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Best Jyotish In Delhi NCR on Drishti

As per Best Jyotish In Delhi NCR  if any planet is sitting anywhere in the horoscope, it looks at other planets, etc. then the effect of that Drishti is auspicious or inauspicious. By knowing the position of the planets in your horoscope, you can also know their inauspicious effect by knowing how their Drishti is falling or on the planet.
As long as you do not know which planet is having inauspicious Drishti or influence in your horoscope, how will you be able to remedy it? Therefore, know which sight of a planet is fatal.
What is Drishti?
If the meaning of Drishti is affected here then it would be more appropriate. Just like the sun's rays come directly on the earth, sometimes it is askew. This happens when the Sun is on the equator or the Cancer, Capricorn, etc. line. Similarly, each planet has different effects or Drishti.
Which sight of which planet explains Best Jyotish In Delhi NCR ? 
  • Each planet looks directly at its seventh place from its location. Straightforward means that he has a complete Drishti. Purna means that he is looking 180 degrees in his seventh house, bhava or food. Full Drishti means full effect.
  • In addition to the seventh position, Saturn also sees the third and tenth positions in full view. The Guru also has a complete Drishti in the fifth and ninth positions. Mars also sees the fourth and eighth positions with full Drishti. In addition to the seventh house of the moon, the third and tenth Drishti has been considered as complete Drishti i.e. from the house in which Saturn is situated, we will put our full Drishti on the seventh, third, and tenth house.
  • In addition, each planet looks at its third and tenth position partially.
  • Some Acharyas have also recognized the Drishti of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu sees his seventh, fifth, and ninth place in full view, and Ketu sees it in the same way.
  • Sun and Mars have an upward Drishti, Mercury and Venus have an oblique Drishti, Moon, and Guru are equal and Rahu and Saturn have low Drishti. From which house the planets will be located, they will put their full Drishti on the seventh house.
Retrograde planet:
All planets except Sun and Moon are retrograde. They start moving in the opposite direction. When they are retrograde, the effect of their Drishti is different. The planet Vakri provides the equivalent of its high zodiac sign. A planet that is combined with a retrograde planet has a moderate increase in its effect. If a planet with a high zodiac sign is retrograde, it gives the result of being a lowly zodiac.
The general rules of the order: - The auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of the planets also change according to the position of the Lagna. For example, Saturn is considered inauspicious for Leo ascendant but extremely inauspicious for Libra Ascendant.
Planetary Views explained by  Best Jyotish In Delhi NCR 
While analyzing any horoscope, the aspects of the planets play an important role. All the planets (Navgrahas) are sitting in one or the other house in the horoscope. In whichever house they are sitting, they give their good or bad results in that house.

All these houses sitting in your house and keeping your eyes on other houses of the horoscope, affect it also, that is, in that house also they give their good or bad results. We call it the vision of the house. In the horoscope, we will talk about full vision, which means which house is giving full effect by putting its sight on where.
All the planets in the horoscope have the seventh aspect, that is, from the house in which they are sitting, the number seven casts its sight on the next house. But some planets like Mars, Guru, Shani, Rahu, and Ketu have two other visions apart from the seventh vision. We further explain to you in detail the visions of all the planets by giving examples.
The seventh vision of planets (Grah ki Saptami Drishti):-
As you can see in the above picture number 1 that in this horoscope the Moon is in the fourth (4) house of the horoscope and it is putting its seventh aspect on the tenth house and the tenth house in the horoscope affects our job and business. If Moon is auspicious here, it will affect our tenth house in its mahadasha or antar-dasha with its seventh aspect, which will increase our business and if we do a job, then we can progress in it. In the same way, if the Moon is the giver of bad results, then by putting his seventh vision, he will spoil this house and will give bad results.
Now you should know how to do the math of it. As you are seeing in picture number 1 above, here the moon is sitting in the house of the number 6 zodiac sign (Virgo) in the fourth (4) house. Here you have to take care of the house of the horoscope while doing its calculations and here there can be someone other than the zodiac 6 (Virgo), you do not have to think about it.
Like you are seeing in picture number one that the Moon is in the fourth (4) house of the house horoscope and if you want to calculate its seventh vision, then you have to start counting from the fourth house and see where the seventh number comes.
In this, you will see that if counting is started from the Chaturthi (4) house, then the seventh number comes in the tenth (10) house, then the seventh sight of such a lunar house falls on the tenth (10) house.

Best Jyotish In Delhi NCR - Starting from the counting of the house in which any house is sitting in the horoscope, whichever house comes on the seventh number, the seventh aspect of the house will be on that house. 

We will further talk about the sights of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Apart from the seventh aspect of these planets, there are 2 other aspects.
The sight of Mars (Mangal Grah ki Drishti)
You are seeing in picture number 2 above that in addition to the seventh vision of Mars, there is also a fourth and eighth vision. Here you can see that Mars is in the third (3) house of the horoscope and its fourth aspect is reading on the sixth(6) house and the seventh aspect of the planet Mars is reading on the ninth(9) house, while the planet Mars The eighth sight is falling on the tenth(10) house.
Now whenever the Maha-dasa or Antar-Dasha of Mars comes in this horoscope, Mars will affect the sixth(6) house from the fourth point of view, the ninth(9) house from the seventh point of view, and the tenth(10) house from the eighth point of view. will do. If Mars is a benefic house here, then you will get good results related to these houses, if inauspicious then you will get bad results related to all these houses.
The sight of Shani Grah (Shani Grah ki Drishti)
You are seeing in the above picture number 3 that here Shani is in the fourth house and the house of Shani has a vision on the 3rd, 7th, 10th house. Here the third (3) vision of Saturn is falling on the sixth(6) house, the seventh aspect is on the tenth(10) house and the tenth vision is falling on the first (1) house.
Guru Grah ki Drishti
You are seeing above that Guru has 5, 7, 9 visions. Here in Figure 4, the fifth vision of Jupiter is falling on the eighth (8) house, the seventh aspect is on the tenth (10) house and the ninth aspect is on the twelfth (12) house.
Rahu Grah ki Drishti
You are seeing in the above picture number 5 that Rahu house also has a vision on 5, 7, 9 houses like Jupiter. Here the fifth aspect of Rahu is falling on the eighth (8) house, the seventh aspect is on the tenth (10) house and the ninth aspect is on the twelfth (12) house.
Ketu Grah ki Drishti
Ketu planet is also aspected on 5th, 7th, 9th house. You are seeing in picture number 6 above that here the fifth vision of Ketu is falling from your house on the eighth (8) house, seventh on the tenth (10) house, and ninth on the twelfth (12) house.   [ Best Jyotish In Delhi NCR ]

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