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Famous Astrologer In West Delhi on Paush month

Suryadev is the direct deity who nourishes us as per Famous Astrologer In West Delhi. In astrology, the glory of Suryadev is indescribable. Surya worship is also mentioned in the scriptures. Sun is considered to be a factor of our soul and energy. The position of Surya is seen in the horoscope for strength, authority, position, name, fame, job, father, and supremacy.


In Aries, the Sun planet is high and Venus in Libra is low in Libra. Sun is the fifth lord of the zodiac.


Let us know how the sun will look in the year 2021  by Famous Astrologer In West Delhi:-


Sun transit 2021 dates
From Zodiac - Zodiac - Date - Day - Time
Sagittarius - Jan 14 - Thursday - 8:04
Capricorn- Aquarius- February 12- Friday- 21:03
Aquarius- Pisces- March 14- Sunday- 17:55
Pisces- Aries- April 14- Wednesday- 2:35
Aries- Taurus- May 14- Friday- 23:14
Taurus- Gemini- June 15- Tuesday- 5:49
Gemini - Cancer - 16 July - Friday - 16:41
Cancer- Singh - 17 August - Tuesday - 05:00
Leo - Virgo - 17 September - Friday - 1:02
Virgo - Libra - 17 October - Sunday - 13:00
Libra- Scorpio- November 16- Tuesday- 12:49
Scorpio- Sagittarius- December 16- Thursday- 3:28


The importance of the Sunday of Paush month has been mentioned in the scriptures. Therefore, the worship of Sun God should be done during Pausha month. According to astrology, the Sun is the factor of the soul. This year Paush month will start from 31 December 2020 and continue till 28 January 2021. It is believed that by worshiping the Sun God in this month, with the rituals of law, energy, happiness, prosperity, and prosperity are attained.


For career advancement, it is very important for the sun to be favorable in the horoscope for getting state honor. If the Sun is unfavorable in any magazine, then there is a failure in every work. In such a situation, worshiping the Sun God and wearing or worshiping the image of Surya Yantra will soon result in positive results of the Sun.


There are 2 types of Surya Yantra. The first Navagrahas have only one machine and the second Navagrahas have different worship instruments. Both instruments have the same benefits. Worshiping the Navagrahas keeping this machine in front eliminates all kinds of disasters. Health is attained. You get success in business etc. Yash-rank-prestige-progress is achieved in society. There is no hindrance in auspicious actions.


How to worship by Famous Astrologer In West Delhi: -


* To please the Sun God, the worship of Vishnu or the story of Harivamsha Purana should be organized by keeping the Sun Yantra in front.


* According to the law, do not lash your mouth in the morning.


* On Sunday of Paush month, one should take food without salt.


* At twelve o'clock when the sun god is on top, pour milk on pure fresh rice. Put half a teaspoon of pure ghee on it, keep the sugar on top. Offer this enjoyment to the Sun        God.


* After worshiping Surya Yantra, take it yourself. 


* After bathing every day, Sun God should offer water to a copper vessel.


* While offering water, it is auspicious to worship with kumkum, red flowers, and akshat.


* While chanting the Arghya, chant the mantra 'Aditya Namah'.

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