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best astrologer in shalimar bagh Vaar Nakshatra

These inauspicious yogas are formed by Vaar and Nakshatra, do not do any work in them by best astrologer in shalimar bagh :-

Various yogas have great importance in Vedic astrology. They have both auspicious and inauspicious yogas. Yogas formed by the combination of auspicious planets give auspicious results and those formed by the combination of bad planets give inauspicious results.
Apart from the combination of planets, there are many such yogas which are formed by the combination of Vaar and Nakshatras. They also have an important role. Both auspicious and inauspicious yogas are formed by the combination of Vaar and Nakshatras.
If any work is started in inauspicious yoga, then there is always a doubt about getting success in it. Let us know today which such inauspicious yogas are formed by the combination of stars and constellations, so that you can avoid doing your work in these misfortunes.
In Vedic astrology, although many yogas are formed due to the combination of stars and constellations, it is not possible to give them all here, but here information is being given about selected 10 yogas.
What is Yamghant, Kaladand and Utpat Yoga?
Yamghant: If Magha on Sunday, Visakha on Monday, Ardra on Tuesday, Mool on Wednesday, Kritika on Thursday, Rohini on Friday and Hasta Nakshatra on Saturday then Yamghant Yoga is formed. Auspicious should be posponed during this yoga.
2. Kaldand: If Bharani Nakshatra comes on Sunday, Ardra on Monday, Magha on Tuesday, Chitra on Wednesday, Jyeshtha on Thursday, Abhijit on Friday and Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatra on Saturday, then it is a terrible inauspicious yoga named Kaldand. In this, if a person starts work or goes on a journey somewhere, then there is a possibility of suffering like death.
3. Utpat: If Visakha on Sunday, Poorvashadha on Monday, Dhanishtha on Tuesday, Revati on Wednesday, Rohini on Thursday, Pushya on Friday and Uttarapalguni Nakshatra on Saturday, then Utpat Yoga is formed. If travel is done in this yoga, then there is a possibility of accident.
In which yoga there is loss due to work explains best astrologer in shalimar bagh
4. Vajra: If Ashlesha on Sunday, Hasta on Monday, Anuradha on Tuesday, Uttarashada on Wednesday, Shatabhisha on Thursday, Ashwini on Friday and Mrigashira Nakshatra on Saturday, then Vraj Yoga is formed. There is always loss in the work done in this yoga.
5. Lumbak: If Swati on Sunday, Mool on Monday, Shravan on Tuesday, Uttarabhadrapada on Wednesday, Kritika on Thursday, Punarvasu on Friday and Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra on Saturday, then Lumbak yoga is formed. There is a possibility of financial loss in this.
6. Cause: If there is Jyestha on Sunday, Abhijit on Monday, Purvabhadrapada on Tuesday, Bharani on Wednesday, Ardra on Thursday, Magha on Friday and Chitra Nakshatra on Saturday, then Kaan Yoga is formed. In this yoga, there is a possibility of dispute during family or travel.

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