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Astrological remedies for diseases

Astrological remedies for diseases || Miraculous asafetida(Hing) treatment:-

Astrological remedies for diseases Hysteria -

Grind eight grams asafetida and two grams of peppermint finely and mix it in one-fourth kilogram of water. Use this water after fifteen to fifteen grams every two hours, it is a surefire medicine for aerobatics and hysteria.

Astrological remedies for diseases Cholera -

If cholera is accompanied by diarrhea, and despite this, the poison of the disease is not rejected and the need to stop the diarrhea is read, then make eight tablets by mixing two grams of asafetida, half a gram of black pepper, and half a gram of opium. Give one tablet after one hour. These pills are free to be distributed during cholera days.

Asthma -

Make eight grams of hing (pure) powder, eight grams of camphor, and make tablets equal to gram. Give one tablet each during the seizure. Massage oil turpentine on the chest.

Whooping cough -

For blackheads, take fifteen grams of asafetida and fifteen grams of camphor and prepare tablets of half a gram, usually in the morning and evening. Take it accordingly, it is a panacea.

Chest pain -

This pain occurs in the place in the chest where both the ribs meet each other. This pain is of a very fatal type because the heart is located near this place. And when the weight of pain falls on the heart, there is a fear of stopping the heart rate. On such an occasion, do the following remedies at the earliest.

Wrap two Ratti hing inside a raisin and feed it, it will show its effect as soon as it comes down from the throat. If some pain remains, then after half an hour give one more such quantity and see the miracle of this treatment.

Stomach pain -

Stomach diseases astrology(Opens in a new browser tab)

If there is pain in the stomach due to stagnation of air, then cook two grams of asafetida in half a kg of water so much that one-tenth part of the water remains. Now give the patient a little hot drink, it is like nectar.

Stomach disorders -

8 grams asafoetida, fifteen grams salt, fifteen grams salt - make all three finely and gargle with hot water. Then filter the cloth and fill it in the bottle, white extract will be ready like milk. Consider this total weight as twenty-four quantities.

This is a surefire recipe, which has been found to be ninety percent successful. Take it with hot water in the complaints of stomach pain, K, liver wound, airway, dyspepsia, kidney pain, loss of appetite, etc., usually, after three to four hours, the second dose should be taken.

Hoarseness -

The sound stops due to the filth of the nose falling in the throat or due to the change of water, which is very painful. If the patient wants to say something, he cannot speak, talks with gestures. For this, dissolve four Ratti hing in a glass full of warm water and gargle, doing this once or twice will improve the sound.

New cold and hing -

At the beginning of cold, cook fifteen grams of tamarind leaves with one-fourth kilogram of water in an earthen pot. When half is left, sieve after grinding two Ratti hing and four Ratti black pepper, mix and drink.

In case of mad dog bite -

Dissolve two grams of asafetida in rose extract and give it daily. Apart from this, dilute hing in water and apply it on the bite of a mad dog in the form of a paste.

Ant expelling-

Grind hing and put it in the hole of the ants, it will run away.

Toothache and worms -

hing, akarkara, black pepper, camphor, wadding, dry leaves of neem and Lahori salt, fifteen grams each - grind them all and use it as a paste, the worms of the teeth die and the pain goes away. It becomes

Stomach worms -

Grind four grams of hing (roasted in ghee), four grams of parsley, wadding, rock salt, jokhar, big myrtle, dry ginger, and pipli after grinding three grams each finely and taking three to four grams of faki, the food is digested and the worms die. Taxes go away.

Ringworm -

Grinding hing with vinegar and applying it on ringworm is the best treatment for ringworm.

Ear diseases -

Cook hing in olive oil and keep it closed in a vial. Dripping two to four drops in the ear ends earache, hoarseness, and hoarseness.

Astrological remedies for diseases Pain in ear -

Mix 15 grams each of Hing, Coriander, and Soth (grinding) one kg of water and one-and-a-half grams of mustard oil and put them on a low flame. Be careful that coriander etc. do not get burnt at the bottom. When the water dries up, take it off and filter the oil. If there is pain in the ear, immediately put some drops, it will be beneficial.

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