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Most famous astrologer in Delhi Palm lines

Many people like the lovely subject of palmistry knowledge according to the most famous astrologer in Delhi. While studying these, it has been found that there is a deep connection between two subjects of Psychology and Palmistry, but I found the sources in this regard after a long time about 25 percent of the psychotropic area of ​​the brain is for the five senses - eyes, ears, nose, lips, and tongue.
In addition, 25 percent of the area is from the wrist to finger area. The remaining 50 percent of the area is for the entire body to operate. This information gave direction to my thinking that there is a close relationship between psychology and palmistry.
After contemplating and studying in this direction for a long time, it came to the conclusion that the different areas of the palm, which in palmistry are called palm mountains, are magnetic centers. These centers are related to the brain centers that control human emotions. These palm mountains attract the electric waves produced in the brain and the palm lines are the path of those waves.
In other words, we can say the same thing as ECG. The graph of the heart tells about the functioning of the heart, similarly, the graph of the lines drawn on the palm tells about the functioning of the brain. The method of understanding the meaning of this graph of lines is called palmistry knowledge or palmistry. The palmistry divides the palm into seven parts. The names of these parts are derived from astrology.
According to my conclusion, the center of the brain that controls the ego of a person is related to the part of the palm that is called Guru Parvat. The center of the brain, which is the controller of the introversion of a person, is related to that part of the palm which is called Saturn mountain in hand science.
Similarly, the center of the brain that controls the outwardness of a person, the part related to that center in the palm is called Surya Parbat. Similarly, the path of the palm related to different emotions of the brain has been called Mercury, Venus, Moon, and Mars mountains.
Conclusion about the fingers of the hand is that the fingers act as transmitters to disperse the electrical waves produced in the brain out of the person's body and to transmit the electrical waves circulating in the environment around the person to the brain. These fingers also act as receivers (receptacles).
These conclusions are based on a hypothesis. These findings are only formulas for body scientists on the basis of which the centers of the brain can be tested. The results of those tests can cause a situation that can remove the palmistry from the secret knowledge and give it the basis of psychology and physiology.


Palmistry: This mark is made in the palm of the lucky ones [ Most famous astrologer in Delhi ]
According to palmistry, a lot can be known about us by assessing the lines formed in the hand, detailed information has been given in the scriptures about the lines formed in the hand. The lines on our hands are related to the events happening in life. Because the lines of the palm keep changing.
The most important line among the lines formed in the hand is considered to be the line of fate. There are some marks made on the hand which make a person lucky. Know what is written in the fate of a person according to these marks formed in the hand.

If the fate line of someone's hand starts from Chandraparvat, then such a person progresses in his life, and is successful in every work, as well as gets respect and prestige. People whose hand lines form the shape of M.
Such people are sharp of mind, there is no lack of confidence in such people. These people have amazing leadership skills. That's why these people make a lot of progress in their life. These people overcome every obstacle in their life.

Very few people have an X mark on their hands, this mark is made between the headline and the heart line. Such people are very lucky. According to research, a person gets fame along with success in his life when the X mark is made in the palm. These people are very lucky in terms of money. Money is the only wealth in their life when they work hard.

Those people whose palms of both hands are joined together, the shape of a half-moon is clearly formed if in the hands of a person, going from the mount of Jupiter to the end of Mount Shani, it is straight and not cut from anywhere but half-moon. It is said that such people, besides being attractive, are also sharp in intelligence.
They also remember old things from the past. On the strength of their intelligence, they achieve progress in their life, such people also get a beautiful life partner.
According to palmistry, the lifeline on the palm is one of the main lines. The lifeline indicates how the person's life and health will be. Seeing the lifeline on the palm, it is known in advance about the diseases and accidents that may happen in the future.
The lifeline on the palm starts from between the thumb and index finger and meets near the wrist. Lifeline is also called lifeline. Let us know the importance of the lifeline on the palm and its different signs.

Non-formation of a lifeline on palm
Palms in which the lifeline is not formed are not considered a good sign. The absence of a lifeline on the palm indicates poor health, an increase in accidents, and short life.
Long and deep lifeline
If someone has a long and deep lifeline on his palm, then it means that the person's health remains good. Such people have a lot of ability to fight diseases, that is, immunity remains good.
Short lifeline
A person with a short lifeline is a shy person. Because of this nature, other people always try to dominate him.
thick lifeline
If there is a thick lifeline on your palm, then it means that you get the respect due to your physical strength. Such people participate in more and more sports-related activities.
If a person's palm had a cross at the end of the lifeline, then it signifies that the person has to face a lot of troubles till the death of the person at the end of his life. On the other hand, if someone's lifeline is made like a chain, such a person is always suffering from diseases. He is suffering from one disease after another.
Here the marks of millionaire yoga are made on the palm, see what is in your palm? [ Most famous astrologer in Delhi ]
If any other small lines intersecting the lifeline are formed on the palm, then it means that a big accident can happen in your life.
On the other hand, if the lifeline on the palm is neat and clearly in a semi-circular shape, then it is considered very auspicious. The health of such people is very good, due to which these people are very enthusiastic and full of energy.
It has been told in palmistry that the fate of any person is good or bad, it is known from the fate line present on the palm. Fate line has a special place among all types of lines present in the palm. Having a good fate line brings wealth, wealth, happiness, and honor to a person.
Where is the fate line made on the palm?
According to palmistry, when a line from where the palm starts and meets directly on the middle finger, it is called fate line. From where the fate line starts, it is called Manibandh and meets at the bulging place under the middle finger, it is called Shani Parvat. The fate line is also known as the Saturn line.
Good luck line [ Most famous astrologer in Delhi ]
The person in whose palm a line from the wrist walks straight and reaches Mount Shani, that person is very lucky. Such a person is very ambitious and goal-oriented.
According to palmistry, on the other hand, if a line splits after reaching the mount of Shani and reaches the mount of Jupiter, that is, under the index finger, then the person is very charitable and benevolent. Such a person attains a high position and prestige. On the other hand, if the place where the fate line is cut on someone's palm, the person has to face struggle and suffering at that stage of life.
According to palmistry, if any such line emerges from the mount of Venus (the place under the thumb) and reaches the mount of Saturn, then after marriage, the person gets a change of luck and he gets all kinds of happiness.
It is very good to go from the headline in the middle of the palm to the Shani mountain. According to palmistry, such a person reaches the pinnacle of success even after being born in a normal family with his ability and dedication. If the fate line on the palm of a person is deep and long, then such a person can start a new business or career.

According to palmistry, all kinds of lines and marks formed on the palm indicate the fate, nature, and events that will happen to him in the future. According to palmistry, there are both auspicious and inauspicious lines on the palm. Having auspicious lines on the palm means that the life of a person will always be a life full of money, honor, and happiness.
There are some lines on the palm of which no one can stop that person from becoming a millionaire. The fate line on the palm brings wealth and fame to a person. But even if there is no fate line in someone's palm, there are some marks and lines that make a person lucky. [ Most famous astrologer in Delhi ]

The formation of mountains on the palm is very auspicious. If Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon are raised in the palm, then Rajyalakshmi Yoga is formed in your palm. You get a lot of money, home, and vehicle happiness from your luck and hard work. The mountain is formed in the lower part of all the fingers.
If any mark of the shape of a turtle is made on the palm, then it is the sum of suddenly becoming rich. You can suddenly get a lot of money from some source.
If a swastika sign is being made somewhere in your palm, then you are a very lucky person. According to oceanography, such a person is very successful and successful in life.
If there is a white mole in the palm and on the headline and the fate line is clear, straight, or completely missing, then crorepati yoga is formed. According to their name, people with this type of line are millionaires.
If any mountain is raised in the palm and at the same time any line is coming clean, clear, and uncut on that mountain, then it is an indicator of Rosyoga. Such persons are rich by their ability and hard work.
A line coming out of the fate line is straight and clearly reaching the mount of the Sun, then it is an indicator that you are born with the yoga of luck. Such people are very lucky, they spend their whole life with happiness and opulence.
If there is a chakra mark on someone's palm near the mount of Shani i.e. the middle finger, then understand that there is Chakra Yoga in your palm. You can be a high official and owner of the big property. [ Most famous astrologer in Delhi ]
If the fate line in both your palms is reaching from the wrist to the mount of Shani, then you have brought Gajalakshmi Yoga. According to oceanography, such a person gets very rich and famous even after taking birth in an ordinary family.
According to palmistry astrology, some special, auspicious marks and lines are made on the palm, which indicates that the person is lucky and endowed with pleasures. Let us know about some lucky lines formed on the palm, which shows how lucky you are and live your life with pleasures. [ Most famous astrologer in Delhi ]
If a person has a triangle-shaped mark on his palm where the mount of Saturn is, then that person is very lucky and wealthy. Such persons get a lot of respect in their life.
If a line coming out of the Moon mount meets the Shani mountain, then it accumulates a lot of wealth with such people.
If a line comes out of the life line and meets the Guru mountain, then the person never has any shortage of anything.
Those people get special success at the age of 35, in whose palm they leave the headline and go to Mount Shani.
If there is a square mark on the ring finger and middle finger of a person, then the person gets sudden wealth.
Only those people get sudden monetary gains from somewhere on whose palm the sign of a triangle is formed by joining the heart line, fate line, and sun line.

The square mark made on the mount of Jupiter on the palm makes a person very lucky and wealthy. [ Most famous astrologer in Delhi ]
Where the lifeline ends, if a mark of the class is made at that place, then that person is very successful.
Starting from the bracelet, if a line comes directly to the little finger, then it makes a sudden sum of money for them.
The person whose index finger and little finger are equal, that person is very lucky. By studying these, we get to know about the fate, health, marriage, children, and comforts of a person.
The sun line and the mount of Jupiter have special significance on the palm. The auspicious marks made on the mount of Guru make the yoga of progress. Whereas the auspicious mark and streak made on the sun line give chances of success in job and business.

According to palmistry, Mount Guru on the palm is considered very auspicious. If there are one or more lines on the mount of Jupiter, then the person attains a high position. [ Most famous astrologer in Delhi ]

If a person has a bulge in the palm of Mars, Sun, and Mount Mercury, then that person becomes a doctor and gets a lot of fame on the strength of his work.
Mount Sun has a special place on the palm. In such a situation, if the Sun mountain is raised in someone's palm, then if the person does government jobs and works related to the government sector, then great success is achieved.

People who have a rise in the mount of Venus on the palm, that person gets fame in the business of fashion.

If the moon is raised in the palm of a person, that person brings glory in the field of art, writing, journalism, and literature.

If a straight line comes out of the bracelet in the palm and reaches the mount of Shani, then that person becomes a high authority.
Any woman whose palm is flat and thin, as well as vertical lines, are made on the mount of Mercury, she tries her career in the profession of a nurse.
According to palmistry, the horizontal lines on the hands tell a lot about a person. One such sign has been told in palmistry. Being in whose palm the person is surrounded by troubles. There is always tension about something or the other. Do you know what is that mark on the palm?

According to palmistry, having a trap made on the palm at any place is not auspicious for a person. If someone has a net sign on the wrist line in his hand, then such people have to face a lot of troubles to get progress in life. But still, sometimes they are not able to progress. They have to face disappointment in any work.
The formation of a trap mark on the mount of Mars in the palm is a very bad sign for a person. Due to the mark of the net on the mount of Mars, a person has to suffer mental troubles in his life.
The sign of a trap on Rahu mountain is very unfortunate for a person. Even after trying a lot, problems keep coming in life. There are obstacles in every work.
People who have been making a trap mark on the Guru's area on their palm, then such a person is of selfish nature. There is a sense of ego in every action of such people.

According to palmistry, being a trap sign on the Ketu mountain on the palm is not a good sign. This leads to health-related problems. The whole life of such persons is surrounded by some disease.

Due to the formation of a trap mark on the mount of Shani in the palm, the person remains lazy. And for this reason, these people are not able to be successful in the professional and social fields. Therefore, problems related to money remain in their life.

According to palmistry, information about the future of a person can be obtained from the lines, marks and textures made on the palm. According to palmistry, there are many lines and marks on the palm. Some of these are such that they tell about the financial condition of the person. Let us know about some such marks made on the palm.
If the lifeline in your palm is of round shape and there is also a triangle mark on the palm, then the financial condition of such people is very good. These people keep making money.
When the fate line in your palm, coming out of the bracelet, meets directly on Mount Shani, then understand that you are a lucky person. You get any work completed without any hindrance. Such people are very wealthy.

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