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love marriage astrology improve your married life

Love marriage astrology-If there is a broken heart or if there is a quarrel with the wife every day, then adopt this :-

If there is a lot of fight between you and your husband or you are not able to speak your mind to the one you like or you are not able to give time to your wife due to lack of time, due to which you If the quarrels have increased and you are under a lot of stress, then do not worry because today we tell you such miraculous tips, through which you can improve your married life and make the monotonous life happy again.

Effective tips of love marriage astrology :-

Eliminate single things: Either remove all the single things in your house such as chair, bed, sofa, mattress or double them because love cannot flourish in a house where there are single things. No Water in Bedroom: Water is meant to flow with time, so a picture of water like a waterfall or fountain should not be in the bedroom.

Decorate the house

Those who have fallen in love but are not able to tell their heart to their heart, they should first start decorating their house because by doing this positive energy comes inside them which will help them to bring their heart to Zumba. helps in.
Mattress one

If husband and wife want to rekindle their love back then they should sleep on same bed and same mattress. If you want to talk about love, then always keep a red rose with a bell at your working station so that the bell of love always rings in your heart and mind and you keep talking to your heart.

Don't keep dirt in any corner

Do not keep dirt in any corner of your house because dirt incites anger. Do not keep any heavy items in the east direction. In the evening, light incense or incense sticks in the house. Offer water to the sun god everyday. Do not use red color in the house, neither the paint should be red nor the sheets and curtains in the house.

Calendar or counting table

Try not to let the food part go on the drain of the house. Hang a calendar or counting table on the walls of your house so that when you get angry, your attention can be drawn towards it. Do not leave the bathroom door open or dirty it. Eliminate negative energy by lighting a lamp in the house in the morning and evening.

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