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Effect of mars in astrology

Effect of mars in astrology: Ascendant Mars enables the native to have a sharp intellect and quick decision-making. Such people have the amazing ability to solve problems immediately. The native of the ascendant Mars is more enthusiastic, impatient, and courageous than usual. Mars is considered to increase strength and might. Such people get excited and do anything.

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Ascendant Mars is a boon for the aspirants

But it is considered harmful for the lawyers from the financial point of view. Mars in the Ascendant makes the native outspoken, due to which others sometimes find him aggressive. Mars sitting in the ascendant makes the person angry but friendly by nature. The person is very aware of his goal and is not afraid to work hard to achieve it.

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Ascendant Mars makes the native self-confident and ambitious.

Such people are not afraid of competitions or competitions but are more interested in them. Ascendant Mars keeps the mind of the native disturbed. He does not hesitate to break the law or rules, as a result, there is always the fear of injury or accident.

The natives of the ascendant Mars should be careful from diseases related to muscles and blood. Reproductive diseases, fever, pain, and burns, incidents of cuts keep happening with these people. Ascendant Mars gives trouble to babies while teething.

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Mars in the fire element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) gives a lot of courage and might to the native.

They do not have a special interest in religious rituals, but such people are in favor of truth and justice. Mars of Agni element gives success to the native in police or military-related work.

Due to the contamination of Mars of the earth element (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo), the person becomes cruel, harsh, indiscreet, and arrogant. But if this Mars is under the influence of auspicious planets, then the person behaves friendly and sympathetic[ effect of mars in astrology ].

If Mars of air element (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) is corrupted, then the person falls in love relations and keeps wandering from one place to another due to his love for tourism.

Mars of water element (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) makes the native engaged in aquatic services.

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