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Jyotish contact number in delhi Chandra Soma

Jyotish contact number in delhi on after all, how did 'Chandra' adorn Shiva's head, and what is it to do with Monday?
means 'Shiva', so the measures taken on Monday are 'moon planet'. Not only that, there is a unique
relationship between 'Chandra' and 'Shiva', have you ever wondered why 'Chandra' used to sit on Lord Shiva's head? If not, then let us tell you its secret today.
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As per jyotish contact number in delhi moon got the curse of Tuberculosis...
In fact, according to legend, Chandra, who was very beautiful himself, was married to 27 Nakshatra girls of Daksha Prajapati. Rohini was very beautiful among the 27 daughters of Daksha, due to which the beauty lover Chandra
had more affection for her, which was not liked by the rest of the sisters, due to this they all remained unhappy,
all of them told their trouble to their father, Hearing this, Daksha got angry and he cursed Moon with tuberculosis.
Shiva holds the moon on his head
After which Chandradev became afflicted with tuberculosis and his power gradually began to end, he became sad, seeing his condition, Narad ji asked him to worship Lord Ashutosh, Mrityunjay, Chandra Dev accepted his point.
And he got involved in the worship of the Lord, which had an effect and gave him the boon of resurrection to Lord Shankar and put him on his head, so it is said that those who are physically disturbed, they should worship Lord Shiva. Worship must be done on Monday.
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How to worship?
On this day, if Shiva devotees worship their Shiva with cannabis, datura and honey, then they get strength and better health. It is also preferable to recite Shiv Puran and Shiv Chalisa. Some people also keep fast today because it is said that fasting is auspicious.
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Benefits of worshiping on Monday
If you worship Shiva with Bilva leaves today, you get power and knowledge. Not only this, you will also get financial benefits by worshiping Monday and your anger will also be pacified.
bathe shivling with gangajal or milk
Bath the Shivling with Ganges water or milk, it also washes away all the sins that come on the person, and not only this, his knowledge increases and the mind becomes calm.
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