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best online horoscope consultation Mahabhagya

Mahabhagya Yoga makes this yoga bigger than the king as per best online horoscope consultation.
Mahabhagya Yoga is a greater yoga than Raja Yoga. Whenever we take the name of someone with money, the name of the country's biggest industrialist Mukesh comes first in our mind. You know that Mukesh has Mahabhagya Yoga in his horoscope.
This yoga occurs in the horoscope of many people, but due to some obstruction, they are not able to take advantage of this yoga. Let us know how Mahabhagya Yoga is formed.
If a man is born during day time and in his birth chart the ascendant i.e. the first house, Sun and Moon, all three are situated in odd signs like Aries, Gemini, Leo etc., then Mahabhagya Yoga is formed in such a horoscope.
If a woman is born at night and in her birth chart, the Ascendant, Sun and Moon are situated in all the three equal signs i.e. Taurus, Cancer, Virgo etc., then Mahabhagya Yoga is formed in the horoscope of such a woman.
According to best online horoscope consultation With its auspicious effect, the person gets auspicious results like economic prosperity, a powerful position in the government, dominance, fame and popularity etc.
Mahabhagya Yoga occurs in the horoscopes of the native-castes only by the same rules, but for Mahabhagya Yoga, this rule is opposite for male and female native-caste. The reason is that the Sun is a male planet that is dominant during the day and the Moon is a female planet that is dominant during the night.
It is not appropriate to determine the result of Mahabhagya Yoga only by the above-mentioned rules. The formation and prediction of this yoga in a horoscope is fully applicable when both the Sun and the Moon are in an auspicious position.
When the planet is inauspicious, either Mahabhagya Yoga will not be formed or the auspicious effect of this yoga will be greatly reduced due to the inauspicious effect of Sun and Moon, due to which the native or the native will not get much benefit of this yoga.
Apart from this, it is also necessary to test the strength and position of Sun and Moon in the horoscope because even if they are favorable or unfavorable, there is a lot of effect on the auspicious results of Mahabhagya Yoga.
For example, the Mahabhagya Yoga formed when the Sun is placed in Aries in the birth chart of a male person will be more powerful than the Mahabhagya Yoga formed in the other odd signs of the Sun, because the Sun becomes more powerful after being exalted in Aries.
Similarly, in the horoscope of women, the Mahabhagya Yoga formed due to the placement of the Moon in Taurus will be more powerful than the Mahabhagya Yoga formed in other even signs of the Moon, because the Moon becomes more powerful after being exalted in Taurus.
Apart from this, it is also necessary to test the position of Sun and Moon in different houses in the horoscope and the effects of other auspicious and inauspicious planets falling on the Sun and Moon in the horoscope. side increases.
If there is a blockage due to Mahabhagya Yoga, then do this remedy-
Worship Surya daily.
Recite Sri Suktam daily.
Serve the cow.
Serve the elderly.
Feed the birds daily.

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