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Immunity and astrology

Immunity and astrology || How to avoid disease?:-To avoid diseases, attention should be paid to the following things.

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(1) If you eat something, then clean your teeth very well.

(2) Once a month, rub mustard oil all over the body. Then take bath with hot water.

(3) Take the sauce from the nose. There is a sieve in the nostrils. Dirty sand soil is not able to go inside it. Sauce should not be taken by mouth.

(4) Do not drink while eating: Do not eat while drinking.

(5) Impulses should be stopped in the beginning. Otherwise, they control the mind. Then it is difficult to stop them.

(6) One should sleep deeply. Animals are bound, they should not sleep there.

(7) If you want to go on a journey, then you should definitely do Kaleu.

(8) Both cold and strong sunlight should be avoided.

(9) Work hard and eat a lot.

(10) Do not wear wet cloth for a long time.

(11) Keeping dirty clothes is injurious to health.

(12) By urinating immediately after eating food, digestion remains fine. There is no urinary problem.

(13) Diseases arise by eating stale bread.

(14) It is bad to stop eating, urine, sneezing, tears, hunger, and thirst.

(15) Damage occurs due to excessive wetness in rain.

(16) It is bad to eat food when the sun rises and when it is hidden. Gold is also harmful.

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(17) Do not sit in the veil, strong wind, dew, and strong sun.

(18) One should not take bath immediately after eating food.

(16) The lungs will be strong in the fresh morning air.

(20) Always have a happy heart.

(21) Avoid worries.

(22) Do not work hard after a meal.

(23) To live in dirty or rotten land is to live in the house of diseases.

(24) One should not sleep in a closed cell with fire or lamp lit.

(25) Food should be protected from flies and mosquitoes. Its filth creates poison in the food.

(26) Intoxicants are bad for health. Drugs are for medicine. Not for fun

(27) The head and stomach should be kept cool. Feet warm.

(28) One should not be in a hurry to eat. One should eat with a calm mind.

(26) Eat food only when you are hungry.

(30) Always keep hands, feet, nose, ears, head clean.

(31) Overloading the head is harmful.

(32) A little exercise should be done every day.

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