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online astrologer reviews fasting Rohini

Online astrologer reviews  on why is Pradosh fasting done?
Among all the fasts performed to please Lord Shiva, Pradosh fast is said to give auspicious results relatively soon. This fast is one of the biggest and most important fasts of Hinduism. According to the Hindu calendar, Pradosh comes twice every month on Dwadashi or Trayodashi tithi. Describing the glory of this fast in the scriptures, it has been said that even if a person who is suffering like death observes Pradosh fast, then Lord Shiva gives him protection. A person who has resolved to observe Pradosh Vrat throughout the year should start his fast from Soma Pradosh. Pradosh fast can come on any day of the week but the glory of Pradosh coming on Monday is different. It is said that on this day Lord Shiva wore the moon on his head.
It's importance as per online astrologer reviews:-
Pradosh fasting on the coming Sunday increases the age. Ravi Pradosh should be done to get good health and mental benefits. Health is attained by observing the Pradosh fast which falls on Monday. Long-running diseases also get cured by the effect of Soma Pradosh. Along with this, all the happiness is attained. If Pradosh Vrat comes on Tuesday, then by doing it, a person who is suffering like death gets well soon. By fasting on this day one gets rid of debt quickly.
Get rid of financial troubles
Pradosh fasting on Wednesday brings wisdom and knowledge. Get rid of financial troubles.
If Pradosh Vrat falls on Thursday, then the person who does it gets freedom from enemies. Respect and prestige are gained in the family and society.
Pradosh fast which falls on Friday brings an increase in happiness and good fortune. If husband and wife observe this fast together, then married life will be happy.
Couples who wish to have children should observe Pradosh fast on the coming Saturday. This leads to the quick birth of a good child.
This is the story behind Pradosh Vrat
According to mythology, Chandra was married to 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati in relation to Pradosh Vrat. These 27 girls are the 27 constellations of the sky. Rohini was the most beautiful among them. That is why Chandra also loved him more. Seeing Chandra's love for Rohini, the rest of the girls were sad and told everything to their father Daksha. Daksha was angry by nature. Due to the discrimination being done to his other daughters, he got angry and cursed Chandra that they will be suffering from tuberculosis.
Worship of Chandra and Rohini
Due to the effect of the curse, gradually Chandra started suffering from tuberculosis and his arts began to deteriorate. Then Narada asked them to worship Lord Shiva. After this Chandra and Rohini started worshiping Lord Shiva. Pleased with the worship of Chandra and Rohini, during the Pradosh period of Shiva, giving Chandra the boon of resurrection and wearing it on his head. Even though Chandra was near death, he did not attain death. Again, gradually the moon started recovering and appeared as a full moon on the full moon. This day was the day of Soma Pradosh.

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