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Gemstone vedic astrology

Gemstone vedic astrology Ruby : Wearing a ruby ​​does not have the effect of poison.

By its use, mental and spiritual powers arise and special divine feelings arise. Prevents women from having abortions. By using ruby, it is beneficial in eye diseases (Rohe, cataract), etc.

People who have more instability in life. Today here tomorrow there. Today this job, tomorrow another. Ruby gemstone is very good for them. Being the lord of the zodiac for Leo, it is helpful in improving the luck. elevates life. Wearing ruby ​​makes it stunning, majestic, impressive. Very beneficial for Leo, Aries, and Scorpio zodiac signs.

astrologer in dwarka sector 7 ruby(Opens in a new browser tab)

Wearing method:-

This gem should be worn at least four and a half rattis. Wearing more than this would be even more appropriate. This gem should be set in gold or copper or Ashtadhatu. Keep it in the place of worship along with the studded metal at the time of worship. On Sunday, after retiring from worship, touching the feet of your visible deity, one should wear the next one which is also called the ring figure. Wearing it with true faith and feeling definitely fulfills the wish.

Pearls in Gemstone vedic astrology

When the Moon is ignited, the person affected by it may suffer from gonorrhea, eye diseases, and brain diseases. Due to the wrath of the Moon planet, one who lives in uncertainty, life has become a struggle, the circumstances should be unfavorable. By wearing pearls, the intellect is leveled, the power to understand anything closely increases, the body develops sharpness and energy. Any decision is quick, it affects the one to whom it is spoken, the enthusiasm of thought or action increases in the mind.

It is very beneficial in diseases arising due to calcium deficiency. Pisti is prepared by mixing it with kevda or rose water. Bhasma is also made from Mukta's fire. Mukta-shilal, sweet, peace-enhancing, eye-lightening, fire-fighting, semen-enhancer, anti-venom. It is very beneficial in diseases like phlegm, bile, respiratory, etc., gives strength to the heart. It is used in different diseases with different approximations.

Wearing method:-

Many people wear a garland of only two pearls. Which becomes quite heavy and valuable. Pearls should be worn at least four and a half rattis. More than that is better. The pearl should be inlaid in a silver or Panchdhatu ring. On Monday, return clean water in the evening, pour some raw milk in it, leave the ring in that pot. Offer water to Lord Shiva on the Pindi. While expressing one's wish, touching the ring with Lord Shiva should be worn in Kanishtika finger or Kanaki finger or earring with him. After wearing it, there is no abstinence, pearl is very beneficial for imaginative, emotional people.

Coral in Gemstone vedic astrology

Vedic astrologer services in delhi wearing coral(Opens in a new browser tab)

According to astrology, the lord of coral is Mars, the person who has bad vision should wear coral. Those who have been defeated by enemies, who are seeing darkness in life while facing risks, they should wear coral, being the zodiac sign of Aries and Scorpio removes the obstacles of progress for them. Coral is disease destroyer. Purifies the blood. Increases the courage of fearful people.

For the people of Aries, there is progress in business, job, etc. Those who wish to do something in the society, they must wear coral. Coral is very good for those people in whose life there are litigation and quarrels going on. Wearing coral increases self-respect, courage to face adversity, increases in fieldwork, gets respect in society. People of Leo and other zodiac signs can also wear Muga. Moonga is prohibited for Aquarius and Capricorn.

Rubbing coral in kewra or rose water and applying it on the stomach of a pregnant woman stops the falling pregnancy. Coral is prepared by grinding coral in hot water and drying it in the shade. Eating pistachio with honey makes the body strong. Taking it with paan is beneficial for cough and cough. The heat of the body and the heartbeat are benefited by eating it with cream.

Wearing method :-

Moong should be worn at least 5 Ratti and seven and quarter Ratti from above. Wearing it in gold, copper, and ashtadhatu is beneficial soon. Moonga, Aries, Leo, and Scorpio zodiac signs are highly beneficial. Mooge should be worn on the neck, arm, or finger on Tuesday in the evening. Or after getting the coral in the ring, touching it with the feet of Hanuman Ji and wearing it in Kanaki finger.

Emerald in Gemstone vedic astrology

astrologer in dadar Advantages of Panna(Opens in a new browser tab)

Emerald is a shiny green stone. Green colored emerald with yellow aura is considered to be the best. From time immemorial, doctors have accepted the strength of the emerald and the properties of semen. Gemstones have been used in diseases like Pishtika, Bhasma powder, and Surya Rashmi in medicine.

In Ayurveda, emerald ashes are cooling, tasty, stimulating, appetizing, and destroys acidity and burning sensation. Its use is used in acute and mild fever, vomiting, asthma, indigestion, piles, jaundice, etc. The medicine should be used only after consulting a doctor, otherwise, there may be loss instead of benefit.

Emerald is the revered gem of the planet Mercury. If the planet Mercury is opposite, then the people of Gemini and Virgo should wear Emerald. Panna is the destroyer of sins. Saves from crisis. Wisdom is the giver, gives peace of mind, pacifies anger. Increases the light of the eyes. This gem has unique radiating power. Keeps the body healthy and the mind happy.

Wearing method :-

The emerald gemstone should be worn at least four and a half rattis. This gemstone is worn in silver and Panchdhatu ring. One should get up before sunrise on Wednesday and retire from Shoch bath. After that, sitting in the temple or in your place of worship, express your wish to your Ishta. And also pray to fulfill it. Worship the ring studded with incense dope flowers and touch the feet of your presiding deity and wear it in the little finger of the hand. There is no special restriction of any kind.

Sapphire gemstone Gemstone vedic astrology

It is the favorite gemstone of Saturn. Sapphire must be worn when Saturn is ill-visited, as it is very beneficial for Capricorn and Aquarius. It never does any harm to these zodiac signs. It is the most beautiful of all gems. By wearing it, the mind of man becomes pure. There is a sattvik feeling in the mind. The mind is engaged in renunciation of misdeeds and in goodness. Thoughts of truth, kindness, benevolence are formed. And according to his strength and power, a person also starts doing it. Shani Graha of Sapphire is the presiding deity. But people of all zodiac signs can wear Nolam. benefits everyone. Doesn't harm anyone. Aries, Scorpio, and Leo zodiac signs should be consulted for wearing Sapphire.

Wearing method: - 

Sapphire should be inlaid with silver, Panchdhatu, or iron in the ring. After taking bath in the morning on Saturday, put water, raw milk and sweet in a pot and also put the ring in the water of the lot. Pour the water into Lord Shankar or Peepal tree. And hold the ring and wear it in the middle finger. Sapphire Ratna makes quadruple progress day and night.

Topaz in Gemstone vedic astrology

astrologer in south extension part 1 topaz(Opens in a new browser tab)

In astrology, topaz is considered a symbol of Jupiter. Symbol of good luck. By using this, sweetness is created in married life and good luck is attained. Topaz is considered to be an enhancer of disease, destroyer of disease and might, enhancer of age and wealth. Worldly happiness and longevity are attained.

If there is a delay in marriage, then it becomes quick and accessible, the family life which is not favorable or the wife wants to be succulent and worthy, wants to make the household life happy, they must wear real topaz.

The prestige of those who wear topaz increases day by day. There is enthusiasm in the mind. Stopped work starts getting done. The writer, lawyer is of great benefit to the intellectuals.

Topaz should be soaked in rose water and kewda water for twenty-five days, when it reduces like kajal, then dry it in the shade. This Pukhraj Pisti is ready. Pukhraj's ashes are also made. Topaz ash or pisti. It is given in many diseases like jaundice, phlegm, cough, shortness of breath, nosebleed, etc.

The lord of topaz is (Guru Jupiter). The Guru does not wish to harm anyone. Brother-sister, parents, family, husband and wife, love increases in all relationships. Due to being the guru overlord, saints, saints can also wear it.

Wearing method :-

Topaz should be studded with 5 Ratti gold rings. Worship the banana tree on Thursday, the ring should be placed in the root of the tree while worshiping, at the end of the worship, the fire stick should be touched by the banana tree and worn in the ring figure, topaz can be worn by any man. Is. Although the Prikh Raj is for Sagittarius and Pisces, but anyone can wear it. By wearing it, relationships start coming from home. Marital difficulties get resolved soon. This experience is a proven experiment.

Lahusnia Gemstone in Astrology

It is the gem of the planet Ketu. To avoid the wrath of the planet Ketu, garlic should be worn. This stone is considered very effective. This gem also keeps the condition of the path favorable. Rahu. It can also be worn in the Dasha of Ketu and Saturn.

Its wear removes physical weakness. Mental problems go away. If the garlic becomes favorable, then the sheen itself makes you rich. This resin should be instilled in the ring of Chando or Panchadhaat. On Wednesday or Saturday, before the sun rises in the morning, after washing it in pure water or mango water, the picture of your presiding deity, the feet of death, etc., should be held in the middle finger. A thing worn with faith definitely gives success.

Pisti or Bhasmi is used in Ayurveda medicine. Due to this, diseases like wind, worms, diseases, piles, phlegm, mouth odor, etc. are destroyed.

Onyx gemstone in astrology

Onyx is the karaka gem of the planet Rahu. Mental and abdominal diseases can arise in the affected person if the demon planet Rahu is irritable. Wearing Onyx gemstone to an effective person can get rid of the pathological diseases.

Mental stress increases due to Rahagraha wrath. efficiency is lost. Instead of making decisions on small things, anger comes. The plan fails. A person travels in mental flights.

He should wear onyx. Children who do not feel like studying. If the person is suffering from permanent disease, the person's mind is restless or there is restlessness in the mind, if there is a desire for self-knowledge, then wearing onyx will remove all the difficulties. If there is obstruction in the works, Onyx is beneficial.

Wearing method: -

At least seven Ratto onyx should be inlaid in a ring of silver or Panchdhatu. Onyx is beneficial for Aquarius and Capricorn in Saturn's seven and a half years. By the way, the zodiac sign is not even considered for wearing these gems. Worship in your worship planet on Wednesday or Saturday, wear the ring. No zodiac sign is considered for wearing this gem.

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