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famous astrologer in Delhi Wealth

Identify ten chances of being a millionaire with your horoscope as per a famous astrologer in Delhi. A person can know when, how, and through which path he will get money by the position and sentiment of the horoscope planet. Let's know some special coincidences from which you can know the sum of your millionaire -
  1. According to famous astrologer in delhi when Mars is in the fourth, Sun in the fifth, and Guru in the eleventh or fifth house, a person receives income from ancestral property, agriculture, or building, which increases continuously. This is called millionaire yoga.
2. Guru earns wealth through administrative abilities when the tenth or eleventh house and Sun and Mars are in the fourth and fifth house or the planet is in its opposite position.
3. When the master of Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces, and the lord of the fifth house is in the tenth house, then the person gets immense wealth through sons and daughters.
4. The way in which Mercury, Venus, and Saturn together make a person very prosperous in business.
5. If the lord of the tenth house is in the Taurus or Libra sign and the lord of Venus or the seventh house is in the tenth house, then the person gets a lot of wealth through marriage and the wife's earnings.
6. When Saturn is in Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius, then one earns money by becoming an accountant. 
7. When Mercury, Venus, and Guru are together on any planet, then the person is rich by religious works. In which the priest, the pundit, astrology, the storyteller, and the head of the organization become rich.
8. If the Guru, Venus, Moon, and Mercury are sitting in the triangle houses or center of the horoscope or if the Sun, Rahu, Saturn, Mars, etc. planets are sitting in the 3rd, 6th and eleventh house then the person is in the position of Rahu or Saturn or Venus or Mercury. Receives infinite wealth.
9. If Mars or Saturn is sitting in the seventh house and any planet other than Ketu is sitting in the eleventh house, then the person gets incomparable wealth through trade. If Ketu is sitting in the eleventh house then the person receives money from foreign trade.
10. If Mars or Saturn is sitting in the seventh house and Saturn or Mars or Rahu is sitting in the eleventh house, then one gets wealth through sports, gambling, brokerage, or Vakalat, etc.
Special measures to try before earning money as per famous astrologer in delhi
A person becomes rich either on the strength of his destiny or on the strength of karma, but sometimes both these forces are exhausted, then it is said that there is no solution to Ram or religion with the help of the weak. Some people worship Lakshmi Mata to get wealth, some keep a basil plant in the house and light a lamp of ghee every morning and evening, and some people go to the Lakshmi-Narayan temple every Friday to offer white colored sweets, but here are 5 Special measures.
  1. Kauri, the symbol of Lakshmi: The yellow kauri is considered a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. Soak some white clams in saffron or turmeric solution and tie them in red cloth and keep them in the vault located in the house. In addition to the cowrie, worship a coconut with the rituals and wrap it in bright red cloth and keep it in the vault.
  2. Importance of Shankh: Shankh is one of the fourteen precious jewels received at the time of sea churning. Being born with Lakshmi, it is also called Lakshmi Bhrata. This is why Lakshmi resides in the house where there is a conch. Must keep conch at home.
  3. Worship of Peepal: If you offer water to Peepal every Saturday, then wealth and prosperity will increase.
  4. North-east angle: Always keep the northeast angle of the house empty. If possible, keep a vessel filled with water there. If you want, you can also keep the water urn there.
  5. Keep the flute in the house: Bamboo-made flute is very popular to Lord Krishna. In the house where the flute is kept, there remains mutual love among the people and there is also happiness and prosperity.

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