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Moon and love astrology

Moon and love astrology:-Moon is also a planet of love. Like Venus, its favorite color is also white. It is the karaka planet of the mind and love always comes from the mind. That is why the Moon has an important place in the field of love. It is generally strong from Ashtami of Shukla Paksha to Saptami of Krishna Paksha and weak from Ashtami

of Krishna Paksha to Saptami of Shukla Paksha. In this too, the full moon is very strong and the new moon is very weak.

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It is generally strong in Aries/Taurus/Cancer/Leo/Sagittarius/Pisces and weak in Gemini/Virgo/Libra/Scorpio/Capricorn/Aquarius. Auspicious planets give inauspicious results in Taurus/Gemini/Cancer/Virgo/Libra/Sagittarius/Pisces and malefic planets in Aries/Leo/Scorpio/Capricorn/Aquarius. It gives auspicious results when it is in conjunction with auspicious planets and inauspicious results when it is

in conjunction with sinful planets.

Result of Moon's conjunction with different planets(Moon and love astrology):

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The conjunction of the Moon with Saturn gives inauspicious results. Such a person is mentally unbalanced. Negative thoughts dominate the mind. Marriage gets interrupted and marriage is delayed. There is a dispute with the spouse. Even if the third, seventh or tenth aspect of Saturn falls on the moon, then all these results are partially

available. In this also, the seventh enemy sight of Saturn is more inauspicious. The closer Saturn and Moon are in this combination, the more inauspicious results are obtained.

Moon + Rahu:

The conjunction of Moon with Rahu is considered very bad. If Moon and Rahu are close to nine degrees in the same house, then Chandra Grahan Yoga is formed. Moon is the factor of the water element and Rahu is the factor of

poison, so their combination gives inauspicious results. Similarly, if Sun is in conjunction with Rahu and both are

close to nine degrees, then Solar Eclipse Yoga is formed.

Moon + Ketu:

Ketu is the part of the torso in which there is no power to think. It greatly increases the power of the planet with which it is conjunct. Rahu has a complete vision on this conjunction.

Moon + Mars:

Due to this combination, anger increases in the mind. There is harshness in speech and nature. Such a person

behaves harshly in his work, as well as the water element of the moon also pacifies the Mars of the fire element,

so that the person does not become more rigid. This conjunction also gives auspicious results when it is in an auspicious position.

Mars and Ketu conjunction(Opens in a new browser tab)

Moon + Sun :

These two planets are close friends with each other. When the Moon moves twelve degrees ahead of the Sun, a date changes. The meeting of the Moon and the Sun at the same degree occurs on the date of the new moon and in

a house of thirty degrees, the Moon can be up to a maximum distance of thirty degrees from the Sun. Therefore

, whenever the Moon is with the Sun, it is only around the new moon, that is, it is in a weak position.

Moon + Mercury:

Both these auspicious planets are enemies to each other, yet their conjunction or vision relationship is fruitful. Moon is the factor of mind and Mercury is the factor of intelligence. Due to their combination, the person is a soft-spoken, soft-spoken, warm-hearted, efficient orator, and intelligent. There is a balance between mind and intellect.

Moon + Venus :

Their combination of vision relationships is auspicious. When the Moon, the causative planet of the mind, mixes

with Venus, the causative planet of love, the person's mind remains full of thoughts of love. If there is no effect of

any malefic planet, especially Saturn or Rahu, then the person is passionate, passionate, friendly, soft-spoken, poet, and humorous in love. If the headline has gone to the moon mountain or if any branch of the headline goes to the

moon mountain or if there is a square or aayat on the moon mountain, then all these qualities are available but

the part of the age by which such headline moves away from the age line. It seems from that age that despair starts to dominate. The point to be kept in mind here is that such a line of head should not touch the bracelet.

Moon + Jupiter:

In all the combinations formed by the combination of the nine planets in the birth chart, the conjunction of

Jupiter + Moon is the most auspicious. If Jupiter or Moon is strong and this conjunction is being formed in

any auspicious house, then it elevates the person very high in life. Such a person is kind, loyal, humble, hard-working, faithful, faithful, benevolent, generous, and high-minded. He does not compromise on his ideals and ideas even in adverse circumstances.

love marriage prediction fifth and seventh house(Opens in a new browser tab)

Kemdroom Yoga[ Moon and love astrology ]:

If the Moon is alone and the house in front and behind it is also empty, then Kemdrum Yoga is formed.

Rahu-Ketu is not considered when the houses are empty, that is, Kemdrum Yoga is also formed if there is Rahu or Ketu with the Moon or in front and back houses. The mind of the person born in this yoga remains unstable. The result of Kemdrum Yoga is that the person has to face financial adversity as well as there is little effect on married life. If such a moon is in the sign of an auspicious planet and it is aspected by an auspicious planet, then the effect of Kemdrum Yoga is minimal. Moon is in the sign of any malefic planet and it is aspected by any malefic planet, then the effect of Kemdrum Yoga is maximum. If this Moon is in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu, then the situation becomes even worse.

Mercury and Ketu conjunction(Opens in a new browser tab)

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