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Best astrologer in kamla nagar Shukla Paksha

Best astrologer in kamla nagar- Obstacles coming in marriage, do these remedies in Kartik
Marriage is considered to be the biggest and most important act of life. Getting married on time is not only
necessary for the young man, but it is also the biggest responsibility of the parents. But many times we see that despite everything being fine, the young man or girl is not able to get married on time.
Many times, even after the matter is frozen, it is not confirmed. There could be some planetary defect behind this. If the young man or girl whose marriage is getting hindered, if their birth chart is studied properly, then the right reason can be reached, but the horoscope of many people is not made on the basis of suffering calculations.
So the right solution is not available. If so then there is no need to worry, Kartik month of the year has started. If any type of worship is done in this month, then it becomes many times faster and more fruitful.
In the scriptures, the month of Kartik has been described as the best month. This month is best for worshiping Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi. Mahalakshmi, the goddess of beauty and wealth, and her beloved husband Vishnu fulfill all kinds of desires in this month.
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Best astrologer in kamla nagar:-There are some remedies for those who are facing obstacles in their marriage, by which they can eliminate all the obstacles.
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Vishnu-Lakshmi Puja:

Beginning from the fifth day of the Shukla Paksha of Kartik month to Ekadashi, a young man or a girl who wants to get married early should get up in the morning at that time for seven consecutive days, oh there are stars in the sky. Take a bath in the shade of the stars. Laying a red cloth on a mat, place the idol or picture of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi on it. Offer yellow flowers after worshiping according to the rituals. After this recite Vishnu Sahasranama. Do this for seven consecutive days, soon it will become a matter of marriage.
Keep a complete fast on both the Ekadashi of Kartik month. Can eat only fruits. After this, after worshiping Tulsi in the evening, put a lamp near it and wish for a speedy marriage.
On every Tuesday falling in the month of Karthik, offer raw milk, sugar candy and rose flowers to the black stone Shivalinga by pouring raw milk, sugar candy and rose flowers on it.
Marriage is also delayed due to Pitra dosha or eclipse defect in the birth chart. If there is any such defect in your horoscope, then every day in the evening of Kartik month, in a river or pond, donate a lamp by placing a lamp on peepal leaves.
By meditating, worshiping, chanting of Goddess Tripurasundari in the month of Kartik, not only the obstacles of marriage end, but the problems in married life also end.
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