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accident in astrology

Accident in astrology:-Disease and accident thoughts according to the house

First house

Headache, emptiness of mind, mental infirmity, vertigo resulting from it, mental ailments, eyesight, and accidents resulting from mental infirmity.

Accident in astrology from the Second house

Eye diseases, ear diseases, oral diseases, rhinitis, dental diseases, throat diseases, fatal diseases, painful accidents.

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Third house

Respiratory diseases, asthma, suffocation, tuberculosis, lung diseases, cough, sore throat and throat, hand accidents, and hand disability.

Fourth house

Chest diseases, heart bones, mental disorders, and traumatic accidents at the same places.

Fifth house

Indigestion, anorexia, liver disease, gall disease, spleen-kidney disease, colic, and stomach injuries.

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Sixth house

Gum disease, Peduropathy, Enteric, Appendocytic, Hernia, Stone, Asthma, Back injuries.

Seventh house

Gastroenteritis, diabetes, leucorrhoea, syphilis, stones, diseases of the uterus, etc.

Eighth house

Gupt disease, semen disease, fissure, syphilis, sexual disease, testicular disease, ovarian disease, urinary tract, vaginal disease, etc. Anger or annoyance arising out of sexual weakness or predominance and accidents arising out of them.

Ninth house

Menstrual disease, ovarian disease, liver disease, blood disorder, air disorder, hip pain, marrow disease etc.

Tenth house

Tremor, Arthritis, Skin disease, Osteoache, Joint pain, Airborne diseases, etc. Annoyance arising out of injury to honor and accident caused by the said

Eleventh house

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Diseases of the feet, Accidental injuries to the feet Amputation of feet, broken bones of the feet, pain in the bones or joints of the feet, cold diseases, accidents caused by cold-outbreaks, blood disorders.

Twelfth House

Physical weakness, accidents resulting from intolerance, eye disorders, polio, allergies, lack of immunity, etc.

Even though the above information is true but we should not come to a conclusion without the proper analysis of your horoscope from an Expert Astrologer. We must remember that Vedic astrology is complex to study and any assumption without analyzing all the aspects and conjunctions of the Horoscope we should not come to a conclusion! 

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