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Medical astrologers on phone new delhi delhi:- These proven remedies remove the fear of disease and death
The greatest fear of a person in his life is of diseases and death. Like death, getting sick also makes a person very afraid. Because it not only causes mental distress to the victim, but also his entire family and the people associated with them are also troubled. Also, there is an expense on them. According to astrology, the absence of disease depends on the condition of the planets.
And in astrology, many remedies have also been given to correct the planetary condition. Astrology not only tells the disease but also suggests ways to overcome it, so the belief in astrology has increased rapidly all over the world. Let us know some proven remedies that can be avoided by trying out diseases. Along with this, the fear of death is also reduced from them. In the horoscope, the sixth house is of diseases and ailments.
According to the inauspicious planets sitting in it, a person gets diseases. If there is a dasha or antardasha of an inauspicious planet sitting in the sixth house, then the disease can also become terrible. Therefore, diseases are considered from the point of view of the sixth house of the horoscope, the planets present in it and other planets on this house.
Medical astrologers on phone new delhi delhi :- If a person in the family has diseases related to brain, eyes, mouth, ear and throat, then on seven consecutive Sundays, a remedy for Surya is done. According to this, keep a copper coin under the pillow of the patient on Saturday.
On Sunday, get up at the exact time of sunrise and fill a copper vessel with pure water and put the coin in it. Then offer that water to the rising sun. Do this for seven consecutive Sundays. Due to this the patient becomes completely healthy.
Patients related to heart, lungs, stomach, kidney, liver should do this remedy on seven Mondays. According to this, put raw milk, Gangajal and some Akshat in a silver urn on Monday. Offer this Kalash to the sick person and then go to the Shiva temple and offer it on the Shivling while chanting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.
The Mahamrityunjaya Mantra has to be chanted seven or 11 times and within that time the contents of the Kalash have to be poured on the Shivling. Do this experiment on seven Mondays. The patient will recover soon.
Mangaldev is used to cure diseases like blood, bone, joint pain, weakness in hands and feet, anemia, gynecological diseases. Starting from any Tuesday, this experiment has to be done every day till the next Tuesday. According to this, offer Gangajal mixed water on the black stone Shivling.
Apply red sandalwood on Shivling and offer red flowers along with bilva leaves. Do this for eight consecutive days from Tuesday to Tuesday. The problem will go away.

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