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famous astrologer in connaught place twelve

Know the advantages and disadvantages of the 12th house of a horoscope by a famous astrologer in Connaught place:
There are twelve houses in the horoscope. The whole life of the person is considered from these houses. Each house is ruled by a planet, which strengthens and weakens the house on the basis of its auspiciousness and inauspiciousness. On the basis of the vision of the planets sitting in the houses and the planets falling on those houses, the Bhava fruit is said. Let's talk today - some important rules to consider. To know the fruit of any house, it is necessary to know these 8 rules.
The sight of who is auspicious or sinful planets
Is the planet auspicious or a sin planet?
Who is the owner of that feeling?
The lord of the house is a malefic planet or auspicious.
On that house, which auspicious or sinful planets have a vision.
The lord of that house and the planets in that house are the friendship of these two.
The planet placed in that house is of high power or weak.
He is in his house or in the original triangle.
What are the qualities of that planet?
After considering other things, the fruit of the planet should be done.
The auspiciousness of planets, sin planets, home or house lord thoughts, the high, low, basic triangle signs of planets, friendship of planets, planetary vision, properties of planets, religion, etc. must be understood.
Planets Shubh or Ashubh thoughts of planets by famous astrologer in Connaught place
There are 3 types of auspiciousness of planets. 1- Auspicious planet. 2-Sin planets or cruel planets. 3-Allied planets.
Auspicious planets - Jupiter and Venus are always considered auspicious planets. Malefic planets - Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu. It is an inauspicious planet, that is why it is called a sinful or cruel planet. These are always considered as sin planets.
Mixed planets - Mercury and Moon, by chance, sometimes sin planets are sometimes considered auspicious planets, that is why they are called mixed planets. In fact, both of these are auspicious planets, but when they are with the malefic planet, then the malefic planet and living alone or with the benefic planet are called auspicious planets.
Location of planets or swagriha - Although the planets revolve around the Sun, for convenience, the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn are assumed to be moving in order in the sky around the Earth. Sun and Moon have one private house each and 2-2 houses of planets are in the zodiac. These planets are called Swagraha. Which zodiac sign comes under the authority of which planet. Earth has the most moon, it has a direct effect on our mind and heart. The sign of the heart is Cancer, that is why the position of the moon is considered Cancer.
Sun is the most powerful planet next to the moon
The Sun is the most powerful planet next to the Moon. The effect of the Sun falls on the soul and the sign of Leo is the sign of the soul, due to which Leo is considered to be the seat of the Sun. Sun has Mercury, that's why the sign of Gemini and Virgo is the lord of both of them, that is, Mercury has got these 2 houses.
After Mercury, Venus is the planet, it got two signs Taurus and Libra on both sides, due to this Venus became the lord of these two signs. Mars is in front of Venus, it has got the next two signs Aries and Scorpio. Thus the lord of these two zodiac signs is Mars. After this is the Guru, he got the next two signs Pisces and Sagittarius, thus the Guru became the lord of these two signs.
There is Saturn at the end in the sky in front of Jupiter, it got the remaining 2 zodiac signs Aquarius and waist. In this way, these zodiac signs were in situ of these planets and these planets became the lords of these places. Swagraha is also called Swakshetra. The planet which is in its own place is called Swagrihi or Swakshetri.

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