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Most famous astrologer in Delhi | Vish yoga

According to astrology and the most famous astrologer in Delhi, the combination of Saturn and the lunar planet in the horoscope of any person is not considered good. This is called subject yoga. It is said that any person who has this yoga in his horoscope faces many difficulties like poison, throughout his life. Full poison yoga also afflicts the mother. Let us know what is this combination, what is its effect, and what are the remedies for its diagnosis.


Positive side: It is said that in this combination, a person is fair, hardworking, honest. Due to this combination, the person also has a feeling of disinterest.


How Vish yoga is formed:-
  1. If Moon and Saturn are sitting together in any sense, then poison yoga is formed.
  2. In transit, Venus Yoga is formed when Saturn rises above the Moon or when the Moon rises above Saturn. Whenever Moon comes in transit in the zodiac sign of Saturn or Rahu, poison is formed.
  3. Some astrology scholars believe that in addition to Yuti, Visha Yoga is formed by the sight of Saturn on the Moon.
  4. If Rahu is present on the 8th and Saturn is in Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio ascendant, then poison yoga is formed.
  5. Vish yoga is formed even if the moon is in the position of the moon and moon or if the moon is in position.


Then the Vish yoga is not formed by the most famous astrologer in Delhi
  1. If Saturn is weak in the horoscope and the Moon is strong, then the effect of Visha Yoga is less.
  2. The degree is seen in Yuti. If it is 12 degrees away from each other by degree or degree, then this sum will not form.
  3. In which house this yoga is being formed in the horoscope of the ascendant. If there is a combination of Aries ascendant horoscope, then this yoga effect will show. Because Saturn is malefic in the Aries zodiac, but it will not be effective if it is in the tenth house, because Saturn will be in its own zodiac and Chandra will be looking at his fourth house.
  4. Regardless of the ascendant, if this yoga is being formed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house then it is applicable.


Most famous astrologer in Delhi on the effect of Saturn and Moon: 
  1. Due to this, there has always been a feeling of dissatisfaction, sorrow, gloom, despair, and lack of life in the native's mind. Sometimes there are thoughts like committing suicide. Meaning, negative thinking persists in the mind all the time.
  2. In whatever sense this combination is, it spoils the fruit of that feeling. For example, if this combination is in the fifth house, then one never gets stability in life. Keeps wandering If there is a combination of Moon and Saturn in the seventh house then the life partner of the native belongs to a reputed family, but there is no guarantee of married life. Yes, if there is Mars along with lunar Saturn then there are problems in married life.
        3. The person works to destroy enemies and harm them or cause them trouble. This means that only his enemies are important in the life of the native.
  1. A person with the moon and moon is never able to work on his own, he always has to take the support of others. There is instability in the nature of such a person. Even small failures disappoint him.


        Most famous astrologer in Delhi on six ways to remediate this yoga:
  1. Read Hanuman Chalisa every day. Apply saffron tilak on the head.
  2. Keep donating every Saturday.
  3. Never drink milk at night. Offer milk in the well on Saturday.
  4. Keep your speech and actions pure.
  5. Stay away from meat and alcohol and serve a mother or mother-like woman.
  6. Do not stay in Agneya, South, South, and West facing houses.

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