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Kundali matching for marriage | future partner

Kundali matching for marriage - Newly married couples should adopt these measures so that the marriage remains safe
As soon as you step on the threshold of youth, different types of casseroles start cooking in your mind about your future life partner. Like my friend is different, take care of me, respect my feelings, be friendly with me, love me the most, share everything with us, respect me fully socially, etc. There is a strong desire in the heart of a boy and a girl.
Kundali matching for marriage - Newly married husband and wife should give red color gift to each other. Since red color is a symbol of prosperity, therefore, mutual relations remain better by presenting red colored things.
On the day of honeymoon, both people should drink some saffron mixed with milk. Because milk is the karaka of the moon and saffron is the karaka of Jupiter. Due to the compatibility of these planets, married life remains good.
Laying pink colored bedsheets on your bed keeps the relationship of newly married couples sweet with you.
Keep in mind that never sleep on such a bed whose head part is very high and heavy. Due to this, sleep is not good and there can be tension among themselves.
Consume fennel and sugar candy before sleeping at night. Both men and women must leave the bed before sunrise.
While getting up from the bed, first place the left foot on the ground, then the right foot and then start your daily work by bowing to the earth.
The newly married couple must burn a little camphor in their bedroom before sleeping at night. Doing this removes all the negative energy from the bedroom.
If you have a toilet in your bedroom, please keep its door closed at all times. Negative energy comes out of the toilet, so the door of the toilet should be closed.
Before sleeping, the newly married couple should keep a jug of water filled with water. Before getting fresh in the morning, take both those waters.
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