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Most Famous Astrologer In Delhi on Astro

As per Most Famous Astrologer In Delhi  Jupiter and Saturn were very close to each other. According to astrology, due to this, political events will change. According to astronomers, these two planets had come so close to each other in July 1623, during the lifetime of the great astronomer Galileo in the 17th century.
The astronomical phenomena that occurred in the solar system. On this day, Jupiter and Saturn came very close to each other. According to astrology, due to this, there will be a change in political events, and its benefit will be given to the ruling. Earlier Jupiter and Saturn came so close to each other in 1623.
Rare coincidence:- [ Most Famous Astrologer In Delhi ]
On 21 December 2020, Jupiter and Saturn came together to live in Capricorn at 6 degrees. This was a rare coincidence when both important planets lived at a fraction in a zodiac. Saturn is considered the sinful (cruel) planet in astrology and Jupiter is the most auspicious planet.
But Saturn also considers Jupiter as its guru, so in astrological language, Saturn does not suffer from Jupiter. When Saturn and Jupiter were in a zodiac and a fraction, both planets lived in Uttarashada Nakshatra, whose lord is Saturn.
On the other hand, this conjunction is formed in Capricorn, which is the self-sign of Saturn and the low zodiac sign of Jupiter. Its influence is described in astrology.
[ Most Famous Astrologer In Delhi ] on Varah Mihir:- 
Varah Mihir writes that when the combination of Shani-Jupiter is so close, it is auspicious for the country and society, and there is an unexpected change in the society, money, and grain also increase. Saturn is directly related to politics.
Therefore, political developments will change and the ruling will get the benefit. Apart from this, Saturn is an immediate fruitful planet and the Saturn-Jupiter pair is the most auspicious, so the country can get relief from the current crisis like the Corona epidemic.
According to astronomers, these two planets had come so close to each other in July 1623, during the lifetime of the great astronomer Galileo in the 17th century. But being close to the sun then it was almost impossible to see them.
According to astronomers, seeing from Earth, one will realize that these two planets have come on top of each other. But in fact, both will be 73.6 kilometers away from each other despite being 6 degrees. 
The future is known by these 12 types of genres as per  [ Most Famous Astrologer In Delhi ]
In Indian astrology, fortune or future is told in different ways. It is believed that there are more than 150 astrology practices in India. Every Vidya claims to tell your future. It is also believed that every knowledge is capable of telling the future, but the knowledge of the said knowledge is rarely found, while those who wander are more. The question arises in the mind that with what knowledge we know our future, so here is the information of some popular astrology.
  1. Kundli Astrology:- This is the science based on Kundli. It has three parts – Siddhant Jyotish, Samhita Jyotish, and Hora Shastra. According to this knowledge, the horoscope is made based on the planet, star, or constellation where the person was in the sky at the time of his birth.
By studying the nine planets and 27 constellations based on twelve zodiac signs, the future of the person is told. The above knowledge has been divided into many parts, but in modern times mainly four are considered. These four are the following - Newborn astrology, Katarchik astrology, Praghanta or Prashna Kundli, and Vishwa Astrology.
  1. Vidya of Lal Kitab:- It is basically the Vidya of Uttaranchal, Himachal, and Kashmir region. It is considered 'practical knowledge, away from the traditional theory of astrology. It is considered a very difficult discipline. Good knowledgeable people can solve the problem without looking at the horoscope by telling the remedy.
After collecting the principles of the said education, a book was first published on it, which was named 'Lal Kitab Ke Farman'. According to the belief, the said book was written in Urdu, this created confusion about it.
  1. Mathematical astrology: - This Indian science is also called numerology. Zodiac, constellation, number of planets, etc are all fixed under this system .. Then the lucky number and luck are calculated according to the addition of the date of birth, year, etc.
  2. Nandi Nadi Astrology:- It is basically a science prevalent in South India in which the future is known through palm leaves. Lord Shankar's Gan is Nandi, that is why it is called Nandi Nadi Jyotish Vidya.
  3. Panch Pakshi Siddhanta:- This is also prevalent in South India. Under this astrological principle, time is divided into five parts and each part is named after a particular bird. According to this principle, when any work is done, according to the condition of the bird at that time, its fruit is received.
The names of five birds that come under the Pancha Pakshi Siddhanta are Vulture, Owl, Crow, Rooster, and Peacock. On the basis of your Ascendant, Nakshatra, place of birth, your bird is known and your future is told.
  1. Palmistry Astrology: - Apart from the horizontal and straight lines of the hands, the past and future of a person is told by studying the circle, island, cross, etc. of the hands. This is a very ancient science and is prevalent in all the states of India.
  1. Nakshatra Astrology: - Astrology based on constellations was more prevalent in the Vedic period. According to the constellation in which a person was born, his future was told. There are 27 constellations.
  1. Nadi Astrology:-
This knowledge is also prevalent in South India. According to this, after taking a thumb impression, the lines emerging on it are studied and it is told how the future of the person will be.
  1. Oceanography:-
This vidya is also the oldest vidya of India. Under this, the person's character and future are told by studying the structure of the whole body including the face, nose-map, and forehead line.
  1. Chinese Astrology:-
In Chinese astrology, twelve years are named after animals. This is called the 'animal-nominated zodiac'. These are his twelve zodiac signs, which are known as 'varsha' or 'related animal year.
This year is as follows - Rat, Ox, Leopard, Cat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Apes, Chicken, Dog, and Pig. The year in which a person was born, his zodiac sign is according to that year, and the decision of his character, qualities, and fate is also considered according to the calculations of that year.
  1. Vedic Astrology:-
According to Vedic astrology, it is calculated on the basis of the zodiac, Navagraha, birth sign. Basically, the calculation and motion of the constellations are made on the basis.
According to the belief, the astrology of the Vedas was not for Kathak, for the future of a person, but for astronomical calculations and dividing the time.
  1. Tarot Card:-
Tarot cards have cards like playing cards. Whenever a person goes to a tarot card expert to know his future or fortune, then that knowledgeable takes out a card and tells his future written in it.
It can be in the same way that the future is known by drawing cards from the parrot of the cage. It is also like that a machine is installed at the bus stop or railway station, in which put a coin of one rupee and know the future. There is a computer in any fair or procession which tells your future.
The above learning is like gambling and betting, if a good card is taken then good prediction, if bad then bad, and normal then normal. However, tarot experts tell the character and future of a person on the basis of psychology. Now it is difficult to say how much truth there is in this.
Apart from this, there are many astrological concepts like Maya, Hellenistic, Celtic, Persian or Islamic, Babylonian, etc. Every country has its own different astrology concepts and different predictions.


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