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Best Astrologer In Gurgaon on Karan

The Best Astrologer In Gurgaon agrees that the almanac
part of the Hindu calendar is Date, War, Constellation, Yoga, and Karana. Any
auspicious or auspicious work is done by observing the proper date, war,
constellation, yoga, and Karan. Apart from this, Muhurta also has its
importance. You will be familiar with everyone except Karan. So let us know how
many types of Karan are there and which Karan should or should not work.

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What is Karan
asks Best Astrologer In Gurgaon? 
Half of the date is called Karan. A date has
two Karanas - one in the first half and one in the latter. There are a total of
11 Karanas - Bava, Balava, Kaulava, Taitil, Gar, Vanij, Vishti, Shakuni,
Chatushpad, Nag, and Kistughan. There is Shakuni in the latter half of Krishna Paksha
Chaturdashi (14), Chatushpada in the first half of Amavasya, Nag in the latter
half of Amavasya, and Kistughna Karan in the first half of Shukla Paksha
Half of the date is called Karana. There are two Karanas in a Tithi – one
in Purvadha and one in the latter. It is the fifth part of the Panchang. The
five parts of the Panchang are Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Yoga, and Karana.

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Best Astrologer In Gurgaon on the qualities of Karanas are
as follows: - 
The total number of Karanas is 11 – Bava, Balav, Kaulava, Taitil, Gar,
Vanij, Vishti, these are the seven Chara Karanas and Shakuni, Nag, Chatushpad
and Kintughna are the four stable Karanas.
In the half of the forenoon of the Pratipada of Shukla Paksha, there is
Kistughna Karana and in the same way, in the half part of Paraddha, Bav Karana
takes place. Similarly, in Shukla Paksha Dwitiya, Balav and Kaulav, in Tritiya
Taitil and Gar, in Chaturthi Vanij and Vishti, in Panchami Bav and Balava, in
Shashthi Kaulava and Taitil, in Saptami Gar and Vanij, in Ashtami Vishti and
Bav, in Navami Balav and Baava. There are Kaulavas, Taitil and Gar in Dashami,
Vanij and Vishta in Ekadashi, Bav and Balava in Dwadashi, Kaulava and Taitil in
Trayodashi, Gar and Vanij on Chaturdashi, Vishti and Bav Karana in Purnima.
Balav and Kaulav in Pratipada of Krishna Paksha, Taitil and Gar in Dwitiya,
Vanij and Vishti in Tritiya, Bav and Balava in Chaturthi, Kaulava and Taitil in
Panchami, Gar and Vanij in Shashthi, Vishti in Saptami, Balava and Kaulav in
Ashtami, in Navami Taitil and Gar, Vanij and Vishti in Dashami, Bav and Balava
in Ekadashi, Kaulava and Taitil in Dwadashi, Gar and Vanij in Trayodashi,
Shakuni in the latter half of Chaturdashi (14) of Krishna Paksha, Chatushpada
in the first half of the new moon, Late Amavasya Kistughna Karana takes place
in the first half of Pratipada of Nag and Shukla Paksha. Vishti Karan is called
Bhadra. Auspicious work is considered forbidden in Bhadra. [ Best Astrologer In
Gurgaon ]
Bav Karan – It is of child stage, of equanimity. Its vehicle is a lion, a
vehicle elephant, wearing a white robe, a gun in arms, a food eater, a musk
manger, a deity race, a punnag flower, a gold nupour wearer, and a Ganga bath.
is going to enjoy.
Balava Karan- This is the Karana of Kumar's stage. It is in a sitting position.
Medium fruit. The main vehicle is the tiger, the vehicle is the horse. The
fruit is terrifying. The clothes are yellow, the clothes are red. Armament
mace, edible substance emulsion, lepan kumkum, caste ghost, the one who wears a
flower named Jati, there is also a particle of silver and Yamuna is willing to
Kaulava Karan- This is the one who attains the upper position, the best fruit,
the vehicle of the Varaha, the vehicle of the bear, the fruit is painful, the
green main garment, the garment painted, the Khadga weapon, the eater of food,
the one who wears pearls, the older one and Saraswati bathes. is willing to.
Taitil Karan - One who is dormant, having sinful fruits, the main vehicle is
Gardabh, the fasting sheep, the immediate fruit is the best, the one with
yellow clothes, the clothes are also yellow, the one who holds the punishment
in the hand, the one who eats fast, the coating of the soil, the bird species.
Ka, Ketki flower, bronze vessel, coral ornaments, young age and willing to
bathe in the Ganges.
Gar Karan - of mature age and living in a sitting position, having medium
fruit, the main vehicle is an elephant, the vehicle is Gadarbha, Lakshmi is the
fruit of the vehicle, the main clothes are red, the clothes blue, the bow-bearer,
the eater of milk, the fragrant thing Narmada, who is of the animal race, who
is pleased with vilvapatra, who wears iron and crown, is willing to bathe. [
Best Astrologer In Gurgaon ]
Vanij Karan - sitting position, having medium fruit, the main vehicle Mahisha,
the vehicle camel, the vehicle fruit tributary, the curd eater, the slenderness
of the Mahavar, the deer caste, the one who accepts the mandarin flower, the
gem-bearer, the full age Vala wants to bathe in the Krishna river.
Vishti Karan – This is of the sitting position. Fruit medium, main vehicle
horse, vehicle lion, vehicle fruit stability, main cloth Krishna, garment
yellow tunic, wearer of weapon named Kunt, eater of mind, Brahmin caste, one
who is pleased with Durva, wearer of gunja, old age of stage and Godavari is
inclined to bathe.
Shakuni Karan - of the upper stage, the fruit is normal, the dog is the main
vehicle, the lion is the vehicle, the fruit is the best, the pied main dress,
the deer-skinned garment, the one who bears a weapon named Pas, the one who
consumes jaggery, the luster of the Haridra, of the Kshatriya caste, The one
who is pleased with the lotus flower, is of Vandhya state and is inclined to
bathe in the Ganges.
Chatushpad Karan- Dormant stage, normal fruit, Aries main vehicle, Upavahana
Mahisha, vehicle fruit affliction, blanket main garment, red cloth robes, curb
weapon, one who consumes honey, Kajjal's luster and Vaishya caste, take Vela
flower happy And sapphire jewelry, of vandhya state and willing to bathe in
Tungabhadra river.
Nag Karan - dormant state, normal fruit, main vehicle Taurus, fasting daughter,
ghre, vehicle fruit stability, without clothes, bark, main garment,
sword-bearer, gruel-eater, agar-coated, Shudra caste The wearer of Patli
flowers, the one who lives forever on the ground, the wearer of the weapon of
thunder, endowed with sons and grandsons and willing to bathe in Kaveri.
Vishti Karan or Bhadra is considered to be the most inauspicious among the
above reasons. No new work can be started in this Karan. Bhadra is also
sacrificed in some religious works. Sleep and sitting positions are not good.
The vertical position is good.

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