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Jupiter mahadasha experience

Jupiter mahadasha experience || Jupiter's Mahadasha - Result of Antardasha:-

1. Result of Guru's Antardasha in Jupiter's Mahadasha:

May there be an increase in good fortune, great talent, honor, and respect from all sides, getting a son, the rise of the qualities of the person, and respect in the court. There should be association with Acharyas and sages. May the desires of the mind be fulfilled.

2. Result of Saturn's Antardasha in Jupiter's Mahadasha:

May there be company of prostitutes, increase in vices like drinking alcohol, progress in worldly status, attainment of mouth, but the family and animals of Jataf may suffer. Spend more money. Fear should always remain in the heart of the native. Disease in the eyes and pain to the son.

3. Result of Antardasha of Mercury in the Mahadasha of Jupiter:

There are two views in this regard. One opinion is that the antardasha of Mercury in Jupiter shows inauspicious results. Be interested in women, have a severe addiction to drinking alcohol, and the person gambles. The native fell ill due to all three doshas namely Nata, Pitta, Kapha. The second opinion is that in the Mahadasha of Jupiter, the Antardasha of Bab gives only auspicious results. And the person worships the deities and brahmins. Son, wealth, and happiness are attained.

4. Result of Ketu's Antardasha in Jupiter's Mahadasha:

Weapons have weapons. The opposition from the servant's increases. There is pain in the mind, the woman and sons of the person suffer, there may be separation from the teachers or loved ones and there may be trouble for the person's own life.

5. Result of Venus Antardasha in Jupiter's Mahadasha:

Many kinds of wealth, animals, food, clothes, women, sons, food, drinking items, ornaments, sleeping goods, things that are useful in the house, and all of them should be happy. The native was ready to worship the gods and brahmins.

6. Result of Sun's Antardasha in Jupiter's Mahadasha:

Victory over the enemy, honor from the king, increase in fame, gain, ride a palanquin and a horse. Purushartha will increase in the heart of the person and the person should enjoy all the wealth while living in a big city.

7. Result of Moon's Antardasha in Jupiter's Mahadasha:

May many women be attained, wealth and profit, worship of gods and Brahmins, fame of the person increases, profit from agriculture, profit in the purchase of goods, and the name of enemies.

8. Result of Mars Antardasha in Mahadasha of Jupiter:

At this time, the brothers get annoyed by the work of the person, and the person benefits from the company of the enemies. Good land should be obtained, the person should do good deeds, and his influence increases. Any teacher of the native gets hurt or there is trouble in his own eyes.

9. Result of Rahu's Antardasha in Jupiter's Mahadasha:

Whether the brothers are angry or the brothers get angry. Great worries and sorrows remain in the mind. Be sick, be afraid of a thief. If a teacher has a disease or the person himself has a stomach disorder. May the king suffer. Enemies cause trouble, wealth gets destroyed. Brihaspati is the guru of the gods. Gah is the enemy of the gods, so it is natural for Rahu to have inauspicious results in Jupiter [ Jupiter mahadasha experience ].

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