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Top Astrologer in Delhi on Precautions

As per the Top Astrologer in Delhi, The Moon gives bad results in the signs of Saturn. But here, be careful when you are in the tenth house or if you are happy. The Moon is high in Taurus, low in Scorpio. In the Lal Kitab, the moon is lit in the fourth and the tenth in the tenth.
Characteristics of the native:
Poisonous water or water locked from the blockage of the hill. Milk is similar to the figure. Do not let others fall and will not even read themselves. There may be a benefit in the work of medicine. In the tenth house affected by Saturn, if the native does not do the light work of Saturn and Chandra, then Moon determines the age of 90 years.
Saturn and Moon are enemies, so it is believed that medicines taken in liquid form will not be effective at the time of disease. But if the medicines are dry then there will be a rapid effect. If the native is a surgeon, he will earn immense wealth and fame.
If the fourth house is empty, then there will be a rain of money. If Saturn is placed in the first house, there will be destroyed due to the opposite sex. Items and businesses related to Saturn will prove beneficial for the native.
Chandra's precautions:  [ Top Astrologer in Delhi ]
  1. Do not drink milk at night.
  2. Avoid alcohol, meat, and adultery.
  3. Do not feed milch animals.
  4. Take care of your parents.
  5. Stay away from atheistic thoughts.
What to do : [ Top Astrologer in Delhi ]
  1. Luck will open by pilgrimage.
  2. Observe Ekadashi or Pradosh fast.
  3. Donate shade on Saturday.[ Top Astrologer in Delhi ]
  4. Donate items related to the moon to the temple.
  5. Fill rainwater or flowing river water in a container and keep it indoors.
    Your horoscope and some precautions [ Top Astrologer in Delhi  ]
    In worship, we take advice from the pundit, but there are many other things in which you do not take advice from anyone and after doing that work, all the problems arise. Well, it is not even possible that every work should be done by asking the pundit again and again, but just think if you yourself have the knowledge of your horoscope, then what will happen?
    Taking precautions, you yourself will not do such things, which can be harmful to you. Those who have exalted planets or own signs in their horoscope, should not donate the things of that planet. On the contrary, if the planet is in a debilitated or inauspicious place, then the donation of the things of these planets should not be taken. You might not know this thing, but it is a matter of great address.
    1- If Mercury is situated in the sixth house in the horoscope, then the person should not marry his daughter or sister in the north direction, otherwise both father and daughter remain troubled.
    2- The person in whose horoscope Mercury is in the fourth house, he should not keep a parrot in the house, otherwise, the mother will suffer.
    3- If Mars is situated in the 12th house in the magazine, then the person should not quarrel with his brothers.
    4- If Mars is in the eighth house, then the person should not install tandoor in the house, otherwise the wife will remain patient.
    5- If Ketu is situated in the third house, then the person should not live in the house in the south direction, otherwise the financial and mental condition remains in turmoil.
    6- If Moon and Ketu are situated together in any house in the birth chart, then a person should not urinate on someone's urine.
    7- If the Moon is in the 11th house, then the person should not donate his sister or daughter in the morning, otherwise both father and daughter will be unhappy.
    8- If the Moon is situated in the 12th house, then the person should not feed bread daily to any priest, monk, do not arrange education for the children without fees, and do not open the school, otherwise the mountain of sorrows will break and even water will not be available.
    9- If the Moon is in the 6th house then donate milk, water and get the taps and wells repaired, or else the fear of premature death will remain in the family.
    10- If Shani is situated in the eighth house in the horoscope, then the person should not get Dharamshala, etc., otherwise he will always be financially tight.
    11- If the second house of the horoscope is empty and Saturn is in the eighth house or enemy planet is located in the 6th, 8th, 12th house, then the person should not go inside the temple, gurudwara, mosque, and worship from outside.
    12- If Venus is situated in the 9th house, then the person should not adopt orphan children and white curd should not be consumed.
    13- If Jupiter is in the fifth house and Saturn is in the first house, then the person should never give a copper coin to a beggar, otherwise there is a loss.
    14- If Jupiter is in the seventh house, then the person should donate clothes to anyone, do not build a temple in the house, and do not worship with bell and conch shell. Doing so wastes money.
    15- If Jupiter is situated in the tenth house and Moon and Mars are situated in the fourth, then the person should not make a place of worship with his own hands and do not give alms to the beggar, otherwise he may have to face a long sentence by being falsely accused.
    16- If the Sun is in the seventh and eighth house, then the person should do Surya Namaskar and charity in the morning.
    Panna Gemstone - Benefits and Precautions of wearing Emerald according to astrology
    You must have heard the word Panna. Like diamond and pearl, emerald is also a type of gemstone. It is known by different names in different languages ​​like Marakat Mani, Jamran, Emerald. Emerald not only makes them beautiful after being embedded in the ornaments, but if you wear it then it will also enhance your beauty.
    But the importance of this gemstone is not limited to enhancing the beauty of the jewelry, but from the astrological point of view, this gem holds very special importance. So let us know the importance of the emerald and what precautions should be taken while wearing it.
    Benefits of wearing emerald according to astrology
    Panna is considered to be the gem of the planet Mercury, which is considered one of the Navagrahas. Mercury is the giver of intelligence. Which are factors of communication, technology, etc. Whose influence leads to success in business. Due to whose effect the magic remains intact in the speech.
    If the position of Mercury is weak in the horoscope of the person or if Mercury is afflicted by malefic planets, then it is believed that wearing an emerald of Mercury will fulfill unfulfilled desires as it strengthens the planet Mercury. If the student wears Emerald, then it is believed that with this their intellect starts sharpening.
    If emerald is worn on a patient, then his strength increases, he gets the happiness of health. By having emeralds in the house, there is an increase in food, wealth, etc., the happiness of worthy children is obtained and many other benefits are said to be worn by emeralds.
    Keep this caution while wearing emerald
    While the benefits of wearing an emerald have been told in astrology, it has also been told that sometimes wearing an emerald due to ignorance also starts having negative effects on the natives. Therefore, while wearing the emerald, keep in mind whether the emerald is pure or not.
    How to identify net pages [ Top Astrologer in Delhi  ]
    Before buying the emerald gem, it should be well seen that if there is a web in it, if it seems like this, then it is considered inauspicious. If you wear this emerald, then the fear of ill health remains.
    On the page in which broken stripes are seen, such a gem is also not considered pure, it is believed that it is not a good sign for the child side.
    If someone wants to give you a rough emerald due to a little low price and you also get caught in the greed of cheap, then it can be harmful to you. Because even rough emerald is not considered pure and there are chances of loss of livestock.
    If a pit is seen on the page, that is, its surface seems different from anywhere, then avoid wearing it, it is believed that it increases the fear of enemies.
    Gems go away by their own brilliance on knowing it. If the emerald is not shiny, then avoid this desire to get the emerald as it indicates a loss of money for you.
    If the emerald is of golden color, then avoid it as well, it is considered painful in every way. Apart from this, in which blood particles are showing dots or honey-like color is visible or yellow dots are visible, more than one color is visible, in which thin lines are visible or there are spots, then such a page should not be worn. Should do

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