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top online astrologer in india stress

Please Chandra to get rid of stress, take such measures by top online astrologer in India:- 

Stress is becoming the biggest problem nowadays. Everyone is living under some kind of stress. Some have the stress of not getting a good job, while some have the stress of not running the business properly. Some are in tension due to family disputes and some are stressed about something in external life.
Recently, a survey conducted by an international agency has also revealed that the youth of today is taking the most stress in the world. Due to the stress of studies and careers, many people are also taking steps like suicide.
There are small problems in life, but a person has to find ways to get out of them. Instead of getting frustrated, if you move forward with positive energy, you will be able to beat stress.
What does astrology say regarding stress as per top online astrologer in india?
This was a common thing. What does astrology say regarding stress? Why does a person lead a stressful life? Who gets stressed? Are the planets and constellations responsible for this? According to astrology, Moon is the ruling planet of mind and brain. Due to the position of the Moon, different types of thoughts are exchanged in the mind and brain of a person. The position of a person not to take stress depends on the Moon.
In these situations, the person is stressed
Saturn, Rahu, Mars, or Sun should be with Moon in the horoscope.
Moon is alone in the horoscope. There should not be any other planet with him.
If the Moon is corrupted by sitting with the Sun.
In the horoscope, Moon's enemy is sitting in the house or Moon is giving bad effects.
Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn should be sighted on the moon
If the fourth house of the horoscope is weak
If Moon is also under the influence of bad planets along with the Ascendant.
The fourth house of the horoscope is weak and the enemy planets of the Moon are present in it.
There should be a conjunction of two or more malefic planets with the Moon.
Moon should be in enemy signs in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house.
The person who has the above situations in his horoscope is often stressed in life.
These are the ways to relieve stress
Every person has some kind of stress at some point or the other, but the remedies to avoid them have also been told in astrology.
To get rid of stress, it is very important to fix the moon. For this, start drinking water from a silver glass every day. The Moon has power over both water and silver. Therefore, drinking water from a silver glass strengthens the moon and keeps the person stress-free.
To reduce the bad effects of the Moon, it is advised to wear pearl, the representative of the Moon in astrology. But before wearing it, you must show your horoscope to a good astrologer.
Lord Shiva is wearing a moon on his head. Therefore, by offering water to Lord Shiva daily, the bad effects of the moon are removed.
Monday fast can be observed.
If you live under extreme stress, then definitely keep some silver ornaments.
Chanting of Lord Shiva's mantra Om Namah Shivaya in the mind gives relief from stress.

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