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Vedic astrologer in Delhi Year 2021

The year 2020 has taught us many lessons as per Vedic astrologer in Delhi. In the year 2020, the corona epidemic disturbed the whole world. The year 2021 is expected to bring happiness in many ways with health. Let us know what the year 2021 will be like.
Virgo Ascendant and the Cancer zodiac is the starting point of the year 2021. This year seems to be an indicator of success and progress due to Moon being in Pushya Nakshatra and Lagna Hasta Nakshatra.
According to Varsha Kundali 2021, the lord Mercury of the year is situated from his house in the fourth house with the friend Rashi Sun. Certainly, this year 2021 will prove to be a good outcome for all. The year 2021 will move forward with new discoveries, new businesses, new ideas, progress, and enthusiasm.
According to the calculation of stars, the year 2021 looks better than last year. Good results and good results will come before us. The positive results of the work that we will do are going to be seen. [ Vedic astrologer in Delhi ]
Rahu was very strong in the year 2020 and many bad events happened. The stars of 2021 say that life will be increasingly normal. The beginning of the year will not be good for some zodiac signs. From the health point of view, Gemini, Scorpio, and Sagittarius's zodiac signs will look worried about health at the beginning of the year.
This year is going to give excellent results to those who work. Wrong people will be exposed. Many mysteries will be revealed. This year the stars of those who do good will shine. Justice will prevail in court cases and those who were surprised by Saturn's Dhaiya are getting relief.
The year 2020 is headed towards its stable and the new year 2021 is knocking at the door. With the reception of the new year, there is a lot of excitement in the minds of the public that what will be the change in their life.
The calculations of astrologers about the new year are giving more strength to their curiosity. But do you know that changing the calendar year does not have any special effect on your fate?
This is an authentic fact. Most of the predictions about the new year are nothing more than misconceptions, especially those which are being made in relation to the native, zodiac, and Lagna. This is also because the New Year also does not mean the same among all religions and societies.
In Hinduism, the new year is considered to be from Chaitra, while in Gujarat, there is a recognition of the new year from Diwali, somewhere the new year is celebrated from January to the English month. Authentic facts are always universal such as the temperature of the Sun, the heat of the Sun affecting the entire gravitational world in a similar way.
Certain future signs are authentic and accurate, such as the effects of a half-century and dhaiya in the new year, information about the eclipse, Guru and Venus Astha, planet transit, etc. The year horoscope in relation to the native is determined by his own birthday and not the new year of the calendar. Of native's year
The following elements play an important role in the determination  -
  1. Muntha-Muntha has special importance in determining the year. To determine the age by adding the year of your age to the year Lagna, divide it by 12.
  2. Year attachment- If the year of birth or birth of the eighth zodiac is attached then disease and suffering occur in the year.
  3. Moon- Moon in the year horoscope 1,6,7,8,12, if it is visible from the planet of sin in the house, or if it is from the planet of sin, then it gives strong Arishta in the year. If there is a Guru's sight on the Moon in the year horoscope, then there is an extreme decrease in obsolescence and auspiciousness increases.
  4. Varsha Kundali- If the Mundesh, Varshesh, and birth year in the Varsha Kundali are in the horoscope, low, or sinful, or the sight of the Jupiter, then the Raja Yoga of the native also does not result in complete results.
From the above facts, the readers must have understood how accurate and authentic the astrological calculations of New Year are. Therefore, decide with your own discretion regarding the horoscope given on the occasion of the New Year.[ Vedic astrologer in Delhi ]

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