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Stomach diseases astrology

Stomach diseases astrology:-Although every type of physical disease comes only to disturb the person very much, but stomachache is such

a disease that makes it difficult for the patient to sit in one place. Due to abdominal pain, not only physically, but also mentally the patient gets disturbed.
The constant pain in the stomach does not allow him to concentrate towards any work signaling

Stomach diseases astrology. Although there are

many reasons for stomach pain, due to wrong eating habits or lack of physical cleanliness,

the germs go inside, it causes stomach pain.
The stomach is considered one of the most sensitive organs. Due to its failure, the whole system gets messed up.

If such stomach pain occurs after months or sometimes, then a person can tolerate it,

but there are some people who have some problem related to stomach every other day.
Such people keep complaining of stomach pain all the time. Or there is some problem going on in their stomach. In answer to why this happens, doctors make a good list, but astrology also has the right answer for it.
Astrology, which opens the whole book of a person's past, present and future and puts it in front of him,

it can also tell him about his diseases. In the past, how the person was caught by diseases,

why he got a particular type of disease in the present time and what kind of disease will trouble him in future,

all this information can be found.

Why does stomach ache?

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Today we have brought in front of you those things from the great genre of astrology, which are considered responsible for stomach pain. In which planets and dashas, ​​the person becomes a victim of stomach pain or any problem related to it, know in the following slides.
Why does stomach ache
According to astrology, the planet Saturn is most responsible for stomach pain. Saturn is such a planet which gives different types of problems as soon as it is inauspicious in the horoscope of the person.
Causes of stomach pain according to astrology
The house in which this planet sits in the horoscope, and if it is not favorable to the zodiac sign of the person, then it starts giving inauspicious results. The effect of Saturn is not very fast, it is a slow-moving planet, but even at such a speed, this planet squeezes out the happiness of the person.

Causes of stomach pain according to astrology

Apart from Saturn, Sun and Moon are considered to be the cause of indigestion. When the Sun or Moon is under the influence of Saturn, then there is a complaint of stomach pain. If this yoga formed with Saturn stays in the horoscope for a long time, then it creates a big problem.
Causes of stomach pain according to astrology
According to astrology, Moon and Jupiter are considered to be the karakas of Liver. If there is an effect of Saturn on these two planets, then the person may suffer from liver-related diseases.

Causes of stomach pain according to astrology continues

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According to astrology, there are secret diseases due to the inauspicious results of Venus, but if Venus and

Saturn are combined, then they also give rise to stomach-related problems.
Causes of stomach pain according to astrology
If Mercury and Saturn meet and if Saturn starts having an inauspicious effect on it, then it brings trouble in

the intestines. If Mercury is in Capricorn with Sun, then there may be problems related to urine.

When these problems increase, they reach the kidneys and cause problems like stones or infections in the kidneys.
Causes of stomach pain according to astrology
If Saturn conjoins with Moon in Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius Navamsha, then liver-related diseases can occur. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to pacify the planet Saturn as soon as possible.
Saturn is in conjunction with Mars in the seventh house and Lagrastha Rahu aspecting Mercury, then diarrhea may occur.
If Saturn is in the third house in Pisces or Aries ascendant, then there is pain in the abdomen. Saturn conjunct

with Moon in Aquarius ascendant or effect of Saturn on sixth and Moon ascendant or Saturn's conjunction with

Moon in fifth house is a spleen disease factor.
If Saturn is in conjunction with Moon in Leo or Saturn conjuncts Mars in the sixth or twelfth house, or

Saturn is in the eighth house and the Moon is in the ascendant and Saturn is aspected by malefic planets,

then stomach diseases occur.

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Causes of stomach pain according to astrology continues

Apart from Saturn, being inauspicious of sinful planets like Rahu-Ketu in the horoscope also gives stomach-related diseases. For example, if there is Rahu in the ascendant and Ketu in the seventh house, then

the person may have liver infection.
Diarrhea can occur if Saturn is in the 2nd house. In this disease, due to uncontrolled gas in the stomach,

food comes out of the body in the form of stool without being digested.
According to astrology, if the horoscope of the person is of Aquarius ascendant and the Sun is in the first house,

then the person is always troubled by acidity, indigestion, and tension in the stomach. In such a situation, he needs an accurate astrological opinion, otherwise, he has to face stomach-related diseases for life.
If Ketu and Saturn are in Leo in the twelfth house of the horoscope, then there may be problem of

piles or anal disease. Leo is a strong zodiac sign, so this yoga shows its effect very fast.
But there is no such thing as panic, the remedies of all the inauspicious astrological yogas mentioned are also

recorded in astrology. As per Stomach diseases astrology if there is a need, then only a right astrologer,

who can give the required advice and get it remedied, and can eliminate the disease.

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