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best astrologer in dwarka delhi Durga Navratri

Best astrologer in dwarka delhi - Navratri worship is incomplete without Navagrahas, know their importance https://vedicastrologerkapoor.com/astrologer-service-in-durgapur-delhi-navratri
Every form of Goddess Durga is said to be life-giving for human beings. The worship of Durga not only saves human beings from the difficulties of life, but the worship done with a pure and objectless mind also provides happiness and wealth. That is why the Navagrahas are believed to reside in Goddess Durga.
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The scriptures believe that by worshiping and worshiping Durga during Navratri, one gets freedom from the pain of the Navagrahas, the planets are favorable and one is protected from physical, divine and material heats.
Let us know what is the form of Goddess Durga and where are the Navagrahas in them?
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Best astrologer in dwarka delhi  on Form of goddess :-
The main three forms of the goddess are described as Durga, Saraswati and Lakshmi. Goddess Durga is seated on a roaring lion in the middle, Goddess Saraswati on her left and Lakshmi on her right.
On the lower left side of Durga is the place of Kumar and on the right side is the place of Ganapati. He is shown killing a demon named Mahisasur with his trident. Also there is a snake biting the demon.
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Navagrahas reside in Goddess :-
The main idol of Goddess Durga is golden yellow in color which symbolizes the sun and provides spiritual energy to man. The white lion is the symbol of the moon, the vehicle of Goddess Durga.
The open mouth of a lion is a symbol of Rahu and the tail of a lion is a symbol of Ketu. Lord Ganesha is the giver of accomplishment and wisdom who represents the planet Mercury.
Lord Kumar, the commander of the Dev Sena, is a symbol of Mars. Jupiter resides in Goddess Lakshmi who bestows happiness, prosperity and prestige. Saraswati represents Venus, which is related to music, art. The snake biting the demon symbolizes Shani, which is like poison.
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Get the compatibility of Navagrahas through Durga Sadhana :-
Mantras have great importance in the worship of Goddess Durga. Along with the mind, purity of body is also very important in Durga Sadhana. To please the Navagraha with the help of Durga Mantra, chant the mantra Om Hreem Dun Durgayai Namah eight thousand times in Navratri.
This removes planetary obstacles and gives peace of mind. Wearing a pendant made of Durga Yantra around the neck also removes negative energies and negative energies.
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Problems related to Mercury and Jupiter:-
If there are problems related to Mercury and Jupiter in the horoscope, then a golden idol of Durga is flown in the river. If Moon and Venus are causing pain, then flow a silver idol of Durga.
The evil effects of the planets are destroyed by flowing a statue made of copper or a Durga Yantra. By flowing an idol made of clay, Mangal dosha and by flowing an idol made of iron, one gets freedom from the pain of Rahu-Ketu.
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*Red chunri and Sindoor to Durga
*If Sun and Mars are causing pain, then offer red chunari and Sindoor to Durga.
*The obstruction of planets can also be avoided through Durga Yantras.
In Navratri, by providing food to girls, poor children, giving them donations and dakshina, the compatibility of the Navagrahas is obtained.

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