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Good luck in astrology

Good luck in astrology:-You must have often heard people say that such a person is very lucky or that the fate of

such a person does not favor him. Let us know which are those yogas in the birth chart which make a person lucky.

The fate of the person is considered from the ninth house of the birth chart. The ninth house is considered to be

very auspicious because it is the fifth to the fifth in the birth chart. It is also called Trikone house.

(1) If the lord (Navmesh) of the ninth house is situated in the ninth house and there is only the effect of

auspicious planets on the ninth house, then this yoga makes the person lucky.

(2) If the lord (Navmesh) of the ninth house is situated in the benefic house, in the center or in the Trikone  house and there is the effect of auspicious planets on the ninth house, then the person is lucky.

(3) If the auspicious planets are situated in the ninth house and the ninth lord is in the auspicious place,

then the person is lucky.

(4) If the ninth lord is exalted, friendly, and strong in Shadbal, then the person is lucky.

On the contrary, due to the following planetary conditions, the person does not get the support of luck-

(1) If the lord (Navmesh) of the ninth house is in an inauspicious place.

(2) If the lord (Navmesh) of the ninth house is weak in debilitated zodiac, enemy, and weak in Shadbal.

(3) If cruel and sinful planets are situated in the ninth house.

(4) If there is a vision of cruel and sinful planets on the ninth house.

(5) If the ninth lord is aspected by malefic planets.

(6) If the ninth lord has a conjunction with cruel and sinful planets.

Good luck in astrology Enmity is a curse.

If there is enmity with someone in life, then the life of the person becomes painful. In the life of some people, there is enmity over small things. Let us know which are the planetary positions in the birth chart, due to which there is

enmity in the life of the person.

Enmity is considered from the sixth house of the birth chart. If in the birth chart of a person, the lord of the sixth

house is situated in the benefic house or in the benefic house and if auspicious planets are situated in the sixth

house or if there is the effect of auspicious planets on the sixth house, then such person has more enemies. For the rest of his life, there is always enmity with someone or the other.

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