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famous astrologer in india online planetary suicide

Such planetary positions in the horoscope are responsible for suicide by famous astrologer in india online:-
The case of Sant Bhaiyyu Maharaj of Indore, who is known throughout the country as Rashtrasant, has once again started the discussion that what are the planetary conditions due to which a person would have taken a step like suicide. Is. Bhaiyyu Maharaj himself was well versed in astrology. People from far and wide used to come to him to know the solution of their life problems, committing suicide by such a spiritual person who shows the way to others raises many questions.
Let us know today all the possible planetary positions from the point of view of astrology due to which people commit suicide.
8th place in the birth chart, the place of death as per famous astrologer in India online:-
The eighth place in any horoscope is called the place of death. By looking at the various planetary positions present in this house, it can be ascertained that due to which reasons and how the person will die.
According to Vedic astrology, Moon is the representative planet of the mind. It controls the thoughts of man.
Mercury governs the decision-making ability of man. Who will take what decision on which issue is decided by Mercury? If Mercury is afflicted by a malefic planet then it confuses the person and this affects the decision-making ability. In many cases, it even provokes the person to commit suicide.
How long can a person exist on earth?
Saturn decides how long a person's existence will be on earth. If Saturn is associated with the eighth house, then the person has a long life. But if Shani is weak then the person is surrounded by diseases and he dies at an early age.
Sun is the only planet that never instigates a person to do wrong. Especially the sun does not allow steps like suicide. A person who has a strong Sun in his birth chart has a lot of self-confidence and never has any negative thoughts, sad thoughts.
Suicide due to the conjunction of Mercury with different planets in the eighth house
As mentioned above Mercury affects the decision-making ability of a person. If Mercury is surrounded by malefic planets then the person definitely commits suicide. Let us know what are the effects of Mercury being in conjunction with which corrupt planets and under what circumstances a person dies.
Ketu conjunction or vision relation
Rahu with Mercury: When Rahu is in conjunction with Mercury, a person kills himself by consuming poison. Kills himself by consuming pesticides or jumps from a tall building.
Ketu with Mercury: If the conjunction or vision relationship of Ketu with Mercury is being formed in a person's horoscope, then such a person commits suicide at a pilgrimage site. Such a person commits suicide by taking more sleeping pills or by drinking any chemical.
Saturn with Mercury: Saturn is related to vehicles, so if there is a conjunction of Saturn and Mercury in the horoscope, then the person becomes responsible for his own death by driving at high speed. Such a person commits suicide by lying on a railway track, stabs himself with a knife, or hangs himself.
Venus with Mercury: Suffering is very less in this combination if the person, unfortunately, chooses death. For example, after drinking poison or taking sleeping pills, he falls asleep.
Jupiter with Mercury: Those who have the conjunction of these two planets in their horoscope, such a person dies during yoga practice. Such a person embraces death by doing the process of Jiva Samadhi or Pranayama during yoga.
Mars with Mercury: Mars is related to weapons. A person who has a conjunction of Mercury with Mars or aspect in his horoscope cuts his neck, wrist or shoots himself with a pistol with a sharp-edged weapon. Such a person commits suicide or gets electrocuted.
Moon with Mercury: Moon is related to water, so the person who is having conjunction of Mercury and Moon in his horoscope dies by drowning in a pond, river, well, or sea.

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