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best astrologer online consultation Naag dosh

best astrologer online consultation on how Naag dosh is formed in this birth due to the deeds of previous birth, know what is the effect, how to avoid:-

One of the most dangerous doshas mentioned in Vedic astrology is Nag Dosha. This dosha is formed in this birth according to the deeds of the person in the previous birth and the nature of his death. This dosha is formed mainly due to Rahu because Rahu is related to Snake.
According to the definition of Vedic astrology, when Rahu or Ketu is with Moon or Venus in the first place in the horoscope of a person, then there is Nag dosha in his horoscope. The effect of this dosha varies depending on whether the dosha is weak or strong in the life of the person.
Why is Naag dosh formed explains best astrologer online consultation?
Naag dosh is formed in the horoscope of a person when his death in previous birth is due to some accidental accident, burning in fire, consuming poison, hanging himself. If the person has killed an unborn child in his previous birth i.e. killed a child in the womb.
If someone has been put to death by doing black magic, then after death, Naag dosh is formed in his next birth. The person who has some kind of error left in the last rites or his last rites have been delayed due to some reason or the last rites of all the parts of the body have not been performed simultaneously, even then Nag Dosh is formed in his next birth.
Effects of Naag dosh
Many types of problems are seen in the life of the people affected by Naag dosh. The native has to face accidents again and again. It is possible that he also died in an accident. There are many obstacles in the marriage of such a person, especially women get married after a lot of difficulties or many women do not get married at all.
Even if the marriage of the people suffering from Naag dosh happens, then divorce definitely happens. Snakes scare these people in their dreams and due to this their mental balance gets disturbed. Many people suffering from Nag Dosha suffer insanity attacks.
They also face obstacles in getting children. Such a person engages in bad deeds and the same actions become the reason for his downfall. Such people are also very weak in terms of health. They have some sexual dysfunction.
How to get rid of Naag dosh
- The person who has a snake defect in his birth chart, he should definitely take measures to get rid of it. To reduce the effect of Nag Dosha, Sarpa Parihar Puja has to be done on the sixth day of Krishna Paksha of any month.
Worshiping Lord Shiva pacifies Nag Dosh. Offer raw milk and water to the black stone Shivling daily. The Shivling should be such that a snake is attached to it.
- Get Mahamrityunjaya Puja, Rudrabhishek done by a qualified pandit in any Siddha Shiva temple. Get this worship done by visiting any one of the 12 Jyotirlingas.
Fast on Mahashivratri and get Rudrabhishek done on this day.
- Chant seven rounds of the mantra "Om Namah Shivayah" with a rosary of Rudraksha every day.

By keeping peacock feathers at home, the snake defect is quenched.
Wear a ring made of Panchadhatu on the day of Shivaratri or Nagpanchami.
For the peace of Rahu, wear onyx in the middle finger in a silver ring.

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