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When does marriage take place

When does marriage take place:-When will the marriage take place? Will there be marriage or not? How will your life partner be? How will the household life be? Will, there be love marriage or according

to traditional customs – we can get the answer of questions like this from our birth chart.

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All ancient astrological texts agree on the fact that marriage and household happiness should

be considered from the seventh house of the birth chart. The seventh house should be taken from the one who is strong in ascendant and moon. Knowledge of the qualities, nature and form of

the husband/wife: The properties and nature of the husband/wife will be according to the properties

and qualities of the planet which is situated in the seventh house. If there are more than one planet in

the seventh house, then there will be the effect of a powerful planet in them. If the seventh house

is devoid of planets, then according to the ninth of the seventh house or Venus,

the nature of the husband/wife, etc. should be said. Knowledge of the nature of husband/wife from the planet of Yoga Karak


Pitta nature, short hair, redness in the eyes, flattering figure, serious, high vision,

high-spirited, brilliant, courageous, clear speaker, devoid of blind faith, proud in speech and movement,

red-colored, freedom-loving and strong body devoid of excess fat.


Vata and Kapha nature, beautiful eyes, soft body, soft nature,

full and round face, small nose,

sensitive, playful, interest in songs-music-poetry,

beauty-loving, some grossness in the

body, sentimentality, imagination, dreams Visibility, sometimes the effect of despair, interest in salty substances, white complexion.


Pit nature, redness in the eyes, anger and impatience, proud speech, chin big and flat, lips

somewhat thick, obstinate nature, lack of sweetness in speech, good red complexion,

advanced muscles, without fatness, face long and argumentative Is.


Equal nature, broad mouth, heavy body, chin raised up, advanced frontal, practical,

tendency to accumulate, polyphagous, alert, fond of green matter, interested in mathematics

and commerce, dark complexion, veins appear in the body, humourous, Look at it with a peek, there is a villager.


Kapha nature, hair and eye color brown, tall stature sweets dear, heavy body,

strong cheeks,

raised nose, interest in religion, seriousness in speech, generous, self-respecting, discipline dear,

advanced head, interest in reading, excellence, yellow complexion Looks good, fair complexion like gold, excess of fat

Venus :-

Vata and Kapha nature, dark complexion, interest in wearing colorful clothes, hair black and wavy, interest in sour substances, beautiful, pleasant, sweet speech, long hands, sweet fragrance

Saturn :-

Vata nature, dark complexion, tall stature, low vision, dry skin and hair, short speech, slow gait, coarse teeth, lean body, veins appear in the body, ugly, hardness in speech, yellowness in eyes, miserly many learned births From the Navansh of the Ascendant also imagine the nature of the husband / wife.

Marriage Place Decision:-

Variable zodiac in the seventh house: If there is a Navamsha, then the marriage relationship is far from the place of birth, stable zodiac:, if it is Navansh, it is near and dual nature:- If it is Navansh, then it is decided at a medium distance. The planets which are situated in the seventh house get married in the direction of the strong planet. If there is no planet in the seventh house, then the marriage takes place in the direction of the one who sees the strong planet. If no planet is also seeing, then marriage is possible in the direction of the zodiac located in the seventh house or the ninth.

The presiding sign of the seventh lord, the direction of the Navamsha is also worth considering.

sun direction east,

moon wind,

south of mars,

Mercury north,

Guru's Ishaan,

Venus fire,

Saturn's west and

Rahu has a north-west direction.

East direction of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius signs,

The taurus-Virgo-South direction of Capricorn,

Gemini – Libra – West direction of Aquarius and

Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces has a north direction.

How will household life be?

If the seventh lord, the seventh house, the karaka, Venus, are strong with all three benefic, benefic sight, benefic signs, the seventh lord and Venus are situated in the Kendra-triangle or benefic from the ascendant, then the householder's life is completely happy.

The Navamesh of the ascendant is in a strong and auspicious place in the birth chart, then the householder's life is spent happily. Friendship between Ascendant and seventh lord and both of them are in an auspicious place from each other, then there is no obstacle in married life.

If the Ascendant and the seventh lord have a conjunction or sight relation in the auspicious houses of the horoscope or both are in each other's Navamsha, then there is a strong love between husband and wife.

There are malefic planets in the seventh house, the 7th lord and Venus are debilitated and enemy: - in the Navamsha, weak, sinful and sighted, if they are located in the 6th, 8th, 12th house, then there is delay in marriage, obstacles, and trouble in household life.

If the Ascendant and the seventh lord are in the 6th, 8th, 12th position from each other and are mutual enemies, then the householder's life is not happy. Huh. If malefic planets are situated before the seventh house and in the next house, then there are problems in the householder's life. 

When will marriage happen: 

Marriage takes place in the Dasha-Antardasha of the sacrificial planet placed in the seventh house. 7 The positions of seventh lord, second lord, their navamesh, Venus and moon from the ascendant or moon are also marriageable. An auspicious planet aspecting the seventh house or seventh house can also get married in its dasha. In the above dashas, ​​when the transit of the seventh house, the ascendant, the guru and the marriage factor Venus, the ascendant. When the seventh house or these is in a triangle, then the sum of marriage is formed, the clear signs of the ascendant and the seventh house: - sum the parts etc. The amount obtained: in or due to the transit of Jupiter in the triangle, marriage takes place.

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