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Astrology signs planets and houses

Astrology signs planets and houses:-

There is a strong belief in the minds of people who are interested in astrology that planets in exalted and

debilitated signs always give auspicious results and planets placed in their debilitated signs always give low results. For example, Saturn placed in Libra sign gives extra strength and hence Saturn in Libra is referred to as exalted Saturn

and most of the astrologers believe that Shani in Libra sign is related to the horoscope holder. Always good and fruitful.

But this belief is nothing more than an illusion and it has nothing to do with reality and believing in this

misconception many astrologers keep taking losses throughout their lives because Saturn in Libra in their horoscope

is actually inauspicious and fruitful. Considering it to be auspicious and fruitful, they keep searching for the cause of

the problems in their life in other planets and do not make any effort to reduce the inauspicious results of Shani,

which is inauspicious in their horoscope. Before proceeding with this discussion, let us have a look at the position of planets in exalted and debilitated signs.

Each of the Navagrahas being placed in a particular zodiac gives additional strength, which is called the exalted sign

of this planet. Similarly, when placed in the seventh sign exactly from its exalted sign, the strength of each

planet decreases and this sign is called the debilitated sign of this planet. For example, the exalted sign of the planet Saturn is Libra and from this zodiac, the seventh sign i.e. Aries is the debilitated sign of the planet Saturn and

the power of the planet Saturn weakens due to its position in Aries. Similarly, out of the 12 zodiac signs of each planet, one is high and one is low.

Signs planets and houses continues...........

But here it is very important to understand that the position of any planet in its high or low sign is only related to

its being strong or weak and not with its being auspicious or inauspicious. Saturn situated in Libra can also give

many inauspicious results to the horoscope holder whereas Saturn in debilitated sign in Aries can also give

many benefits to the horoscope holder. Therefore, people interested in astrology should understand very well

that the effect of being situated in an exalted or debilitated zodiac is only on

the strength of the planet and not on its nature.

Signs planets and houses continues...........

Traditional Indian astrology never says that a planet in high altitude will always give good results and a planet in

low will always give bad results. But according to Hemwanta Nemasa Katve, exalted planets will always give bad results and debilitated planets will give good results. I see his intention behind this, that when a planet is exalted,

it gives results so fast that it starts giving more effective results than actions in the life of the person. That is, a person wants to do one thing and the planets take him to the other side. In this way the conflict in the life of the person increases. For this reason, Katve would have called the exalted planets as bad [ Astrology signs planets and houses ].

There are also some situations when debilitated planets give the result of exalted ones. It is mainly said for the debilitated planet sitting in the Ascendant. I have seen the conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in Libra ascendant four times so far. Sun is debilitated in Libra ascendant and Jupiter is inactive. If calculated according to the terminology, then the worst sum will be formed. But it didn't happen. In the marriage, the Sun gives the result of the highest and the same was seen in reality. High in ascendant. If the Sun is with Jupiter, then the person reaches the top position in his institution.

Signs planets and houses continues...........

Let us try to understand this idea with the help of some facts. Saturn travels at the slowest pace among the

nine planets and stays in one sign for about two and a half years, that is, Saturn remains continuously in its

exalted sign Libra and low sign Aries for two and a half years. If the prevailing notion of being auspicious

or inauspicious due to the placement of planets in their exalted or debilitated signs is taken to be true,

Planets and houses continues...........

then it means that for every person born during the period of two and a half years of Saturn being in Libra

Auspicious will be fruitful because in the horoscope of all the people born in these years, Saturn will be situated in

its exalted sign Libra. This idea does not stand the test of practicality at all because according to the country and

time, its nature keeps changing after a short time and the nature of any planet does not remain the same even for

a few hours, then two and a half years. So that's a very long time[ Astrology signs planets and houses ].

Signs planets and houses continues...........

Therefore, the meaning of the planets being situated in the exalted or debilitated sign should be understood only

by their being strong or weak and not by their being auspicious or inauspicious. I have seen many such

horoscopes during my astrological practice, in which a planet placed in its exalted sign is giving very

inauspicious results because the planet becomes very strong due to its position in its exalted sign,

so it is likely to be inauspicious.

Planets and houses continues...........

In this situation, because of his strength, he does more harm than usual. Similarly, in my experience,

many such horoscopes have come in which a planet is giving auspicious results by nature even when it is situated in

its debilitated sign, but due to being weak, there is some deficiency in these auspicious results. Such people get a

lot of benefit by wearing gems of planets situated in a debilitated sign in their horoscope, because by wearing gems

of such planets, these planets get extra strength and this planet becomes strong and

helps in increasing their auspicious results. become enabled[ Astrology signs planets and houses ].

Planets and houses continues...........

Each planet gives fast results in its exalted sign and with a dimness in its low sign. If that planet is inauspicious in your Kundachali, then it does not matter whether it is of high or low. Sun in Aries, Moon in Taurus, Mercury in Virgo,

Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Capricorn, Saturn in Libra and Venus in Pisces gives exalted results. That is, give results with full intensity. Similarly, Sun in Libra, Moon in Scorpio, Mercury in Pisces, Jupiter in Capricorn, Mars in Cancer, Venus in Virgo and Saturn in Aries gives debilitated results.

Now we will know some classification of planets and zodiac signs, which are very important for the resultant astrology.

The first classification of benefic planets and sinful planets is as follows –

Auspicious Planets: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter

Sinful planets: Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu

Generally, Moon and Mercury are not always considered auspicious. Full moon means the moon near the full moon

is considered auspicious and the moon near the new moon is not considered auspicious. Similarly, if Mercury is with

a benefic planet then it is auspicious and if it is with a malefic planet then it becomes sinful.

It is to be noted that all sinful planets do not always give bad results. Nor do all the auspicious planets always give auspicious results. The good or bad results depend on many other things like the planet's homeland,

the planet's zodiac position, visions etc., which we will discuss further.

As mentioned above, the good or bad results of a planet depends on many other factors and one of them is

the position of the planet in its zodiac. Any planet generally gives good results in its exalted zodiac, friend's zodiac, and own zodiac. On the contrary, planets give bad results in their debilitated sign and enemy sign.

The exalted zodiac position of the planets is as follows:-

Some of the points to be noted in the above table are as follows:

The exalted and debilitated signs of a planet are seventh from each other. For example, the Sun is exalted in

Aries which is the first sign of the zodiac and debilitated in Libra which is the seventh sign of the zodiac.

2 Sun and Moon are the owners of only one zodiac. Rahu and Ketu are not lords of any zodiac. Other planets are the lords of two zodiac signs.

3 Rahu and Ketu do not have any zodiac sign of their own. Not all astrologers use the high and low signs of Rahu-Ketu.

The strength of all the planets is evaluated on the basis of zodiac signs and degrees. There are 30 A degrees in a zodiac. For the subtle analysis of the planets,

it is necessary to have the knowledge of the degree in which the planet is in which zodiac sign.

The analysis of the position of all the nine planets is as follows-

Sun- The Sun is self-occupied in Leo. 1 to 10 degrees is considered high. It is debilitated up to 10 degrees of Libra. From 1 to 20 degree is considered to be the root triangulation. It is in Leo itself that from 21 to 30 degree it is self-realized.

Moon- In Cancer, the Moon is considered to be self-gracious or self-possessed,

but in Taurus it is exalted up to 3 degrees and in Scorpio it is debilitated up to 3 degrees. In Taurus, the original trikonastha from 4 to 30 degree and in Cancer from 1 to 30 degree is considered to be self-dominant.

Mars – Mars is self-gracious in the signs of Aries and Scorpio. It is considered exalted in Capricorn from 1 to 28 degrees and in Cancer from 1 to 28 degrees. In Aries, from 1 to 18 degree,

the root is trigonal and from 19 to 20 degree is said to be self-contained.

Signs planets & houses continues...........

Mercury- The planet Mercury is self-occupied in Virgo and Gemini signs, but is exalted up to 15 degrees in

Virgo and up to 15 degrees in Pisces. In Virgo itself, the original trikonastha from 16 to 20 degree and in this

zodiac from 21 to 30 degree is called Swakshetri.

Jupiter- Jupiter is self-gracious or self-possessed in the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. It is exalted up to 5 degrees in Cancer and up to 5 degrees in Capricorn. The original trikonastha from 1 to 10 degree and in Sagittarius sign

itself from 14 to 30 degree is considered to be self-dominant.

Venus- The planet Venus is self-occupied in its two signs, Taurus and Libra. It is exalted up to 27 degrees in Pisces and up to 27 degrees in Virgo. In Libra it is trikonastha from 1 to 10 degrees and in the same

sign from 11 to 30 degrees it is self-occupied.

Signs planets & houses continues...........

Shani- Saturn is self-occupied in its two signs Aquarius and Capricorn. In Libra it is exalted from 1 to 20 degrees and in Aries it is debilitated by 20 degrees. In Aquarius itself, Saturn is of the original triangle from 1 to 20 degree. After that from 21 to 30 degree is self-realised.

Rahu- The lord of Virgo is exalted in Gemini and Taurus. The root of the debilitated in Sagittarius is considered to

be the original trikostha in Cancer[ Astrology signs planets and houses ].

Ketu- Ketu is the lord of Gemini zodiac. It is exalted in Sagittarius and Scorpio up to 15 degrees. Up to 15 degrees it is debilitated in Gemini, Mool Trikona in Leo, and self-occupied in Pisces. It is debilitated only in Taurus. The actual strength of the planets is known only after analyzing the birth chart on the basis of degrees. For example, in the birth chart of Leo Ascendant, because the Sun is sitting in the Ascendant, it is self-occupied. It is giving respect and wealth to the person since childhood. With the Moon of Taurus in the tenth house, the person will continue to progress progressively. Therefore, these two planets will be beneficial for him[ Astrology signs planets and houses ].

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