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Business astrologer in delhi remedies money

Business astrologer in Delhi remedies money - If there is a loss in business, then do these remedies for the money:-
This is the original currency of the world, which is called the sister of Lakshmi. The currency was in vogue in India before 1930. Cowry is the osteoclast of sea worm. It is called Cypriya or Devadhidev, its shape matches with the hairs of Shiva, hence it is also called Kapardin.
Originally from Sanskrit form of Kardap, it is also a part of Shiva's adornment. By the way, they are more prevalent in proverbs and idioms. For example, to become fascinated by a penny, to sell a penny, to have two shells,
to be a distant penny etc. Cowries are particularly useful in religious, cultural, social, medical, artha, tantra, customs and tricks.
There are 185 types of cowries in the world, of which Prince Kauri is the best. The penny is worthless, but has become priceless because of its merits.
There are 5 types of cowries. Golden {Siddhi}, Dhumal color {Vyaghri}, Yellow back and white belly {Mungi},
White {Hassie}, Pied {Vidanta} According to one opinion, a cowry weighing one and a half tola is beneficial,
a teal weighs - medium and less than one weight ordinary is called
Destroyer of diseases- Grind the laughing cowry which is small and light white, grind it with copper scum in
the hanspadi and fill it. Wearing the amulet of this cowry cures the disease.
Erectile dysfunction - Breaking the hair of horse and mule's tail on a Sunday, pierce it in a cowrie and tie that hair
in some way and tie it in the right arm, the woman gets full happiness.
Use of shells while laying the foundation - 11 shells should be kept in the foundation so that there should be
no hindrance in the construction of the building.
To protect the vehicle - If a new vehicle is tied with a black thread/red thread, then it protects against evil eyes and accidents.
For the safety of the house- Many times the house itself collapses or cracks occur. To prevent this and if someone has done any tantric action at your house, then tying cowries with black thread on the door of the house protects the whole building.
To get children - Those people who are not having children, they should worship Gopal Yantra duly by keeping 11 cowries in the place of worship and after performing Putreshthi Yagya, wear a penny in a yellow thread.
Feelpow- People who have the problem of Feelpow, the person should pierce a sixteen-toothed yellow cowry and tie a black thread on the affected part of the Feelpow, the disease ends gradually.
Business astrologer in delhi for impotence- Weakness is removed by putting cowry and anandha in jasmine oil and massaging it on the penis. Impotence is also removed by eating cow's ashes.
For progress in business - On Saturday, take a carbon and set it on fire in the shop, start it from the end and rotate it in the whole area and keep 4 shells together and throw the carbon out and rotate the shell and throw it in all the four directions, thereby progressing in business. it occurs.

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