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How to read kundli online

How to read Kundli online:-Many people find easy way to read their own horoscope to know their destiny problems. Today I am telling you "How to Read Horoscope" in easy and clear language. While reading the horoscope, first of all, we should know the order and names of all the twelve houses of the horoscope. According to the picture given below, the method of reading all the houses from the ascendant to the twelfth house is illustrated in sequence.

Let us know by what names these houses are known or told in astrological language [ How to read kundli online ].

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Names of 12 houses (Bhava lord) of horoscope :-

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1.First house :- Ascendant, Tanu (Lagnesh, Prathamesh)
2.Second House :- Wealth, Family (Dhanesh, IIesh, Marrakesh)
3.Third house:- Easy, mighty (Thirtieth)
4. Fourth house:- Happiness, house-vehicle (Sukhesh, Chaturtesh)
5.fifth house:- education, children (talented, fifth lord)
6.Sixth house :- Enemy, disease, maternal uncle (Sixth house, Rogesh)
7.Seventh House :- Marriage, Business (Saptamesh, Marrakesh)
8.Eighth house:- Death, suffering, occult knowledge (Ashtmesh)
9. Ninth House:- Fate, Dharma (Bhagyesh, Dharmesh, Navmesh)
10. Tenth House :- State, Karma (Rajesh, Karmesh, Dashmesh)
11. Eleventh House :- Income, Profit (Ayesh, Labesh, Ekadesh)
12.Twelfth house :- Expenditure, salvation (vyesh, twelfth)

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Rashi Number and Rashi Owner: -

In Kundli astrology, all the 12 zodiac signs are represented by the numbers 1 to 12 in the birth or ascendant cycle. The fixed numbers of these zodiac signs represent that amount. In the houses in which these numbers are present, that sign is considered to be situated in those houses, and the owner of that sign is called the lord of that house. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn these five planets are the lords of 2-2 signs, while Sun and Moon are the lords of 1-1 zodiac signs. Let us know about the names, code numbers, and zodiac owners of all these zodiac signs in sequence [ How to read kundli online.

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Rashi Number/Rashiname(Rashiswami)

1. Aries Mars
2. Taurus Venus
3. Gemini Mercury
4. Cancer Moon
5. Leo Sun
6. Virgo Mercury
7. Libra Venus
8. Scorpio Mars
9. Sagittarius Guru
10. Capricorn Saturn
11. Aquarius Saturn
12. Pisces Guru

All these zodiac numbers are determined in the birth cycle according to the determination of the number of the Ascendant. For example, if you were born in a Virgo ascendant, then 6 digits will be written in the first house (ascendant house), and 7 digits will be written in the second house going forward. Mercury is the lord of Virgo sign, so your Ascendant will be called Mercury. In this sequence, the lords of the next houses will be decided. Similarly, the birth sign of any person will be called the same, the zodiac on which the moon is situated in the birth cycle. According to the same zodiac, it will be named and further horoscope will be seen.

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Kendra house: -

The first house, fourth house, seventh house, and tenth house (1,4,7,10) are called Kendra place in the Ascendant Kundli. The lord of these houses is called Kendras and the planets placed in these houses are called Kendrastha planets.

Trikona Bhava: -

In the Ascendant horoscope, the first house, fifth house, and ninth house (1,5,9) are called triangle houses. Ascendant house is called both the center and the triangle. The lord of the fifth and ninth houses is called Trikonesh and the planets in these houses are called Trikonastha planets.

View of the planets: -

All the planets see their seventh house and the planets situated in it with complete vision. While looking at the relation of vision, the counting of the houses is started from the sitting position of that planet, that is, the planet sitting in the ascendant house will see the seventh house with complete vision. Similarly, in other yogas, being centered on another planet from a planet means being with or from that planet in the fourth house, seventh house, or tenth house. Similarly, being trikonastha means being with that planet or on the fifth house or in the ninth house.

In astrology, complete visions have been given to Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn separately. Apart from the seventh house, the planet Mars also sees the fourth and eighth house with full vision. Apart from the seventh house, the planet Jupiter also sees the fifth and ninth house with complete vision and the planet Saturn, besides the seventh house, also sees the third and tenth house with complete vision.

Exalted and low and self-occupied planets: - All the planets are called self-possessed because they are situated in their own zodiac sign.

The high and low signs of all the planets are as follows:-

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1. Sun - high in Aries, low in Libra

2. Moon - exalted in Taurus, low in Scorpio

3. Mercury - High in Virgo, Low in Pisces

4.Venus - high in Pisces, low in Virgo

5. Mars - exalted in Capricorn, low in Cancer

6.Guru - High in Cancer, Low in Capricorn

7.Saturn - high in Libra, low in Aries

8.Rahu - Exalted in Gemini, Low in Sagittarius

9. Ketu - exalted in Sagittarius, low in Gemini

Navamsa Kundli on How to read kundli online: -

After the birth cycle, the Navamsa Chakra is considered the most important in astrology. If the birth cycle is the body, then the Navamsa chakra is called its soul. Along with the birth cycle, the Navamsa Chakra is also seen while making predictions of the horoscope. Similarly, in the definition of a yoga, if a planet is said to be located in the Navamsha of another planet, then to see it, we will see in the Navamsa Chakra that the second planet is the lord of the sign on which the first planet is situated in the Navamsa Chakra, So this sum will be defined. Keeping all these things in mind, various good and bad yogas of the horoscope are analyzed.

Importance of Horoscope Astrology: -

Good and bad days come in everyone's life, but very few people are able to face the bad times with courage. You get to know in advance through the birth chart, so that you can make yourself strong. Many times you also get information about the upcoming calamities and diseases through the birth chart, due to which you become alert. If there is any defect in your horoscope due to which you are not able to reach your goal despite hard work, then on the basis of horoscope astrology, you can redress it.

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