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Renowned Astrologers In Delhi on Sun

As per Renowned Astrologers In Delhi like every year, the Sun is changing its zodiac on 15 December 2020. According to Indian Panchang, when Sun transits in Sagittarius, this time is not considered auspicious.
This time on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, the Sun is in Sagittarius is coming. No auspicious actions of any kind are done until the Sun is infected in Capricorn.
According to the Panchang, this time is of Paush month, which is called Kharmas. The Ganga-Yamuna bath is considered to be of importance on the day of this month's solstice.
On the day of Paush Sankranti, devotees go to the banks of the river and offer arghya to the sun. This purifies one's own mind. Sun is also worshiped on this day for the attainment of intellect and wisdom. The Sun enters a particular zodiac, that is why it is known as Sankranti. God is offered sweet dishes on this day.
Kharmas as per Renowned Astrologers In Delhi:
In Sanskrit, the donkey is called Khar. According to the legend of Kharmas in mythological texts, Lord Suryadev rides the chariot of seven horses and revolves around the universe continuously. They are not allowed to stay anywhere.
According to belief, life will stop as soon as they stop. But the horses which are attached in their chariots get very tired due to hunger and thirst due to constant walking and lack of rest.
Seeing this pathetic condition, Suryadev's mind was also moved. They took him to the banks of a pond, but he realized that if the chariot stopped, it would be worthless. But say the good luck of the horses that there were two khars on the banks of the pond. Lord Suryadev leaves the horses to drink water and give rest and plots the khar i.e. donkeys in his chariot.
Now there is horse-to-horse and donkey-donkey, the speed of the chariot slows down, yet by the time the cycle of one month is completed, the horses have also got rest, in this way the sequence continues and every A solar tree is called a solar month. 
Importance of sun in astrology by Renowned Astrologers In Delhi
Sun is the soul of the whole world, therefore the Sun is considered as the form of Ish Narayan as Jagatpateya Jyoti. Both energy and positive energy have an effect, without the power of the sun, it is difficult for the person to progress in worldly life and in the field of spiritual knowledge, according to the scriptures, all the sacrifices that are performed, the sun is the witness of this, the sun is the factor of self-strength.
From the Sun itself, the person's self-power and his mentality, attitude towards life and ideals, discipline, and love of high order and high status are seen from the Sun. Sun's rays bring auspiciousness to the moon, which gets the full moon's light from the sun. get cooperation.
Mars receives enthusiasm, courage, might, strength from the Sun only. After receiving the energy of the Sun, Mars provides the ability to face difficulties and troubles inside the person, the auspicious and inauspicious results of Mars in the horoscope of that person.
Depends on positive and negative conditions. When Mercury receives the light of the Sun, it forms Budhatya Yoga, which gives the person the power of mental stability, intellect, scholarship, and self-consciousness from the radiant energy of the Sun.
It is said about the Guru that the Guru of the Sun is the Guru, from this Guru planet, the person is known to have planetary happiness, prosperity, knowledge, and wisdom, but the Guru planet gets self-light (life force) only from the Sun, from which the person One gets the inspiration of the power to walk on the righteous and auspicious path.
Venus is the factor of happiness, opulence, wealth, and happiness of a woman, but as long as it is not radiated by the rays of the sun, then Venus has no effect of its own. One gets the pleasure of pleasure, which gives man and woman the ability to have sex.
Shani is the factor of karma, it is necessary to have sunrise to do the same work, that is, it is necessary to have a day, that power Shani gets from the sun itself If so, then there is a lack of self-confidence in the person, such a person is not able to show special effect in his field of work, due to which he has to face dissatisfaction and trouble.
One thing that is special here is when Saturn or Mars are forming a conjunction with Rahu or Ketu when the solar eclipse is forming, at that time there is more trouble, epidemic, suffering, and fear on the nation.
Sun is considered to be a special factor of love, when the Sun is auspicious and there is a union with auspicious planets, then the Sun gives love of high order and discipline.
It shows the love of the family and society, when the Sun and Venus have an auspicious combination, if this love is formed from the wife, then that love shows ideal and happiness.
On the occasion of the solar eclipse, chant Mahamrityunjaya mantras collectively - Mahamrityunjay Temple, Varanasi
In astrology, the Sun is considered as the king, so the responsibility of the Sun is also considered more, it shows its effect in different conditions of the horoscope, although the Sun God is a natural planet, it is kept in the category of the cruel planet when it is in the horoscope of the person. It also puts a particular person in problems when he comes under the inauspicious influence or suffers.
Sun forms special yogas with different planets:-
1. When the Sun conjoins with the Guru, then the union of a king and a minister is considered Sun, the auspicious combination of the Guru creates Gajakesari Yoga. provides.
2. When Sun is in conjunction with Mercury, Budha Aditya forms Raja Yoga in the horoscope. In this yoga, the person communicates qualities like a teacher, spokesperson, discourser, provides government services, special Raja Yoga.
3. Combination of Sun and Moon If the conjunction of Sun father and Moon mother comes in this yoga, then there is a special harmony in the mind and mind of a particular person.
4. The combination of Sun-Mars, the combination of the king and the commander shows that the person is mighty, gets all the happiness by his hard work and strength.
5. The combination of Sun and Venus gives the person art, music, and comfort.
6. The conjunction of Sun and Saturn gives auspicious results to the native after a lot of struggle.
7. When Sun is in conjunction with Rahu Ketu, an inauspicious yoga is formed. In which there is a decrease in the auspicious effects of the person, due to this combination, the person is surrounded by problems and problems, on doing any kind of work, he has to face many obstacles, he does not even get the credit for the completion of the work as per Renowned Astrologers In Delhi.
If the Sun is bad in the horoscope then eat less salt, sweeter
Renowned Astrologers In Delhi:  Sun is not only the king of planets, but if it is pleased, it can also make a person's life like a king and if the Sun is bad in a person's horoscope, then it can also force a person to wander from the door to door.  In the birth chart, the Sun represents the soul and the father. All the other planets get light from the Sun itself and the distance or nearness of the planets to the Sun also sets them.
Sun is also considered the representative planet of ancestors in the horoscope. If the Sun is aspected by one or more bad planets, then Pitra Dosh is formed in that horoscope. In the livelihood of a person, the Sun is the causative planet for government posts, jobs. The Sun-dominated person remains disciplined in the workplace, becomes an officer in a high position.
When the sun is inauspicious asks Renowned Astrologers In Delhi
In the twelve signs, the Sun is particularly strong in Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and exalted in Aries. Leo is its own zodiac sign. Jupiter, Mars, and Moon are friends. The enemy planets of the Sun are Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. When the Sun is aspected by its enemy planets or any of these enemy planets are with the Sun. If the Mahadasha of the inauspicious Sun is going on in the life of a person, then there are huge problems.
There are different consequences of the Sun being inauspicious in different houses of the horoscope. If there is an inauspicious Sun in the first house, then the person's father dies in his childhood. The children of that person themselves also soon become victims of death.
Inauspicious sun of the fifth house
Inauspicious Sun in the second house makes a person greedy. Due to greed, it cheats on its own. If there is an inauspicious Sun in the third house, then there is frequent theft, dacoity in the person's house. If there is an inauspicious Sun in the fourth house, then the person suffers from eye diseases.
Even his luck does not favor him. The inauspicious Sun in the fifth house is troublesome for the person's spouse. If there is an inauspicious Sun in the sixth house, then the person does not get child happiness. The children do not listen to him and have to face humiliation because of them.
The person was short
If there is an inauspicious Sun in the seventh house, then the person has skin-related diseases. Inauspicious Sun in the eighth house makes a person sick. If there is an inauspicious Sun in the ninth house, then the person's reputation gets mixed in the soil. If there is an inauspicious Sun in the tenth house, the person becomes short-lived. He is fired from a government job.
If there is an inauspicious Sun in the 11th house and there is no aspect of any auspicious planet on it, then the person's life is short. If there is an inauspicious Sun in the 12th house, then the person gets hit by vehicles and machinery. Always mentally disturbed.
What to do for inauspicious sun
If the Sun is giving inauspicious results in the horoscope, then first of all the person should reduce the intake of salt. This means that food, vegetables, pulses, etc. should not be eaten by adding salt from above. Also, eat food without salt every Sunday. Such a person should eat more sweets.
For the inauspicious Sun of the first house, one of the husband or wife should stop eating jaggery.
Donate coconut oil, mustard oil, and almonds at a religious place for the inauspicious Sun of the second house.
Serve the mother for the inauspicious Sun in the third house.
For the inauspicious Sun of the fourth house, on Sunday, donate, get food to the needy and blind people.
For the inauspicious Sun of the fifth house, drop a few drops of mustard oil on the ground for 43 consecutive days.
Always keep Gangajal in your house for the inauspicious Sun of the sixth house. Feed jaggery and gram to monkeys.
Eat less salt for the inauspicious Sun in the seventh house. Eat sweets before starting any work.
If possible for the inauspicious Sun of the eighth house, put a copper coin in a burning pyre and throw jaggery in the river.
Do not take silver items as a gift for the inauspicious Sun in the ninth house. Do not sell ancestral utensils.
Avoid wearing black and blue clothes for the malefic Sun in the tenth house.
For the inauspicious Sun of the 11th house, keep almonds by the head while sleeping at night. Donate them to a temple in the morning.
Keep doing religious work for the inauspicious Sun of the 12th house. Keep a mill at home.

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