a lot of influence.
The karaka planet of the fourth house is Mars. If Mars is auspicious in the horoscope, is strong, then the person has many buildings. On the contrary, if the planet Mars or Saturn is corrupted in the horoscope and some dosha is being created by them, then the person faces difficulty in getting his house constructed.
According to astrology, a person's own house is built when the dasha or antardasha of Shani-Mars is going on and there is a relation between Shani-Mars in the fourth house. In this situation, the person also gets tremendous success in the business of property dealing.



Astrology house prediction says if there are obstacles in building a house 
If the work is getting postponed, then remedies should be taken to please Mars. Let us know by which remedies related to Mars, your dream of going to your own building can be fulfilled.
Saturn is considered the causative planet of construction works.
In astrology, Mars is considered as the land and Saturn is the causative planet for construction works. To get the compatibility of these two planets, it is necessary to worship Hanuman regularly.
If you are not able to build your house, then starting from any Tuesday, feed jaggery to the cow for 21 consecutive days. This will get the compatibility of Mars.
Every morning after retiring from bath, offer red colored flowers and Durva to Ganesha. Due to this the obstacles coming in the construction of the building will be removed soon.
On every Tuesday, anoint Lord Shiva with milk mixed with saffron and honey. Due to this, Mangal Dev will be pleased.
Make a small house decorated with neem wood and keep it in a temple. This opens the way for building your own house.
On every Tuesday or Saturday, offer Chola to Hanumanji by dissolving vermilion in jasmine oil and offer Naivedya of jaggery and gram to him.
Collect stones from there under a tree in an uninhabited place, forest and build a building from it and pray to the forest god to build your house. With this remedy, you can get the house soon.

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