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astrologer in kamla nagar delhi Pitru Paksha

Astrologer in kamla nagar delhi -Freedom from Pitru Dosh will be available only in Pitru Paksha, know the method of worship for redress
There is often a discussion among those who believe in astrology about Pitru Dosh. Many people are told by astrologers that there is Pitridosh in their horoscope, due to which they are not able to progress, or they are not getting the happiness of children, or their work is never completed.
After all, what is this Pitru Dosh and how is it formed, let's discuss it today…
Pitru Dosh in birth chart by Astrologer in kamla nagar delhi:-
As the name suggests, Pitru Dosh is formed in the birth chart of a person when their dead family members are not worshiped according to the law or the children in the living condition disrespect their parents. When the ancestors are dissatisfied, the person feels Pitru Dosh. This defect also arises from killing a snake or any innocent person.
To give inauspicious results
Pitru Dosh is said to give inauspicious results in astrology. If there is Pitra Dosh in your horoscope also, then Shraddha Paksha is the best day to get rid of it. A qualified astrologer will tell whether there is Pitru Dosh in your horoscope or not. Here we will discuss its solution.
Symptoms of paternity
If the children in the house are always sick. The couple is unable to have children. Miscarriages happen again and again. Birth of only daughter children. Son is not getting happiness. Fighting in the family without any solid reason. Obstacles in a person's education and career. Lack of happiness and peace in the family. If there is mental disturbance while staying at home. Keep your mind distracted and feel as if someone is in the house. Birth of physically and mentally handicapped children.
How to get rid of paternalism?
Due to Pitru Dosha, a person is surrounded by many problems. Therefore, it is necessary to get this defect rectified. Although Pitrudosh Nivaran Puja can be done at any time of the year, but getting it done in Pitru Paksha is considered to be the best. This puja should be done on the first, third, fifth, seventh day of Shradh Paksha or on the new moon day by a cultured and qualified Pandit.
Pind Daan for the sake of the ancestors is done for their sake.
As much as possible, donations, dakshina, food are provided to the poor and the disabled. Feed crows and dogs regular bread. Offer water daily to the root of Peepal. There is also great importance of cow service and cow donation. Worship of Lord Vishnu provides relief from Pitra Dosha.

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