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Reputed Astrologers In Delhi Sadhe sati

According to Reputed Astrologers In Delhi the year 2021 has come and the year 2020 is gone to go. New Year 2021 will start with new zeal, enthusiasm, and new resolve. Today we will analyze the movement of the most slow-moving and benefic donor Shani Dev from the year 2021 and its astrological perspective.
In astrology, Saturn's zodiac sign, Saturn's Sadhe-Sati, Dhaiyya, and Mahadasha of Shani are considered special. Shani is the judge. They give auspicious results for doing good deeds while punishing the natives for doing bad deeds
Shani Dev moves from one zodiac to another zodiac every Sadhe-Sati.In such a situation, there will be no change of Shani Dev in 2021. Because Shanidev is present in Capricorn except for Sagittarius for the next Sadhe-Sati in the year 2020. Where they will remain until the year 2022.
Shanidev will be transiting in Swarashi i.e. Capricorn in the whole year 2021. In the year 2021, Shanidev will change the constellation instead of changing the zodiac. This means that Saturn will leave its influence on the natives on the basis of constellation throughout the year as per Reputed Astrologers In Delhi.
At the beginning of the year 2021, where Saturn will stay in Uttarashada, the constellation of Sun God, while on January 22, Shravan will enter the constellation. Chandra Deva is the ruler of Shravan Nakshatra.
Reputed Astrologers In Delhi says that Saturn changes its zodiac in about 30 months. Whenever Saturn's transit is from one zodiac to another, then on some zodiac, Saturn's Satisati and Dhaiyya ride and get over by some.
Saturn will be Sadhe-Sati in the year 2021 on Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius. When Saturn transits in any one sign, Saturn stays in that sign for two and a half years. Only after Sadhe-Sati, the zodiac sign of Saturn changes into another zodiac.
Astrological opinion 
According to the Moon sign when Saturn emits from the 12th house, the first house, and the second house. That period is called Saturn's Dhaiya. If Saturn transits in the zodiac sign, according to the zodiac order, they also influence the front and back of that zodiac.
In this way, Saturn lives on a zodiac for seven and a half years. This seven-and-a-half-year time period is called the Dhaiya of Saturn. Then as Saturn moves in the second zodiac, the Sadhe-Sati will descend.
Saturn's bed in the year 2021 - Gemini and Libra
When Saturn lives in the fourth and eighth house from the zodiac sign, it is called Shani's Dhaiya. The bed of Saturn comes seven and a half years on one sign and about 16 years on the other. In order to find it on any zodiac sign of Saturn, Saturn lives on the fourth and subsequent sixth zodiac according to the amount in which Saturn resides.
Shani Dev will give happiness to Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces people. People of Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius will have to be careful. Those with Aries, Taurus, and Cancer will get mixed results. 
Aries: People of this zodiac
You will get full results of hard work. The father may have to face some physical suffering. Care should be taken on the relationship and health of the father, but you can expect success in the field.
Taurus: At the beginning of this zodiac sign, Saturn will be in Uttarashada Nakshatra, due to which you will get mixed results. Those who are getting a higher education will get the fruits of their hard work. However, your mental tension may increase during this time. Time is not good for your siblings and they may have some problems.
Gemini: There will be some ups and downs in life. Failure can also be found in some work, due to which mental stress will also occur. Take special care of your health because, during this transit, people of the Gemini zodiac may have some health-related problems. In financial matters also you need to be careful.
Cancer: People of this zodiac will also get mixed results. Saturn's entry into Uttarashada Nakshatra may cause health problems to your spouse, as well as the possibility of some stress in married life. However, these times are expected to be better for business-bound people. There is every possibility of getting success in business.
Singh: People of this zodiac need to be very careful about their health. This year you will get success in putting pressure on your opponents. Those who take a competitive exam will get success. There may be an argument with the partner. Your expenses may also increase this year, you can become strong for traveling abroad.
Virgo: For those of this zodiac, the transit of Saturn is going to be very spectacular. The sum of your children going abroad will prevail. In the case of love, this transit is good and some people may also have a love marriage. Transmission of Saturn in Shravan Nakshatra has the potential to increase your income. Sources of wealth arrival will increase.
Libra: People of this zodiac can benefit from this transit of Shani Dev in the area of ​​the property. If you are thinking of buying property, then it will be auspicious for you to buy in this transitory period. The economic side will be quite strong, but take special care of the mother's health during the transitional period as they may have to face some problems.
Scorpio: People of this sign will get very positive results from Saturn transit. Many important tasks will also be successful, due to which happiness will remain in your life. There are chances of sudden money gains also.
During this time, the chances of brothers and sisters going abroad can be made. During the transiting period, your luck will support you fully. If a work has been stuck for a long time, then that too can be completed at this time.
Sagittarius: For those of this zodiac sign, Shani transit is going to give very auspicious and positive results. We will get full of luck. With the arrival of Shani in Shravan Nakshatra, there will be a sudden sum of wealth in your life. During this time you can also get the benefit of any ancestral property.
Capricorn: For the people of this zodiac, this transit of Saturn will give full support to the father. Apart from this, during this time you are also likely to get money suddenly from somewhere. Ancestral property work may accelerate. There are chances of tension in the married life of Capricorn people, but you will get full support from your in-laws' side.
Aquarius: For those of this sign, the transit of Saturn is not going to be very good. There can be some big problems in married life. Apart from this, one also needs to be careful in terms of health, but there are chances of getting success from the business people.
Pisces: People of this zodiac are going to be lucky because this transit of Saturn is expected to give a lot of positive effects on Pisces people. You will be able to win over your opponents. Those who are associated with the field of education, besides this time are also good for those who take part in competitive examinations. Many of your wishes will be fulfilled during this time.
Reputed Astrologers In Delhi ] asks to do the following measures in Sadhe-sati:-
Going to the temple on Saturday should chant 'Om Pryam Pryam Shanneshrai Namah'. It will be beneficial to feed the poor at night on the new moon of every month and must also light a mustard oil lamp on the Peepal tree. Offer anything made of jaggery and gram to Lord Hanuman and then distribute it to as many people as possible. Must read Shani Mritunjaya Stotra, Shani Stotra by Dasharatha.
After all, who is called the half-century of Shani? How its constellations are formed; What are the remedies
Why do people get scared because of Shani's Dhaiyan? For which zodiac signs Saturn's half-century has brought good news. Who will breathe a sigh of relief?
Whose class will Shani Dev take and also what is the surefire way to please Shani Dev. All these have been explained in detail.
First of all, let's understand why it is called the Dhaiyan of Shani explained by Reputed Astrologers In Delhi?

Shani's Sade Sati means the effect of Saturn on the Moon in the horoscope at the present time.
While passing through space, the zodiac in which Saturn is in, the effect of Saturn remains till one house in front and one house behind. The moon of whose personal horoscope comes inside the sphere of influence of Saturn in space. That is called the half-century of Shani.
As the timeline for Saturn to cross is two and a half years from one zodiac sign to the other. That is, 30 months and 3 zodiac signs mean 90 months, that is, seven and a half years. Apart from this, the transit of the fourth and eighth moon from the moon is called Dhaiyan.

Where Shanidev is in space, whether he has come 30 degrees from his zodiac or not, if the Moon is in the horoscope under the three zodiacs, including the next zodiac and 30 degrees behind them, then Saturn's Dhaiyan would have taken place.

Now this Saturn is going forward one zodiac, so it will leave behind it, that is, it will liberate the people of Scorpio. Moving ahead of the people of Sagittarius, they will come to Capricorn and will take the people of Aquarius under their control.

Today we are talking about the people of the Scorpio zodiac. You must be thinking that why we are talking only about Scorpio people. It is a matter of some good news that for the last 7:30 years, Shani Dev, who is the giver of karma, was being audited, but from January 24,
Shani Dev will leave giving clean chit to the people of Scorpio. There is no doubt that Scorpio people have seen very difficult times during Sade Sati, at times their morale has become weak.
There has been a crisis on the health of the mother, but with a lot of understanding and patience, this time has passed. So now the people of the Scorpio zodiac will get freedom from Shani's half-century.

It is also important for you to know that the audit of Shani Dev is over, but has not gone anywhere from the horoscope. That is to say, the knowledge that has been gained in the last seven and a half years.
The ego which has been destroyed, you have to increase your understanding from all those things and promise Shani Dev that while making your deeds better, you will focus on your karma with a charitable nature.
Reputed Astrologers In Delhi tells What should Scorpio people do?
Those people whose half-century of Saturn is ending on the 24th i.e. Scorpio zodiac sign should first go to the Peepal tree on 25th (Saturday). A mustard oil lamp is to be lit.
One should pray to Shani Dev while bowing down with a very humble gesture. With whatever knowledge I have gained from you, I will purify my karma. After this, you should come with obeisances.
Those who live on the banks of the Ganges or can go to the Ganges, should take a bath in the Ganges on 26th or any day after the 24th.
One should also pray to Ganga Mata that after the audit of the deeds, you purify me so that I can build a good future by doing good deeds in my life.
Apart from this, now let's talk about that amount which was continuously under a lot of pressure for the last two and a half years. That is, the half-century of Shani was at its peak. Know which zodiac sign it is.
Reputed Astrologers In Delhi says from 24th January onwards, Saturn will leave Sagittarius and go to his house in Capricorn. Sagittarius people will get some relief as soon as Shani Dev Maharaj leaves. But keep in mind that Saturn's half-century has not ended for Sagittarius people, suppose 3 semesters of two and a half years, in which 2 semesters i.e. 5 years have been completed.

- Now save the last two and a half years, undoubtedly some tension was going on earlier, it will not be as much, but still, the people of Sagittarius will be in the grip of Shani Dev, they will get the fruits of their deeds.

Those whose deeds are good, enjoy them and those whose deeds are wrong, will be punished by Shani Dev.

-Sagittarians should now take great care of their feet, this descending half-century wants to see that the feet that walk for you throughout the day.

The posts that carry your weight, do you take some time out for those posts, so note one thing that on Saturday, your toes should be washed thoroughly with warm water. The more good legs you have, that is, the higher the rank you will get.

I believe in Shani Dev Maharaj that he is always happy with those who have a sense of public welfare, help the poor and keep their posts clean.

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