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Venus and moon relationship

Venus and moon relationship || Venus and Moon give the gift of love:-When the planets are together in the

matching of two horoscopes, then there will be love as well as love marriage. According to astrology, the association

of the Moon and Venus can make any person a lover and if these planets are related to the house of marriage,

then the culmination of this love is fixed in the form of marriage.

It is not that following astrology reduces the importance of a person's nature, but it is certain that the combination

of planets creates the sum of separation and union in your life. There are also astrological reasons behind the love of any person. If Venus and Moon are powerful in the horoscope, then it is natural for any person to fall in love.

The fifth house in the horoscope is of love and the seventh house is considered to be of the couple. The relation of Venus in the ascendant, fifth, seventh, or eleventh house leads to love. When there is a relationship between the fifth and seventh house, love turns into marriage. Apart from Venus or Moon, the people of Taurus, Libra, and Cancer zodiac also love.

If Venus and Moon get married, the presence of the Sun also causes separation in the relationship. The mutual relation of Sun and Venus or Saturn plays a major role in separating the couple. Even if the seventh house is related to the

Sun, the relationship of a young lover couple does not last long. Their union leads to divorce. Now if you have

four eyes, then look at the horoscope, it is possible that the association of Venus and Moon is making you a lover.

To come to the correct conclusions you must consult a professional astrologer.

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