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Astrologer in south Mumbai | Gajakesari Yoga

Astrologer in south mumbai - Know how Gajakesari Yoga is formed?

Different types of yogas are formed in the horoscope, different types of results are obtained from those yogas.
Lion represents Kesari and elephent means Gaj.
Just as Gaj and Leo have immense courage and power, in the same way, having Gajakesari Yoga in the horoscope
makes a person respectable in the society by attaining high position and prestige, on the strength of courage
and understanding. Let us know how Gajakesari Yoga is formed in the horoscope?
Jupiter should be in Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10 places) from Lagna.

Gajakesari Yoga is also formed due to the conjunction of Jupiter & Moon in the one, four, seven, and tenth positions of the horoscope.

Guru and Moon are sitting in auspicious places and are looking at each other with their seventh vision. In such a situation also Gajakesari Yoga is formed.

Brihaspati should be in Kendra from Moon.

According to astrologer in south mumbai when Gajakesari Yoga is Bhang :-
When Jupiter is retrograde, due to being in a debilitated sign or the planet Jupiter is set.

Jupiter is in enemy sign or is aspected by sinful planets.

Guru is good but the Moon is debilitated, afflicted, in inauspicious houses or aspected by sinful planets,
then theGajakesari Yoga being formed gets Khandit.
Note- Although Gajakesari Yoga is formed in most of the horoscopes, but it does not give auspicious results.
Because somewhere the Guru must be suffering. The auspiciousness of Guru is very important in this yoga.
If Jupiter is not aspected by malefic, debilitated, enemy zodiac or enemy planets, then surely you will get the
auspicious results of Gajakesari Yoga. The stronger the Guru is, the better the Gajakesari Yoga will give.
In the next article, the fruits of Gajakesari Yoga will be told.

What are the results of doing 'Gajkesari Yoga'?

If there is Gajakesari Yoga in the Kundali, one gets the power and wealth equal to that of Gaja. Like all yogas,
not all people get good results from this yoga. If a person gets very abundant results of Gajakesari Yoga,
then other people get only normal results.
Because the result of this yoga is found on the basis of house, zodiac, constellation and position of Jupiter.
When Jupiter and Moon are strong and creating Gajakesari Yoga and Kemudram Yoga is also being formed,
then Gajakesari Yoga becomes fruitless.

Symbol of Gaj Ganesh ji:

* According to sage Parashar, as a result of Gajakesari Yoga, a person becomes skilled, enjoys royal pleasures,
attains a high position, is adept in debate and oratory.
* Gaja is considered a symbol of Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is the god of wisdom, that is, a person gets wealth,
honor and respect on the basis of his intellectual power.
Those who have Gajakesari Yoga in their horoscope should work with their intellect and not with their heart,
otherwise there will be loss.
In astrologers, Jupiter is considered to be the factor of wealth. If Gajakesari Yoga is of good type,
then the person gets wealth equal to that of Gaja.
Due to this yoga, a person becomes successful in fulfilling his ambitions.
* Gajakesari yoga is formed by the combination of elephant and lion. Gaja has immense power without pride and Leo
has visionary intelligence, agility, goal alertness and indomitable courage.
Similarly, the one whose horoscope Gajakesari Yoga is strong,
on the strength of his understanding, farsighted thinking, indomitable courage,
he gives answers to the good and the good. With the passage of time, it lays the flag of success.
that house. When Gajakesari Yoga is formed in the fourth and tenth house,
then a person achieves high status in his business and career.

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