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vedic astrology ravi pushya adhik maas

In vedic astrology Ravi Pushya will get wealth, honor, and respect

Why is the ravi pushya nakshatra special?
In astrology, Pushya is the eighth constellation in the cycle of 27 constellations. It is called the king of constellations. The constellation is owned by Shani and ishta is Jupiter. Among all the constellations, it has been called the most auspicious constellation. Fruitful results are received for any work done in this.
Due to the combination of Pushya Nakshatra with Vaar, Maha Yogas like Guru Pushya and Ravi Pushya are formed, in which buying is considered to be of special importance. This combination is special because the combination of the Sun, the king of planets, and Pushya, the king of constellations, forms a kind of Raja Yoga.
When the kings of planets and constellations meet together, that combination becomes special in itself. Auspicious work done in this combination is infinitely fruitful. Jupiter is the deity of Pushya Nakshatra, so buying yellow metal like gold on this day is very auspicious. The chanting of mantras done on this day is immediately fruitful.



Adhik maas and ravi pushya nakshatra
According to the Vasistha principle, the Indian Hindu calendar follows the calculation of the Sun month and the lunar month. Adhikmasa is an additional part of the lunar year, which occurs every 32 months, with a difference of 16 days and 8 Ghati. It maintains a balance between solar and lunar yr.
According to the Indian system of calculation, each solar year is of 365 days and about 6 hours, while the lunar year is considered to be of 354 days. There is a difference of about 11 days between the two years, which equates to about 1 month every three years.
To bridge this gap, a lunar month comes into existence every three years, which has been named Adhika Maas because of its extravagance. The presiding deity of this month is Lord Vishnu. Therefore, special chanting, tapas, fasting are done in this month to get his blessings.
The work done in it gives 10 thousand times more results. In this, due to the combination of Sun and Pushya, the chances of getting the result increase manifold.

What to do on this special day as per Vedic astrology:-
On the day of Ravi Pushya, wake up early in the morning before sunrise and retire from bathing by pouring Ganges water in the water. Offer arghya to the rising sun and chant a rosary of the mantra Om Ghrini: Suryay Namah. Recite Aditya Hriday Stotra. It gives life and health. Government job seekers or those seeking promotion in government jobs must do this remedy.
Those people whose horoscope is giving bad effects to the Sun should offer Arghya to the Sun by adding sugar and red flowers to the water on this day. This reduces the pain of the sun and opens the way for progress.
This day is the best day of the year for those who want to wear Ruby, the gem of the Sun.



Keep sweets in food as per Vedic astrology :-
Those who desire wealth and property should not consume salt on this day. Keep the quantity of sweets in the food. Offer mawa sweets to Suryadev and donate it to poor children.
Ravi Pushya Nakshatra is a very auspicious day for shopping. Buying gold on this day increases it progressively.
Due to the coincidence of the month, doing investment-related work on this day will increase it.
If you want happiness in married life or want to get a love relationship, then on this special day, bring a peacock feather and put it on the northern wall of your bedroom.
For this, there should never be any shortage of money, for this, put 9 dots on the gold-plated Shriyantra with saffron ink and tie it in a red silk cloth and keep it in the vault or shop.

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