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Vedic astrologer in Delhi Scorpio Body

As per a Vedic astrologer in Delhi, the palm is flattened and more fleshy in Scorpio's hand's texture. The arm is longer, less wide, and more. Venus's region is larger. The thumb is small, is a symbol of firmness and persistence. The fingers are thick. There should be a mole sign on their chest, senses, nose, or finger.


Livelihood and fortune: A person with Scorpio zodiac will get more success in which field of livelihood, accurate knowledge can only be done by looking at the position of the planets in the birth chart, but usually, he works more assuredly with respect to money. It is spent with an open heart. This is the path to his success. He can take both artistic and commercial trends. He continues to grow his business artistically or is fully disciplined in doing a job.


Scorpio zodiac doctors, enthusiasts of esoteric knowledge, practitioners, buyers and traders, trade-in medicine or electric instruments, machine workers, clock equipment, work related to oil and so on, or teachers, good soldiers, Officers, surgeons, dentists are specialists. Apart from these, he can also be an aircraft scientist, worker of the lending company, bailable insurance agent, X-ray specialist, etc. 


These people are skilled in their art or work. Should be in the middle of the village or city or in the east north direction or if the main door of the house remains in the above direction, then luck will increase. It is best to live near the sea, river, reservoir. The cities and villages which will be near them will be lucky to live there. Living in a house where there is a well will also be the best fruit.


The personality:  The people of this zodiac are constantly engaged in construction works and knowingly and unknowingly build their own future. They get a victory after Jai. Are made fundamental. Are more sensitive. They are engaged in searching for balance and harmony. In reducing their mysticism, they illuminate themselves more. They are soft from the inside and hard from the outside. Express themselves. These people make a record in life. People of this zodiac cannot be defeated easily.
They enjoy a good struggle and suffer from emotional sentiments. People of the Scorpio zodiac, whether they have been at a higher level or at a lower level, whether they are customers or providers are energetic or cold, leave their influence. There are those who struggle for the principles of this zodiac. It is wrong to call them inferior or superior.
All human weaknesses and characteristics are found in them. People of Scorpio have no love for traditions. He does not hesitate to smash the archaic for Navnirman. The same behavior is with people. They want people to understand them and go away, but the lack of always getting qualified people can force them to make concessions in this regard. Their nature is challenging and aspirational. Their interests and interests are extreme.
The middle way cannot be found in them. If a person is dishonest or insulting then they prove to be terrible for such persons. Until that person comes back again, they remain behind. They are always afraid of getting a tangential disease. Scorpio people become disgruntled and grieved due to their conditions and intelligence being considered the best.
They are fans of strength. There are fierce competitors. Sympathy is also fulfilled for the suffering and hardships of others and there is a feeling of rebellion in them. People of the Scorpio zodiac also do not hesitate to put their hands in the works of fear. These people suppress their enemy or opponent only on the strength of their personality.
The special emergence of these people occurs in the latter part of life. They are skillful, patient, firm in their thoughts, and disobedient to others. These are the only reasons why people are in conflict. Their enemies are also many, but those enemies are unable to do any special harm to them. People of the Scorpio zodiac sign have sufficient ability to avenge good or evil with good or evil.
These people are good organizers, influential leaders, powerful warriors. They achieve immense success in the field of politics. They are ready to give the biggest sacrifice to fulfill their determination.



Lucky Day: Scorpio is closely related to the planet 'Mars'. Due to this, the lucky day for the natives of this sign is Tuesday. They are especially happy on this day. For them, Monday and Thursday are also auspicious and Saturday and Wednesday are inauspicious and Sunday is economical. On the day of Capricorn Moon, the work of importance should not start.



Business Vedic astrologer in Delhi: Those who sell and sell Scorpio, those who trade medicine or electric instruments, those who work in the instruments, those who are doing work related to juices, oils, etc. They get special success in foreign trade, import, and export.



Lucky color:  For the Scorpio zodiac, red, beige, rust color are lucky colors. Wearing clothes of these colors gives mental peace. It is beneficial to always keep a red-colored handkerchief in your pocket. Be sure to choose red in your clothes in one form or the other.



Marriage and Marital Life by Vedic astrologer in Delhi: The people of the Scorpio zodiac desire to get maximum satisfaction from their life partner. When this happens, they get restless and try to break the marital relationship. He also expects his wife to play the role of a girlfriend. As far as sexual relations are concerned, they often go to the extreme.
People of this sign consider marriage as a medium of self-revelation. They try to rule their partner. Their sex life can be happier with mutual appreciation and love.
Education Vedic astrologer in Delhi: Scorpio people get more success in studying subjects like medicine, astrology, science, management, commerce, political science, etc.



Lucky number by Vedic astrologer in Delhi: 9 marks are lucky for the Scorpio zodiac. So 9-digit series 9, 18, 36, 45, 63 … is auspicious. Apart from these, 1, 2, 3 digits are auspicious, 6, 8 digits even, and 4, 5, 6 digits are inauspicious. If you work with the auspiciousness of these marks, then it will definitely be beneficial.



Economic aspect by Vedic astrologer in Delhi: -People of the Scorpio zodiac have their wishes fulfilled, but there are delays. If there is a need to spend on the spot, then the honor is saved, that is, the work of yen-ken-type is completed. Satisfaction is believed in running life by earning money in the right direction.



Habitual drawbacks: In the absence of maturity and intelligence, the people of the Scorpio zodiac create problems for themselves. Scorpio people are unable to bear their neglect. There is a wonderful combination of conflicting qualities in them. Once he becomes angry with someone, he does not know to forgive him.
These people may look calm from above, but they have a feeling of revenge in their mind and when given the opportunity, they mercilessly hurt their enemy or opponent or try to harm him in other ways. Remedy to avoid deficiencies Whenever a person with Scorpio zodiac has trouble, chanting Hanuman Chalisa, Mahamrityunjaya would be best.
Chant Ramnam, recite Ramayana, chant Gayatri and do devotion to Dutt or Shiva. Chanting Gayatri is excellent. Fast on Tuesday without salt or wearing coral and Pushparaj gems or keep the root of Nagaiva nearby. Any one of the remedies will remove the pain. It is auspicious to donate wheat, lentils, jaggery, red cloth, copper, flowers of red ears, and red items on Tuesday.
Worshiping Hanumanji is beneficial. Tuesday's fast will always be beneficial. 'ां Krankri, Kra सnsa: Bhumaye Namah' - Doing 10,000 chants of this mantra is helpful in fulfilling your desires.



Health:  The people of the Scorpio zodiac are generally troubled by (secret diseases) and blood disorders. Unhealthy, irregular routines cause digestive system, infection diseases, laziness, insensitivity, forgetfulness, irregularities, etc. diseases. Nightmares, bleeding, hernia, menstrual irregularity, and a woman can be troubled by diseases like constipation, constipation, arthritis, nystagmus, typhus, hemorrhoids, licorice, tumors, etc.
It is common to boil and burn. He has teeth pain. Women are afraid of a miscarriage. There will be trouble with menstruation. People with Scorpio zodiac fear stomach disorder or urinary disorder. Heart, throat, heart, and stomach diseases are formed. There will be a Kapha nature, there will be a fear of smallpox boils, etc.
Therefore, these people should always take care of the purity of their blood. Therefore, honey, saint juice, milk, dates, neera, buttermilk, etc. should be consumed.



Character features:- Initial traits of character- unscrupulous manipulation of others for selfish purposes, planner, domineering, overwhelmingly autocratic, egalitarian, curious of sensation, attachment to oneself, sensual, vengeful, malicious, jealous, curious, Yuyutsu, skeptical, intrinsically fearful, overly emotional, mentally ruthless, intolerant, possessive, exploitative of others.
Exploiting the ability and suzerainty of others, exercising psychological powers to accomplish selfish motives, unconsciousness Conflicts with conscience in. Later Characteristics of Character - Realizing the consciousness of invisible power, being aware of the need for one's own transformation, being aware of the existence of the conscience, acquiring faith arising out of ignorance, oriented towards higher causes by a sense of personal dedication, selfless motives.
To use personal capacity, to learn to exercise mental control over physical and emotional matters, to be benevolent, to surrender the personal will to the divine light (knowledge), to gain knowledge about psychological powers and their proper use, in relation to oneself To be objective, to have emotional detachment, to desire an
exchange of power for the best good of all concerned, to struggle with a conscience in consciousness, to transfer low energies to higher centers. Signs of conscience - Charismatic, conversion of consonants into elegance, compatibility of conscience, having the consciousness of the will of the higher soul, seeing conflicts as opportunities for growth,
viewing the adversary as a 'tester' transmitted by the higher soul, To be a transformer that others need, to dim the higher energies used for the best of all, to have mental control over physical and emotional nature, to use the knowledge of invisible energies to aid the spread of theology, To have a positive effect on others automatically, to treat those who agree with it, to exchange the energies of love and knowledge with others, to be the disseminator of healing energies for universal good.




Favorite friend:  People of Scorpio will have good relations with people of Cancer, Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces. Friendship with them will also be maintained. It remains indifferent with Libra, Sagittarius, and Aries zodiac. He has an anti-attraction with Taurus. Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs will never be formed, fights will continue.
Their Scorpio zodiac sign does not sit with them. If two Scorpio zodiacs are able to cooperate with each other by avoiding the problems of power and responsibility, then they can earn everything in life.




Lucky gem: The lucky gemstone is coral for the Scorpio zodiac sign, so they should wear coral if Mars is bad. On Tuesday, wear 6 rings of coral in a gold or copper ring and meditate on Mangaldev and wear it on the ring finger. It is auspicious and fruitful. In the Western system, wearing a bloodstone, topaz, Tamara, red coral is considered auspicious for Scorpio people.




Household: The Scorpio zodiac sign is not made of relatives of the natives. They are independent in nature. Never likes to be subservient to others. A relationship is broken with one of the loved ones or friends. Due to bail, court work, or trust in others, there is definitely a chance to be cheated once in life.
In them, confidence and spiritual devotion are more strong. The institution or religion they follow has a strong reverence.

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