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Top astrologer near me | Effect of Venus your life

Top astrologer near me - Effect of Venus on your life
Venus is the ruler of Yajurveda and the lord of the semen space of the body. Its two zodiac signs are Taurus and Libra. This planet can be seen before and after sunrise and it is famous as Sandhya Tara. Venus makes you completely attached to desires, on the other hand it is a symbol of selfless love like mother. Venus is the factor
of wife, material happiness, sex, music, jewellery, vehicle, splendor, poetry, and all the pleasures of the world.
Venus is exalted in Pisces and debilitated when it is in Virgo. The root in Libra is of triangle. The planet Venus has an important role in life. If Venus is strong then almost every material happiness is attained and if it is debilitated
or weak then physical weakness, delay in marriage, slander from secret relationships, urinary diseases and failure
in love matters are the hand.
Top astrologer near me on influence of venus
1- The dasha of Venus is not good for the people of Aries. If Venus is conjunct and aspected by sixth, eighth,
2- If there is Mercury and Venus in the seventh house, then a woman is born and if the seventh lord and
second lord is with Venus or with malefic planets, then a woman dies in the sixth, eighth and twelfth house.
Then the second marriage takes place.
3- If there is a Gemini ascendant, Mercury, Venus, Ketu and Rahu are in the ascendant and Jupiter is in the
second house with the malefic planet and Saturn is aspecting the seventh house, then two marriages take place
but both the women die.
4- If Venus is debilitated in the ascendant, then that woman has physical relations with a man other
than her husband.
5- If Venus is in the money house and the seventh lord is in the eleventh house, then the native gets married at
the age of 19 to 22 years.
6- If Venus is in the fifth house and Rahu is in the fourth house, then the marriage of the person takes
place at the age of 31 to 33 years.
Marriage happens soon as per Top astrologer near me.
7-The closer Venus is to the Lagna, the sooner the marriage takes place.
8- If Venus and Mars are in the ascendant, fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth and twelfth,
then the native has a love marriage.
9- If Venus is in the 6th house with Mars, then a person becomes successful. If Venus is in Gemini or Libra, then both men and women are virtuous.
Top astrologer near me on diseases caused by Venus
1- If the owner of the sixth house is in the ascendant or eighth house with Venus,
then there are diseases of the eyes.
2-If Venus is looking at Sun in Leo, then Piles disease can occur.
3- If Venus is set, in the sixth, eighth, twelfth house then there are urinary diseases, stones, lack of semen,
ear diseases, early ejaculation, sleep defects and tuberculosis etc.
4- If Venus and Moon are with their enemy then the person hears less.
Mars and Jupiter in seventh
5- If there is Mars in the ascendant and Jupiter and Mars in the seventh,
then there may be a head injury.
6- If there is a vision of Venus on the eighth house and Saturn and Rahu with the Sun,
then there is a possibility of a major operation of the head.
7-Aries or Cancer, there is a disease of pyorrhoea in the teeth.
Be aspected by sinful planets
8- If Venus is in the ascendant being the sixth house and is aspected by sinful planets, then the person may
have swelling in the mouth. If there is Venus in the 12th house, Saturn in the fifth,
Saturn in the ninth and the Sun in the seventh, there can be dental disease.
9- If there is Rahu with Venus in a low sign, then there is injury in the ear and if the third house is with Venus,
then it is less heard.
10- If Venus and Rahu are together in the tenth house, then there is a fear of snakes. Animals can also get hurt.
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