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astrologer in lokhandwala | Eclipse remedies

Astrologer in Lokhandwala - Eclipse puts blame on life  
Happiness and sorrow, profit and loss, fame and failure, disease, all these depend on the movement and speed of the planets and constellations. Many times, even after working hard, a person keeps getting lost in life, while many people get the desired result after a little hard work. In astrology, through the nine planets, good and bad events in life are assessed.
In astrology, many such yogas are described in detail, which show bad effects if they are in the horoscope of a person. One of these is an eclipse defect. Grahan Dosh is an inauspicious yoga that makes the life of a person troubled in the horoscope. There is neither progress in his life nor he can overcome financial troubles. Due to ignorance, the whole life of that person is in danger. If you go to a qualified astrologer and get the eclipse done, then the problems are reduced to a great extent.
What is Grahan Dosha: In astrology, a detailed definition of eclipse has been given. According to him, when any of the planets Rahu or Ketu is sitting along with Sun or Moon in any one of the twelfth house of a Janmang Chakra i.e. Lagna Kundli, then Grahan Dosh is formed. Apart from this, if any one of the planets Rahu-Ketu is present in the house of Sun or Moon, then it is called Grahan Dosha.
It has an inauspicious effect on the results related to the house in which Grahan Dosh is formed. For example, if seen, the second house is called the place of wealth. If there is an eclipse defect in this house, then the person keeps on facing financial problems throughout his life. When one crisis is over, another comes. Business is not going well. There are frequent changes in jobs. Money cannot be saved. Financial work stops soon after.
Astrologer in lokhandwala on Symptoms and effects of eclipse dosha
Grahan Dosha is mainly formed due to the presence of Rahu or Ketu along with Sun or Moon. Just as there is a solar or lunar eclipse, darkness prevails, in the same way, when there is an eclipse defect in the horoscope, situations like economic, social, family, job promotion, profit in business are also eclipsed. The progress of a person gets hampered. When suddenly troubles start coming into someone's life, some work stops by the time. If there is some crisis or disease continuously, then it should be understood that there is an eclipse defect in his horoscope.
Eclipse remedies by astrologer in lokhandwala :-
In astrology, the solution to every crisis has also been told. If you are troubled by the eclipse defect, then after consulting an astrologer, it should be properly remedied. Complete prevention of this yoga can be done only on the day of the lunar eclipse or solar eclipse. Therefore, after consulting an astrologer in advance, the day of redress should be fixed. However, some measures can be taken on other days to reduce the immediate troubles. which are as follows:
1. If you have made a guru, then serve the guru. Keep chanting the Guru Mantra.
2. If there is an eclipse defect due to the Sun, then regularly offer water to the Sun. Recite Aditya Hriday Stotra. Do not consume salt on Sunday. Donate red clothes to a girl.
3. If there is an eclipse defect due to Moon, then donate white clothes. On Monday, feed rice kheer to a girl by adding saffron.
4. Chant one and a half lakhs of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. 5. Worship Shiva and Hanuman for the peace of Rahu and Ketu.
Redressal of eclipse defects made in the birth chart is also done through proven instruments. Those who are suffering from eclipse defects should establish Mahamrityunjaya Yantra, Hanumat Yantra or any one of Rahu-Ketu Yantras in their place of worship. If you are facing a financial crisis, then install Mahamrityunjaya Yantra in your business establishment.

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