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Astrologer in Dahisar | astrological and sandalwood

Astrologer in dahisar - Know the astrological and miraculous properties of sandalwood
'Sandalwood venom is not wrapped around Bhujang' means snakes carrying poison are wrapped around the sandalwood tree due to the coldness, but the snake's venom does not affect the sandalwood tree. This is the specialty of sandalwood.
The sandalwood tree is endowed with many qualities. You may be familiar with the medicinal properties of sandalwood, but what is the importance of sandalwood in astrology. This may be unknown.
Astrologer in dahisar - Let us tell you today about the astrological importance of sandalwood.
Giving the smoke of sandal bark to a person or a child who has a problem of eyesight, it gets rid of eyesight.
By applying sandalwood tilak regularly, the mind gets peace and the Agya Chakra becomes active and starts giving auspicious results.
To remove the Vastu defects of the house, a havan should be performed by mixing sandalwood powder, ashwagandha and camphor in gokhruchurna for 40 consecutive days.
If the sandalwood tree is planted in the boundary of the house, more diseases do not come in the family. By the way, it is considered more auspicious to have a sandalwood tree in the west or south direction of the house.
Taking out the root of sandalwood in any auspicious time, then purifying it with Ganges water and then tying it around the waist with a small piece of alum increases the time of ejaculation in sexual intercourse.
If problems persist in your house and there are obstacles in every work, then a day before Gurupush Nakshatra, offer yellow rice, water on the root of the sandal tree and invite it by showing incense. On the second day, bringing some wood of the same tree and tying it in a red cloth and hanging it at the main gate brings unexpected benefits.
Persons born in Anuradha or Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra. Those people should serve him continuously by planting a sandalwood plant. By doing this, Shani Dev will be pleased and give auspicious results.
Shani Dev is pleased by taking a bath for at least 40 days by putting sandalwood root in the bathing water.
If the planet Ketu is debilitated, wearing sandalwood root around the neck is beneficial.
Children who do not feel like studying, they should invite the root of sandalwood and wear it in a silver locket.
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